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MOBAFire EMEA Fantasy Tournament Spring 2023 -...

Creator: Silverman43 March 9, 2023 10:46am
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Nov 11th, 2017
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β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome back to our article series covering the EMEA Fantasy Tournament for the upcoming Spring split! Looking for a recap and update on our teams? Or some recommendations when looking to finalise your Fantasy squad? Dive in, we've got your covered!

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Intro To The Fantasy Tournament

If you participated in our previous Fantasy Tournaments, for Worlds 2022 and recently for the LEC Winter Split 2023, you know how it works. If not, here's a quick breakdown of MOBAFire's EMEA Fantasy Tournament:

You will create a team of pro players from different teams playing in the LEC this year. You will then earn points based on the real world performance of the players you've chosen. Put together the best team you can and see how many points you can earn while you're enjoying the LEC. Some frequently asked questions and our answers for you...:

πŸ“‹ Which players should I choose?

That’s something that this article should hopefully help you with! Essentially, you’re meant to pick players that you think are going to do well in the LEC. You earn points when the player you’ve chosen has gotten a kill, an assist, has killed a minion, and you lose points when the player has died. Additionally, you’ll earn points when the player’s team destroys a turret, kills the Dragon or Baron Nashor, achieves First Blood, and, naturally, when the team wins an LEC game.

Sounds tempting to just pick up every player from the historically most dominating team, right? Well, there are two restrictions to keep in mind:

  • You may only have up to two players from each time. Unfortunately, it won't be as easy as just grabbing every single G2 or Fnatic player; you'll need to diversify!
  • Cost - each player is assigned a certain cost and you will only have $1000 to spend in total. This also forces you to diversify and mix β€˜n’ match players from different teams and of different costs.

πŸ’° What are the prizes?

The prizing distribution has been updated since our latest fantasy tournament to reward more players:
  • 1st place: $5,000 USD
  • 2nd Place: $2,500 USD
  • 3rd Place: $1,000 USD
  • 4th Place: $600 USD
  • 5th Place: $300 USD
  • Weekly Winner: $100 USD (6 weeks total)

🏁 How do I get started?

To curate your team, head on over to this link!

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Intro To The LEC

To make the best decisions about your team, watch the LEC! The European League is considered by many to be the best of the west, both production and game quality wise. After all, the only non LCK/LPL Worlds Win ever was done by a European team, waaay back in Season 1. We don’t need to go into specific details about that, just know it was really impressive.

Those who watched the Winter split already know how this year's new format works. If not, continue reading.

To sum up, instead of having two splits - the Spring and Summer split, the LEC now consists of three Splits - Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each Split is structured the same, and it starts with a Regular Season where teams duke it out in a series of BO1s. The top eight teams will move on to the Group Stage, where they will be separated into four seeded pools before being randomly drawn into two groups of four. These eight teams will now fight in a series of BO3s. Only four teams will come up on top (the top two of both groups) and advance to the Playoffs, which will now feature BO5s which will end in one team being crowned the Split Champion!

If that was a little difficult and too wordy to understand, please see the video to your left which should help you visualise and understand everything regarding the new format, narrated by the one and only Quickshot.

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž LEC Team Breakdown

We've just seen these 10 teams in action during the Winter split, but as with any offseason there have been some small roster changes. Whether you need a reminder or want to find out about updates, we've got you covered. We'll also give a general idea on where to expect these teams in the standings, so you can make the most thorough decisions while creating your fantasy team.

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
While Fnatic is one of the best European orgs in history, recent years haven't been very kind and the team remains somewhat of a questionmark. During winter they finished 9th, missing out on the groupstage and finishing their split prematurely. So no surprise we'll be seeing a revamped roster this time around.

Wunder and Rhuckz stepped down from the starter positions while Fnatic promoted toplaner Oscarinin and Advienne from their academy roster. Advienne has already proven himself in the LEC on XL and is to bring more versatility and direction to the squad. Oscarinin is a rookie, but he and Advienne have easily been FNCTQ's best players in the Superliga. And in the past Fnatic especially was known for succesfully bringing in rookies (Caps, Broxah, Nemesis...), so might be a good way to get the team back on track.

Razork, Humanoid and Rekkles will be sticking around, even though neither had a very good showing. Time will tell how good this Fnatic can be, but first goal should be the middle of the table and making it to the top 8.
β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
G2 Esports
.Hans Sama
The most dominant EU team G2 picked up another trophy for their collection. No complaints on their side, although they will look to iron out the last rougher edges in order to compete internationally. Either way G2 can go into spring comfortably with MSI qualification and a ticket for the season finals at the end of the year already secured.

Obviously the roster sticks together. Mikyx and Hans Sama are in form again after a mediocre 2022. Caps is the best midlaner in the league as usual. Yike has integrated into the team wonderfully and BrokenBlade is a rock in the toplane. Only questions might be regarding Yike's champion pool if the meta where to change and BrokenBlade struggling a bit having to play more weakside at the start of the split. But so far G2 has always found an answer in their play.

An undefeated split is the goal, but other teams might be picking up steam as well.
Can anyone crack G2's code and take them down in a Bo5?

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
MAD Lions
MAD Lions can be satisfied by their winter split. Second place, falling only to a terrifying G2. More than most people would've given them credit for beforehand, rebuilding their roster with 3 new(ish) pieces.

The members who stuck around, Elyoya and Nisqy, have massively stepped up this year so far. Elyoya is as good as always, probably the very best jungler in the league since a couple of years, while Nisqy has shown incredible form and growth. Carzzy rejoined MAD after a year at Vitality and immediately had a much better showing alongside Hylissang, who joined after 5 years at Fnatic. Both seem to match well in game, as is evident in their redemption. Chasy was wildcard in this squad, but he has really impressed as one of the most capable carry-style toplaners in the league.

MAD should look for the top of the standings once again, with the large goal being MSI. But the competition will be fierce and perhaps they won't be able to take the competition by storm again.

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
Excel Esports
In short, XL's winter split was a massive disappointment. Most people did not rate them as a top 3 team, but no one could've seen such a (on paper) strong roster failing so miserably. After their 10th place finish, they adjusted the roster and coaching staff and are now eager to perform better. The only way is up.

The team clearly lacked direction, and so they looked to bring in more leadership. They found a strong voice with LIMIT, who will replace Targamas as the starting support. In terms of raw talent, he might be considered a downgrade. However, the team did not mesh well together and this change might improve their dynamic. LIMIT is also an experienced player with passages on Schalke 04, SK and BDS.

The rest of the squad remains very talented as well obviously. Odoamne is the experienced rock in the toplane and LEC champion, Vetheo former MVP, Patrik consistent (sub)top tier ADC and Xerxe had a great 2022 summer on Astralis. All the pieces are there to have a solid upper-mid tier team, but we can only wait and see.

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
Astralis will have mixed feelings looking back on their split. They ended at the 6th place, which is their best result since rebranding from Origen in 2020. However, it looked very dire for them up until the last week. A miracle run and the collapse of Fnatic and Excel secured them a spot in the top 8. During the group stage the team then showed some good stuff, taking down Team BDS, but they ultimately fell to MAD.

It was not an easy split for Dajor, and as he was clearly the weak link he got benched. Astralis' replacement for the midlane is LIDER, a player many will recognise from earlier stints on Misfits and Vitality. He is an atypical player, known for playing almost exclusively melee midlaners and assassins. This is a rarity in proplay where mages usually reign supreme. The only mages he really plays are Azir and Ryze. Exciting to watch how he does, but his champion pool might also prove a liability at times, especially if the meta does not favour him.

First objective for Astralis should be to make top 8 again, which they should be able to off their strong botlane, Finn showing up in clutch moments and 113 having a solid showing in winter despite being only 18. The mid table would be realistic, maybe more, maybe less.

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
Team Vitality
Vitality came out swinging during the regular split, placing 1st and securing a good position for the group stage. Unfortunately for them, the team's issues (such as language barrier) became more apparant as other teams figured them out. Which lead to 0-2 losses to both KOI and SK, stranding at 5th place for the split. Not too bad, but this team has high ambitions with this roster.

Neither Neon nor Kaiser had a good performance this split, and the ADC paid the price. Vitality acquired Upset from a substitute position on Fnatic. This should be a huge upgrade as Upset has shown he's an elite player at many times. The rest of the squad is stacked as well, with Photon our 1st all-pro team toplaner, prodigy Bo in the jungle and one of the EU G.O.A.Ts Perkz in the midlane. 2 times LEC champion Kaiser completes the German botlane.

The ultimate goal of this Vitality lineup is to challenge G2 for the title. Upset should give them a significant upgrade, but it's unsure whether that'll be enough. All issues won't be fixed with this roster change. Still this team should have a good shot at top 3-4 and making Worlds at the end of the year.

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
SK Gaming
SK can be happy with their winter split performance. Their 4th place finish was unexpected from their young squad, but they're hungry for more. This was also SK's best split in years. It will be exciting to see what this squad can do with more time to develop synergy and gain experience.

The roster sticks together, and with reason. The big attraction is obviously Exakick, who has quickly established himself as a top tier ADC and hottest EU prospect at the moment. Part of his success is due to playing with support Doss, who has also been very good individually as well as playing alongside Exakick on LDLC last year. Markoon continues to show good things and functions as a leader to the team. Irrelevant is improving rapidly despite only debuting in the LEC less than a year ago. And Sertuss has shown several pop-off performances against the likes of Caps and Perkz. Impressive stuff from a team without big established names.

Last split there were almost no expectations, but now many eyes will be set on SK. Will they be able to handle the additional pressure? Maybe other teams will be preparing more carefully against them. The team has the potential to try and reach top 4 again, but if Excel and Fnatic bounce back while Vitality also upgraded, it may prove a daunting task.
β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
Team BDS
Team BDS experienced a resurgence after a disastrous 2022. During the regular season they finished 5th with a positive record. Their roster changes had clearly paid off. Unfortunately they experienced something of a setback after a competitive Bo3 against G2 Esports. Astralis proved the better team at the moment, ending BDS' split at 7th place.

Crownie (aka Crownshot) is back in the LEC and had a good showing alongside former teammate Labrov. They both were able to prove some doubters wrong and carry BDS towards some victories. Meanwhile Adam also returned from academy as a better player. He still boasts his unqiue champion pool, but it has been working out for BDS, at least most of the time. He also had some rougher moments towards the end of the split. Jungler Sheo also moved over from academy and has been a pleasant surprise. Midlaner nuc (formerly known as Nuclearint) and him form a solid playmaking duo to rule the early game.

It is hard to rank BDS, on paper probably a lower-mid tier team, but perhaps they can surprise a few teams again. Top 8 should be doable either way.

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
Team Heretics
Team Heretics' showing last split was too inconsistent too make big waves. They qualified for groups quite comfortably and then lost a very close Bo3 against Vitality, but eventually got knocked out 2-0 by SK. The squad looked like it needed more time to gel and practice, now we'll hopefully get to see how high the ceiling of this team can be.

Main man is obviously Jankos. The EU G.O.A.T. jungler had decent performances last split and leads the roster. The other veteran on the topside, Evi was also a pleasant surprise, most notably on K'Sante. But the Japanese toplaner couldn't always find success after the laning phase. Ruby has been doing okay in the midlane, with some standout games like on Cassiopeia, but he still has to work on consistency. The young botlane didn't have an easy time and might need additional time to find their footing. Mersa was on Misfits last year and is a decent support. He'll be very pleased when the meta shifts towards engage supports as that's clearly his comfort. Jackspektra is a very hyped prospect, had some great games like on Draven and Zeri, but has otherwise not find the biggest impact.

It'll be curious to see how much work Heretics got done during the offseason, as there is definitely lots of potential to forge a good squad. But for now they are probably aiming for a top 8 spot.
β€Žβ€Žβ€β€β€Ž β€Ž
KOI is in a strange spot. Their regular season was not good, at least not as good as people predicted from a roster that retained 4/5 players that won the LEC last summer and had a good Worlds. They stepped up when it mattered though and went through the group stage like a breeze. During playoffs they fell to both G2 and MAD lions, but their performance was still okay and netted them a 3rd place.

We've seen how good KOI's botlane can be, Trymbi and Comp are insane when they're on. Consistency was a problem early on in the split, but as the weeks passed they came back into their own right. No coincidence Comp got another pentakill vs G2. Larssen is still consistent in the midlane, with another all-pro team among his accolades. Malrang didn't show his best form for most of the split, but in Bo3s and Bo5s he proved he has not yet forgotten his psychopathic spam-ganking gameplay that has won KOI/Rogue so many games. Szygenda came in replacing Odoamne, and he has been decent, but the team has not yet committed to playing around his carry-style. Time will tell whether we'll see KOI pulling out things like Fiora and Camille instead of weakside only.

Beforehand KOI was expected to challenge for the title, and top 3 is likely. For now making MSI seems like a reasonable objective, as defeating G2 will be very difficult.

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž LEC Players To Watch


>$200 Cost
<$199 Cost
Bonus Suggestion

Adam ($221)

Odoamne ($154)

Chasy ($214)

Adam comes off a redemption split this year. His short career has been a rollercoaster, from KC in LFL to Worlds on Fnatic, then BDS, demoted to academy and now an LEC starter once again. Adam still has his unqiue juggernaut-heavy champion pool, and in winter the meta fit him perfectly. While his performances during groups wasn't as impressive, he was very important to BDS' successes. Adam is a carry player to the core, so higher stats are sure to follow.
Esports consists of ups and downs, Odoamne knows that as the best. After a strong showing in 2022 summer, his 2023 XL roster collapsed. But now the only way is up, and Odoamne still was probably the best performing member during winter. Experience is invaluable for a toplaner and the Romanion happens to have loads of it. The tide can swing fast and when Odoamne starts looking like a top 3 toplaner again, you won't regret picking him up for such a low cost.
Chasy was a remarkable pick up by MAD, coming from X7 in the NLC. Nobody really know whether he would be good. But he has exceeded beyond all expectations and established himself as a top 3 toplaner in the league. He has been crucial to MAD's second place finish in winter, and it's remarkable how it's one of the only teams in the league able to succesfully play through toplane. Think back to Chasy's Irelia vs KOI or his Jayce games for example. If you give him a lead, he will absolutely carry and accumulate many points.


>$200 Cost
<$199 Cost
Bonus Suggestion

Yike ($228)

Jankos ($189)

Markoon ($193)

It's going fast for Yike. From LFL to making 2nd all-pro team, becoming LEC champion and qualifying for MSI. While he had big shoes to fill, he fits G2 like a glove. The whole team is willing to play around him and allow him to play his carry style. Thanks to Yike's resource-heavy style, he has been topping stats, most notably recording a top 2 KDA across all stages of the competition.
While he is arguably on one of the lower-mid tier teams, Jankos still has what it takes to carry games. He looked like Heretics' best player during winter by far, which isn't surprising considering all his experience. Now his cost has dropped, he remains a very solid pickup that will always rack up a decent amount of points.
Markoon has been SK's main playmaker. Most of the team's success relied on him finding advantages in the early game. And to say he did well, SK finished 4th last split, way above expectations. It even awarded him a place in the 3rd all-pro team. Markoon has impressed ever since entering the league in 2021, and for this prize he's an absolute steal.


>$200 Cost
<$199 Cost
Bonus Suggestion

Nisqy ($220)

Vetheo ($158)

Larssen ($196)

Nisqy had a fantastic winter split. Despite being a veteran, he has shown clear growth as a player this year. He's feeling very confident and it shows. His good form was important in MAD's strong split and he even made 2nd all-pro team. Right now only Caps can consistently beat Nisqy, but let it be known MAD's defeat in the finals will only fuel the Belgian to try even harder.
Winter split was very underwhelming for Vetheo. He never came close to his peak level, but then again the whole of XL had a terrible showing. We certainly do know how good Vetheo can be. The 2022 spring split MVP will be eager to prove himself once again, so don't be surprised if he returns to form. In that case you can get a very cheap, but potentially insanely valuable piece in the midlane. Time to gamble?
I think we can safely say the whole of KOI was somewhat inconsistent, even if they managed to turn it around towards the end of the split and snatch the 3rd place. But Larssen looked like the most reliable player as we've come to expect from him. Less than $200 is a very good deal for him, since one can always count on good laning stats coming from the Ginger God.


>$200 Cost
<$199 Cost
Bonus Suggestion

Exakick ($226)

Kobbe ($166)

Upset ($195)

Exakick is one of the biggest breakthroughs of the split. Those who follow the regional leagues knew he was a big prospect, but no one could have anticipated the young French botlaner to debut so well. Top 3 in both KDA and CS/min, while making 2nd all-pro team in his rookie split... Impressive stuff, and we can't wait to see what more he can do with more experience under his belt.
Kobbe has been around for a long time, and people often seem to forget about him. He's a very reliable carry, but not very flashy. Though Astralis is not the best team and needed a miracle run to make it into groups, it wasn't due to lack of trying by the botlane. Kobbe (and JeongHoon) displayed strong performances all split long. If you need a cheap botlaner to round out your squad, no better fit than Kobbe.
It was unfortunate that Upset found himself teamless for the winter split, despite being one of EU's top ADCs for years. After a short rest he's now here for another shot at the LEC title on a (on paper) strong roster. Upset almost solo carried last year's Fnatic to Worlds and went toe to toe with the likes of Viper, Gumayusi and Berserker. That has to account for many points right?


>$200 Cost
<$199 Cost
Bonus Suggestion

Mikyx ($203)

Advienne ($135)

JeongHoon ($138)

Mikyx' 2022 was okay, but not great either. Back in the old nest of G2, he's back at the top of his game. His fantastic performances made him a frontrunner for split MVP and netted him a spot in the 1st all-pro team. Now with the meta definitely shifting towards engage supports again, Mikyx' dominance is in no sign of slowing down.
Advienne once was XL's support, and had a decent showing. But due to circumstances, XL aquired... Mikyx, which meant the end of Advienne's LEC stint. However, after a year back in regional leagues, he gets another chance at the top level. He has been playing well on Fnatic TQ and has shown LEC level before, so not as big of a risk as it may seem. Either way, for such a low price, Advienne is a steal.
While his strong performances have gone under the radar, JeongHoon is not to be underestimated. It's no easy feat to look good on a lower-tier team, but Astralis' botlane has looked pretty good during winter. JeongHoon is versatile, young and consistently improving. And for a small fee he can complete your fantasy team.

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Fantasy Tournament Tips & Tricks

Assign the right captain. Captains will earn you 1.5x more points across the board, so do a little research once you've assembled your team to figure out which player should be made captain. In general, mid laners and bot laners tend to make great captains, as they tend to garner the most kills and creep score across the games. Supports, on the other hand, may be a bigger gamble because they are comparatively weaker which could spell dying a lot.
Choose teams that you predict will do well. Sounds obvious, but basically, you'll earn points if your fantasy players' teams win. Moreover, if your fantasy player is on a team that keeps losing, they'll probably not be able to deliver on fantastic stats. It's a lot harder to not die when your whole team is losing inhibitors by the 15th minute mark. There are players that tend to do well even on underperforming teams, but make sure to have at least a few players on your roster that are on winning teams.
If you do end up in a situation where you've selected and captained a player that, against all odds, is now on the 10th place team, you can always sell them. You have one sell token per stage, so this is a precious resource and you should treat it this way though. Some teams/players might take a little to get their groove on, but others will show you by the second or third week that it might be best to call it and move on.
Invest more $$ on mid lane and bot lane. As mentioned previously, these are the key roles when it comes to KDA. You won't be able to purchase five $200+ cost players, so focus your funds on mid lane > bot lane > .... > supports. While supports can have great KDAs, and often do, most of the supports cost less than $200 and are actually fantastic. This is one category where it's totally okay to go low and not feel like you're missing out at all.

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Week 1 Preview

πŸ“Ί Saturday - Games To Watch

FNATIC vs EXCEL The return of Fnatic and XL after their disappointing winter split. Both squads have been revamped, with FNC adding Oscarinin and Advienne to their lineup from their academy team while XL replaced Targamas with LIMIT. Which team will start winning again first?

MAD Lions vs Team Vitality Perhaps the most promising match of the day. MAD comes off a great split, with their runner-up finish surprising many people. Vitality had a disastrous early end to their split, but with the addition of Upset they have added more firepower to their lineup. Should be a banger matchup either way.

Astralis vs KOI KOI ramped up significantly over the course of winter, but their final result was still somewhat disappointing. Against Astralis they have to prove their regular season can be better. Astralis on the other hand reached the best result in their history, and with the addition of LIDER (who has an intersting melee-heavy champion pool) they look to further challenge the sub-top.

πŸ“Ί Sunday - Games To Watch

EXCEL vs Team Vitality Two teams looking to storm the top of the table this time around, but both have some issues to fix. It is also the battle of the rebuilding botlanes with Patrik & LIMIT vs Upset & Kaiser.

FNATIC vs SK Gaming About one month ago SK crushed Fnatic's last hopes of making it into the group stage. Now with a new roster Fnatic is hungry for revenge. But SK is not an easy opponent, having finished 4th in winter.

Team Heretics vs KOI A spanish derby between Heretics and KOI. On paper KOI is clearly the stronger team, but last time these 2 teams met, it was TH coming out on top. Now with a good amount of time for Heretics to practice and improve, this turn as out a banger game. All eyes on the jungle matchup between Jankos and Malrang as well.

πŸ“Ί Monday - Games To Watch

Team BDS vs Team Heretics BDS performed above expections last split, but came down fairly hard during their Bo3 loss against Astralis. Now with Heretics they face another opponent around their estimated ranking, so perfect opportunity to show that they are capable of more. Should be a close game all around.

KOI vs MAD Lions Another Spanish party, MAD and KOI meet again after they faced off in playoffs. Now revitalized, KOI looks to avenge that 3-1 loss.

G2 Esports vs EXCEL XL does not have an easy schedule for the first week, so it'll be do or die. Facing champions G2 will be the biggest early test. On the other hand G2 is looking to further expand on their dominance in an unseen fashion. The ambition is: going undefeated.

β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž Conclusion

That's the end of this week's article! Some time left to finalise your fantasy teams, and hopefully you learned something new to help with those decisions. At the start of another exciting LEC split - who are you rooting for? The reigning titans of G2? Underdogs like Astralis or Heretics? For Fnatic and Excel to take revenge after last split? Another split title and the final EU MSI slot on the line. Watch the LEC spring split during the next few weeks, from Saturday - Monday and find out. Have fun and good luck with the fantasy league. May the odds ever be in your favour!

Credits go to LoL.fandom Wiki for their collection of player portraits, up-to-date statistics, overviews and all-around fantastic work documenting LoL esports.
Thanks to @ Jovy for the signature!

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