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MOBAFire Special Halloween Giveaway 2023 Winners!

Creator: Hades4u November 1, 2023 1:46am
<Lead Community Manager>
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Halloween Giveaway Winners!
It's time to reveal the winners of our Special Halloween Giveaway! 😊

Community members celebrated together by sharing stories and original creations during the Halloween week. We've enjoyed going through all of them and we're finally ready to show you our favourites!

We would like to mention that everyone's stories and creations were wonderful. They made our Halloween better and we hope you've also had a great time taking part in this event. Before moving onto the winners, we would like to mention that the number of winners has been reduced to 15 due to the reduced number of entries this year. We're hoping more people will gather and join our future community events, the next one being the Special Christmas Giveaway!

You can find all the winners below. Make sure to click on the images to view them in full size for the best experience!

Melancholy's super cute Uncle Thresh drawing!

PykEugeo's cool Lulu drawing!

mushroom98's Hello Kitty pumpkin!

Doody_tco's anime style drawing of Gwen!

sir-arthur-conan's interesting style of drawing Bewitching Tristana and Sugar Rush Ziggs!

XTheRageGodX's awesome Pokemon drawings!

Karinutsa's scary pumpkin and fun stories:

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in my country, but I love carving pumpkins, so I did this little one last week.

In 2018 I went to the USA around the end of October and I had the chance to take part in this awesome pumpkin carving party somewhere in West Virginia. Here we are

And the Halloween pumpkin I carved back then It’s too bad pumpkins can’t be taken on a plane :(

Lastly, I went to Target and Walmart to see all the decorations and even if I was so impressed by the amount of skeletons on sale, this Dracula Minion was my favourite

I raise a toast of pumpkin spice latte to you all!

SSquared's sketch of our favourite Poro!

Purrrfect Kitty's spooky pumpkin carved with sweat and blood, and some interesting memories:

Okay since I LOVE HALLOWEEN, I have an entry for multiple categories.

Halloween story.
A good friend of mine has her birthday on Halloween and her parents have a little vacation home in a vacation park. When we were 8 or 9 we had a sleepover for her birthday at the vacation home with a bunch of friends. We couldnt really go trick or treating since the vacation park was abandoned (it was off season), so her parents made a game for us instead. We had to get from one side of the park, back to the house without getting caught by the grown ups. We were all wearing costumes and the grown ups were super scary. A friend and I were creeping through some bushes, because we were super stealthy (not). Now I need to say that I grew up in the tropics and while creeping through the bushes, we scared an iguana who was up in the tree or something, which dropped to the ground (which is their escape tactic). The problem was, that it didnt drop to the ground, it dropped on me. I SCREAMED!!!!! To this day, I am still terrified of iguanas. Needles to say we got caught by grown ups and didnt win the game, but we had an amazing time (mostly) and all the Halloween candy made everything okay again.

Pumpkin Carving.
This was my first time carving a pumpkin. I Googled it and found a lovely youtube tutorial (which I am not sharing, because then everyone will see what the pumpkin was supposed to look like....). This is the result of my blood sweat and tears;

I meant to make a smiling pumpkin, but the top went wrong, so I tried to fix it by carving teeth. Also, the top is TOTALLY meant to be so crooked.

Also the blood sweat and tears arent a figure of speech. Maybe I had the wrong pumkin or the wrong tools (or maybe I am just an idiot), but I really struggled carving the pumpkin and it was quite a workout.

Sweat: Check. I cut myself while carving the pumpkin:
Blood: Check.
And then I cried, because I cut myself quite deeply. Tears: check.

I wish everyone a lovely scary Halloween!!

TXK_'s very realistic and detailed Michael Myers pumpkin!

Levi 99's very realistic and detailed Michael Myers pumpkin!

zacklynier's fun memory:
Last Halloween, my friends and I decided to celebrate in an old mansion. We set up hidden traps in the dark corridors and chose terrifying costumes. I, for some reason, emerged in a giant chicken costume - why a chicken, I don't know, but it guaranteed laughs.

As the party began, mysterious sounds and eerie lights made the atmosphere perfectly Halloween-esque. At one point, a friend's costume malfunctioned, and they got stuck in a dark corner. Everyone burst into laughter as our friend, trapped in the massive chicken costume, wandered helplessly around.

Eventually, with the help of other friends, our trapped friend escaped the costume, and we continued the party. The funny incident we experienced throughout the night became one of those memorable moments that make Halloween unforgettable. We left the house with big smiles on our faces, eagerly looking forward to the next Halloween!

lycorie's strange and scary memory:
What I'm about to tell is a real life experience I had when I was a kid. One night, our mother went to a store to buy some ingredients for our meal and she left my little brother on my care. I was watching cartoons on my tv and then suddenly I heard a loud bang in the bedroom where my brother was sleeping. I rushed to the bedroom and checked my brother in his crib. Upon looking, I did not see my brother in his crib and I panicked and searched him in every corner of the bedroom. I was about to give up but then I looked up and there he is crawling above the ceiling. I screamed at the top of my lungs and rushed outside. When I got outside, mom was already there holding my little brother and even now, I still don't know what the F was that.

Agent 99's fun memory
When we were young we used to see a lot of Halloween episodes on TV as the holiday approached, but where we lived nobody really celebrated Halloween let alone go door to door to collect candy.

Well, one year I guess we must have been particularly enthusiastic about wanting to dress up and go trick-or-treating, because our parents agreed that we deserved to have some fun at least once.

Which kind of confused us because we knew none of the neighbors were doing Halloween, so where were we going to go for candy?

Well we got dressed up and went out the front door and found that our house had been decorated for Halloween and our parents explained that even if no one else wants to celebrate today at least we can have some fun together.

So what we did was we’d knock on our front door and mum and dad would answer, we’d say “trick or treat!” and they’d make a positive comment and give us some candy, then we’d say ‘thank you” and leave by walking around our house and loop back to the front door to do it again but find that mum and dad where wearing some different dress-up (so that they looked like different people each time we answered) and sometimes they’d both answer and other times they’d take turns to answer.

We got a nice haul of candy and at that age we had so much fun doing it.

I think we only ever did it the once, but that is a memory that has stuck with me.

AD Cannon's comics story:
While searching for a good horror show to watch, I came across ‘Locke & Key’ on Netflix and thought the summary sounded pretty cool so I checked out some reviews for it.

Unfortunately, the general opinion was that the show had been “butchered” by Netflix and was apparently agonizing to watch because the characters/plot had been dumbed-down and the horror had been reduced (to get a TV-14 rating).

But in an interesting twist I learnt from the reviews that it was actually based on a popular comic book series of the same name.

I ended up skipping the show and gave the comic a try instead and I’ve got to say that so far it’s been pretty good.

Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a horror read this autumn.

Locke & Key tells the story of the Locke siblings, Tyler, Kinsey, and little Bode, who, along with their mother, return to their ancestral home of Keyhouse following their father’s gruesome murder. Keyhouse is a place of both wonder and fear, filled with dark doors and the magic keys that open them, and also home to a malicious presence that will stop at nothing in it’s quest for the Omega Key and the unspeakable prize it unlocks.
Doody_tco's Forum Avatar
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Sep 30th, 2020
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I'm glad you enjoyed the drawing. I hope you all had fun ♡
TofuCat111's Forum Avatar
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Oct 29th, 2021
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep November 2, 2023 11:58pm | Report
Hi Admin Team,

Just wanted to provide some feedback on this competition. I feel like reducing the number to 15 winners after previously stating that there will be 20 winners is not ideal. For example last years Christmas competition had 43 Comments and 20 prizes, while this years Halloween had 39, a 4 comment difference - which is less, but not that significant of a decrease. Additionally, I feel like honouring the previously stated 20 responses reward rather than contradicting the statement would be a more suitable approach, considering participants entered the competition with the expectation of 20 winners (and thus a considerably higher chance of winning). Instead, it would be more ideal to adjust future competitions rather than going back on the original prize count.

Additionlly of these 15 response, there is a heavy dominance of certain categories. For example 11 are in the drawing/pumpkin category (averages to 5.5 each), and the other 4 are from the story category. Although all responses where very good, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them this leaves 2 categories, favourite candy and favourite haloween movie completely underrepresented (with 0 winners). Although prizes are rewarded under the discretion of the admin team, I feel like achieving a more even distribution, or even just 1 prize would better serve and reward participation. Each of these categories had some very good responses, and returning to the original prize count of 20 could possibly be able to include this participation.

In light of these considerations, would it be possible for the admin team to review the decision to give out 15 prizes instead of 20, or some number in between.
<Lead Community Manager>
Hades4u's Forum Avatar
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Apr 15th, 2014
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep November 3, 2023 1:09am | Report
Hey @ TofuCat111!

Unfortunately a number of entries were found to be fraudulent, and some of the comments were only there to receive the badge, not to actually participate to win a prize. After drawing the line, having 20 rewards for barely 20 eligible entries is not ideal, as almost everyone "wins by default" instead of having a little more competition and more variety of entries for us to pick from.

We're hoping the upcoming Special Christmas Giveaway will have more valid and fair entries so we can increase the number of winners again, and also get more enjoyment from looking over a higher number of awesome pictures and stories!

Please remember that the main goal of these events is to bring the community to celebrate by sharing stories and pictures to enjoy special occasions together. The rewards we offer are a bonus to spread a little joy around these special times, but shouldn't be the main focus of participation, just an extra incentive to share and have fun!

I hope this clarifies the decision. 😊

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