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Patch 9.15 Summary

Creator: Wayne3100 August 1, 2019 8:58am
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Aug 3rd, 2011
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Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 9.15!

After the storm known as Patch 9.14, this week's patch is a relatively chill one, with a handful of champions receiving mostly minor adjustments. For example, while everyone's favorite Colossus Galio has received some much-needed love, Rumble players will be sad to see their champion being one of the few to receive nerfs this patch.

Outside of balance adjustments, this patch also includes the release of 6 more PROJECT: skins, taking the total up to a whopping 17 (along with Ashe, Ekko, Jhin, Katarina, Leona, Lucian, Master Yi, Vayne, Vi, Yasuo and Zed, who all owned one already).

As always, be sure to check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you (or, if you're more interested in Teamfight Tactics, click here for the 9.15 patch notes for TFT).

Champion Balance Changes




Other Changes

  • Legacy Cursor Removal

    • The option to use the old bronze gauntlet has been removed from the game.
      Following community feedback, using the legacy cursor will still be an option in 9.15. However, Riot still plan on removing the cursor in the future.

  • Bugfixes

    • Draven's unempowered basic attacks now properly deal damage in Mordekaiser's R - Realm of Death
    • Kayn's R - Umbral Trespass now properly goes on cooldown if the target dies while Kayn has infested them
    • Lux's R - Final Spark cooldown timer now properly appears when she dies during cast
    • Fixed a bug where Irelia's E - Flawless Duet and Zoe's E - Sleepy Trouble Bubble would target incorrect positions in Howling Abyss and Summoner Rift's river
    • Xerath's Q - Arcanopulse, Taliyah's E - Unraveled Earth, Jayce's E - Acceleration Gate, and Ziggs' E - Hexplosive Minefield no longer cause small hitches to characters on or sometimes off-screen when cast
    • Katarina's E - Shunpo now properly counts towards triggering Electrocute and Phase Rush and is usable in Mordekaiser's R - Realm of Death
    • Miss Fortune's Passive - Love Tap no longer grants an additional stack of Electrocute
    • Gragas' E - Body Slam + basic attack combo now grants the proper number of Electrocute and Conqueror stacks
    • Xayah's Passive - Clean Cuts now apply the proper number of Electrocute stacks based on the number of basic attacks

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch.

PROJECT: Pyke (1820 RP)

PROJECT: Irelia (1350 RP)

PROJECT: Jinx (1350 RP)

PROJECT: Akali (1350 RP)

PROJECT: Warwick (1350 RP)

PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition

The following chromas will be released this patch.




PROJECT: Warwick

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! What are your thoughts on the changes made in this patch? Which champion(s) did Riot forget to buff or nerf? Which of the new PROJECT: skins most catches your eye?

Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Hoppermh for the signature!

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