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I'm On the Train: Episode 2 (4:37PM-8:20PM PST)

Creator: Toshabi September 13, 2012 5:01pm
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Jan 18th, 2011
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You are TOSHABI, that one guy with the DISCORD AVATAR that everyone says "**** HIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!!!!" when you mention it in public restrooms. You have a variety of INTERESTS, which include making fun of people, WATCHING MLP:FiM, being awkward, TOUCHING people, and SHIPPING total strangers together. You have a variety of ITEMS, which include a bag full of TASTY **** to eat, a BACKPACK with a LAPTOP, and other assorted goods like CLOTHES.

You're adventure begins on the TRAIN. You are seated in a QUAD SECTION with no TABLE and absolutely nothing to do but stare at the INTRICATE PATTER of the seat in front of you. While you were enjoying doing absolutely nothing, you are approached by a FAT BIMBO.

Fatty: "Hey. That SEAT over yonder."

The FAT BIMBO points towards the seat that's towards the upper right of you. You decide to use your skill STARE to try to turn it into stone.

The FAT BIMBO is not affected by your STONE STARE and proceeds to sit across from you.


FAT BIMBO is a middle aged FEMALE. She has a variety of INTEREST, like EATING, scratching her FACE, TEXTING, and CHEWING with her mouth open. FAT BIMBO has a variety of ITEMS, such as a LARGE BAG, Iphone, and a bag full of SWEETS which she CONSUMES every 15 seconds to restore HP.

*Unfortunately, I can't MSPaint the scenarios, as the train wifi blows for image uploads* =[

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Jun 6th, 2010
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Oh, I didn't know that you're an andventure, Tosh.
"We've had a few gloomy years with bad console ports, and what do we get in the light at the end of the console-tunnel? A tablet OS ported to PC." - Atlas Tasume, on Windows 8

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