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AP Kog'Maw (and other FUN champs)

Creator: CrazyMBP February 10, 2012 7:57pm
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Oct 13th, 2011
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Recently hit a real lull in my enjoyment of playing league of legends. With my level of dedication (or lack thereof), I typically hang around the 1100 ELO range, sometimes higher. But I always had fun playing until recently. Lately I've been at selection screen thinking "WHO DO I EVEN WANNA PLAY RIGHT NOW". So I have been hunting hunting hunting for a new champ to call my own.

I should say that my "mains" are Nidalee, Udyr, played a lot of Sion, Swain mid, alot of jungle Skarner recently, play support Sona, and I run alot of DuffTime's Olaf and Trynd up top lane, and recently been playing some AD Ezrael just because the mobility is really fun. I've tried MOST (not all) champs in game, and I am really looking for something fresh.

Well a friend of mine recommended AP Kog'maw to me, and said it's like the most ffun he's had playing LoL. I was intrigued....went into a game, and.....failed miserably. I just dont understand how my "burst" of ooze and ulti can compare to a typical mid caster. Isnt AP Kog at this point just a worse version of Xerath?

So my question is two-pronged:

1. Does anyone ACTUALLY play AP Kog? And if so, general tips/core items/strategy would be appreciated! (Also, if you feel like mentioning your thoughts about AD Kog as well, I thought maybe id try that out too, since I have the champ now)

2. I know these posts are made alot, and it depends on the person, but if you wanna recommend any fun ways to play a champ, or just a champ you find ridiculously fun, I'd love to hear it. Lately I have been following Phoenix's Jungle Twitch Guide and been fairly successful, and have had alot of fun with it. Sadly, even some game's when I start off hot and get a few early kills, it doesnt seem like Twitch really snowballs like other AD carries can. So any fun champs, let me know!

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Aug 27th, 2011
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Ap Kog is ridiculous if you play him right, but you do rely on hitting with your ulti quite often. Basically you want to max your Void Ooze first. And then your W after that, with your Q last. You just use E then R as a combo, and you will do massive damage.
The key item is Archangel's Staff. It's a must have on Kog, cause of the amount of times you'll use your R. Get it first. Also get Rabadon's Deatchap and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. As for the other items, Void Staff is good.

As for other builds that wreck, I hear AD Janna is a beast. Just kidding :P
Nah seriously, one thing I've been hearing a lot about recently is Jungle Singed. It seems like he could be very very good, I'm going to try him tomorrow for sure.
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Fun or unconventional?

Junge Skarner #1 for me, fun and great.

Evelynn is extremely fun wherever you put her, more-so on Dominion. You just have to pay attention to wards and such. (Oh, and you must stack Phantom Dancers! Woot!)

Singed: stack mana crystals and then upgrade accordingly (Tear/Frozen Heart/Banshee's/RoA)

You can also random lock-in for PokèLoL! :D
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