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Best Mid Champs ATM

Creator: ShenMasterFlash February 9, 2012 7:44pm
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May 1st, 2011
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...I don't even main morde and I know you can go boots+hp pots farm 1200g get hextech revolver farm merc treads and tada you've won the lane...I mean throw Creeping death on a melee minion, let it generate some shield, siphon of destruction+q wave back off rinse repeat....Simple as that really...

What about the phase before you get the 1200g? Don't underestimate this phase - if Morde is too weak in that 'short' timespan, he potentially let's the enemy get ahead-enough (farm and levels, maybe kills) to be bursted down without possible retaliation ;)..
^ same reason why LeBlanc either straight up beats Morgana or gets pushed to death, depending on how well you do before she can push the wave with a single W ^^

to quote a similar mind:
There is no best mid.

--> By seeing how many different Champions are mentioned in here alone you can see, that the balancing is pretty decent overall and most Champions are actually viable

I personally prefer midlane Kayle, there are not many standard AP mids that can do well against her if played correctly ^^
"I'd love to write a guide about 'getting out of elo hell', but I can't find a way to get in there.."
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