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[Champion Concept]: Necroxian : The Draconic...

Creator: Dragonshea April 28, 2016 6:05am
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Oct 14th, 2014
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Hi all. I was thinking of cool concept of another dragonic champion for league. Something in the line of a Psychopomp that Brings the lost souls to the afterlife. Necroxian is a fighter/support that uses Lifesteal and Crit as his main stats and can both heal to help out allies and fight alone as a powerful dueler. Allowing him to either be a fighter or support with some benefits of the other. Lorewise he is the guide and judge of anyone that Kindred kills or otherwise, and is the one that decides of what will happen to those who die and are send to the afterlife or spirit realm which affects people differently than on the physical world.

Champion Theme:

Necroxian is Fighter/Support that does well in both roles he is meant to be a hybrid role champ. Have a bit of both and he is maining as a fighter or a support. Reason would I would make him as such a champ is because I like an idea of a support that can fight back and not be a poor dualer, or a fighter that doesn't solely deal damage and not have any utility. His passive is something to help him in lane and also heal any champs that need it.

His Q is a powerful damaging and zoning ability that really makes his enemies think twice when fighting him when his group his backing him up.

W is all about entering or exiting fights. The trait is a powerful feature that allows his allies to either charge in with him or escape with him if a fight has gone badly.

E is a his main support ability that allows him or an ally survive burst or to have a small heals that is not lost from damage thanks to the shield.

His Ult as all about keeping his pals alive to tear s**t up as the Life drain and healing will allow them to overwhelm any team that doesn't have any Heal reduction with them.

Theme wise. He is meant to be a (weaken)Demigod of death that takes souls to the afterlife. While Kindred kill those whose time was come, and is lawful to the divine laws. Necroxian takes the souls of the slain to judge and carry to their designated afterlife and has a hands on approach to the threats of Runeterra with a disregard to those laws if they hinder the balance.

Role: FIghter/Support.

Health 550+90
Attack Damage: 65+ 3per level.
Attack Speed. 0.6252.5 per level.
Armor: 25+3per level
Magic resist: 31.25+1.25per level
Range: 150
Movement Speed: 350
Hp5:9+0.333*per level

Ideal Items:


Face of the Mountain



Passive: Soul Reap: Necroxian gains 5% Crit and 4% lifesteal and spellvamp, and for each hit he gains a stack of reaping, every time he gains 10 stacks or delivers a crit, he immediately consumes all reaping stack and deals a Reaping strike. Reaping Strike replaces normal crits and is treated as one, dealing 4% of the target's max health damage as True damage and heals Necroxian for the full amount his life steal and will also heal a nearby champion for half the heal gained from Reaping strikes.

Necroxian also gains Soul power equal to 100% of his life Drain and caps at 200. If Necroxian has less than 100 Soul power, he will naturally generate 2+2 per 100% bonus HP5 per second soul power up until he reaches 100 soul power.

Soul power: Necroxian strikes a target, he gains soul power based on his life steal. gaining (life steal/4) over 4 seconds after hitting the target and will stack in power three times. after the third stack they will stack in duration and all subsequent hits will extend the durations up to 12 seconds per hit on his target.

Q: Soul fire. Cost: 70/65/60/55/50 Soul power. Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds, Range:550 arc 90 degrees: Burns the target for 60/90/120/150/180+(45% AP) and causes the target area to burn, dealing (15/20/25/35/40+ 10% AP)*5 damage over 5 seconds, take increased damage by 5/6.25/7.5/8.75/10% and is refreshed as long as they remain in the burned ground. enemies will take burn damage for 2 secs after they leave the area for a total of 7 seconds of damage.


W: Spirit Crash: Cost: 80 Soul power. Cooldown: 12:/11/10/9/8 seconds. Dashes a moderate distance(range:750, cannot travel over walls expect at rank 5) knocking back all targets in the area, dealing (120% AD damage + 5/25/45/65/85) physical damage to target in a 250 unit ring. Necroxian can also dealing 50% extra damage to targets within his melee range and (65/85/105/125/145+ 50% AP) magic damage 100 units outside his impact range. Necroxian will leave a trail for 3 seconds that increase MS of Allied champions by +50 and reduces grants 50 tenacity to them.

At max rank, Necroxian become ethereal during the dash, allowing him to travel over walls.

E: Spirit Guard Cost: 120/115/110/105/100 Soul power. Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds. Range:900. Necroxian shields a target for (50/75/100/125/150+ 50% AD) and heals them for (25/60/95/120/155 + 40% AP). The effect is reduced by 75% if Necroxian shield himself.

R: Chosen of the Reaver. Cost: 150/135/120 Soul power. Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds Range: 1200. Necroxian will grant all nearby allies (4/6/8% lifesteal and Spellvamp) and heals them for(300/450/600 +60% AP) over 10 seconds if a ally dies under the effect the duration is increased by 2 seconds for all nearby allies.

Brief Backstory:

One of the very few Celestial Dragons in the world and fewer still to ascent to near-godhood. Necroxian Is the Reaver of the soul of the deceased in Runeterra.

Long ago he bore witness to the creation of the Shadow Else in an attempt to intervene in the forthcoming disaster was caught up in the blast that twisted life and death and was obliterated. but Death is lenient to those that serve it well and with responsibility and Necroxian was mighty. Instead of dying, his spirit remained in a coma as his body was atomized but alive. Millennia passes and he awoke, quickly reforming himself as he arose on the shores of Bilgewater with lost memories. Spending years disguised as a human doctor having been taken in by another who was his mentor. As his memory slowly returned and having lived among mortals for so long changed him. becoming more mortal in mind that he already was. He became more willing to aid mortals now as he seeks the total destruction of the Shadow isles and The Restoration of the Blessed Isles.
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