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Comparing LoL Champions to DotA Heroes

Creator: Glayde November 23, 2012 11:02am
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May 2nd, 2012
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So I saw this on Dotafire, and I thought it would be a good idea to post it here as well, in case there are any Dota players here that are new to League of Legends. I did not write this, showerhead did on Dotafire.

Fissure(Q): Similar to Anivia's old wall with that exploit that allowed you to trap people inside, except stuns are guaranteed and it damages
Enchant Totem(W): Jax's Empower
Aftershock(E): Causes effects from skills to splash over to additional targets, includes stuns and damage
Echo Slam(R): Rammus's ult with Tiamat splash

Storm Hammer(Q): Riven's Ki Burst
Great Cleave(W): Cleaves enemies in a circle in front of Sven
Warcry(E): Similar to the active from Gangplank's Raise Morale, raises armor instead of attack speed
God's Strength(R): Similar to the active from Jax's Grandmaster's Might, only much larger gain

Avalanche(Q): Swain's stun without the delay
Toss(W): Hurls random unit towards target, damaging both target and projectile, projectile can be friendly
Craggy Exterior(E): Rammus' defensive ball curl on passive with a chance to stun, does not work on units outside of melee range
Grow(R): Similar to Cho's ult in that his mass and power grows, but does so passively, losses attack speed but gains damage for toss.

Torrent(Q): Cho's Rupture, with added stun and no warning to enemies
Tidebringer(W): Cho's vorpal Spikes on passive, no mana
X Marks the Spot(E): Interrupts target, after a delay the target is returned to location where they were initially marked
Ghost Ship(R): summons ghost ship damaging and stunning enemies in a line, allies receive bonus speed and delayed reaction to damage

Wild Axes(Q): Sivir's Boomerang
Call of the Wild(W): Summons up to 2 beasts, I would assume hawk is used for scouting as well as damage, and boar used for attacking only
Inner Beast(E): Similar to the active from Gangplank's Raise Morale but does not increase movement speed and is on passive
Primal Roar(R): Fus Roh Da! Stuns target and clears path to it, damaging nearby enemies and slowing their movement and attack speed

Dragon Knight
Breathe Fire(Q): Xerath's Arcanopulse
Dragon Tail(W): Similar to Irelia's Equilibrium Strike, however it always stuns
Dragon Blood(E): Improves health regen and armor
Dragon Form(R): Changes shape and gains added benefits to auto attacks based on how many points were put into the skill

Battery Assault(Q): The passive from Blitz's Static Field on call, interrupts enemies when hit
Power Cogs(W): Closest to Jarvan's ult, without the gap closer. Enemies on the outside can open a gap in the wall by walking into it, but are knocked back and lose health and mana.
Rocket Flare(E): Miniature Gangplank ult
Hookshot(R): Amumu's Bandage toss, damages and stuns enemies along the way too

Purification(Q): Karma's Mantra enhanced Soul Shield that heals instead of shields
Repel(W): Similar to Morgana's Spell Shield, cleanses when applied
Degen Aura(E): Passive movement and attack speed debuff, think nunu's ult without the damage.
Guardian Angel(R): Similar to sitting in the fountain. Armor and regen buffed.

Inner Vitality(Q): Heal over time
Burning Spear(W): Auto attacks deal damage over time and drain Huskar's HP.
Berserker's Blood(E): combine the passive from Trynd's Bloodlust and Olaf's passive
Life Break(R): Closes on enemy, sacrificing health to slow and inflict a percentage of target enemy's current HP

Acid Spray(Q): Similar to Urgot's Noxian Corrosive Charge
Unstable Concoction(W): damages and stuns an enemy depending on delay from brewing to throwing. can blow up in face
Goblin's Greed(E): The passive from Ashe's Hawkshot only Stackable
Chemical Rage(R): Singed's ult

Berserker's Call(Q): Taunts all enemies within melee range and increases armor
Battle Hunger(W): damage over time and slow, target can end this effect by killing a unit
Counter Helix(E): Similar to Jax's counter, only no stun
Culling Blade(R): Garen's Justice combine with Pantheon's Heartseeker Strike

Meat Hook(Q): Blitz's grab, allies snagged in this way do not take damage but are pulled
Rot(W): Similar to Mundo's Burning Agony, slows enemies instead of reducing cc's
Flesh Heap(E): adds permanent bonuses to magic resist and strength when nearby enemy heroes die
Dismember(R): Warwick's ult

Sand King
Burrowstrike(Q): Mao's Twisted Advance with aoe stun
Sandstorm(W): Similar to Akali's Twilight Shroud, damage instead of slow and is channeled
Caustic Finale(E): The passive from Tristana's Explosive Shots
Epicenter(R): Similar to Nunu's ult but must complete channel to start, expands

Sprint(Q): moves faster but takes more damage
Slithereen Crush(W): Combine Ali's Pulverize(local) with Cho's Rupture(slow), stun instead of knockup
Bash(E): chance to do bonus damage and stun enemies
Amplify Damage(R): The effect from Nid's trap

Gush(Q): Kayle's Reckoning
Kraken Shell(W): damage reduction and debuff cleanse on critical threshold
Anchor Smash(E): damage nearby enemies and reduce their base attack
Ravage(R): Amumu's ult, just larger

Skeleton King
Hellfire Blast(Q): Sion's Cryptic Gaze combined with Kayle's Reckoning
Vampiric Aura(W): nearby allied melee units gain lifesteal
Critical Strike(E): chance to deal bonus attack damage
Reincarnation(R): Zilean's ult on passive that slows all nearby enemies on rez

Rage(Q): Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness with guaranteed attack speed bonus
Feast(W): Vlad's Transfusion
Open Wounds(E): Similar to Shen's Vorpal Blade
Infest(R): lay dormant and unseen in unit until killed or consumed

Night Stalker
Void(Q): Kayle's Reckoning
Crippling Fear(W): Blind and Silence
Hunter in the Night(E): gain movement and attack speed at night
Darkness(R): Changes time to night, boosts all of night stalkers skills

Doom Bringer
Devour(Q): consume enemy non-hero and acquire any special skills it had
Scorched Earth(W): Immolate area, increases Doom Bringer's HP regen and movement speed
Lvl? Death(E): damage based on level, interrupt
Doom(R): damage and prevent target from casting spells or using items

Spirit Breaker
Charge of Darkness(Q): Similar to Ali's Headbutt, stun instead of knockback, chance to stun and ****back enemies in wake
Empowering Haste(W): local Janna's passive, self attack multiplier based on speed
Greater Bash(E): chance to stun and knockback enemy on attack
Nether Strike(R): Flash plus Ali's pulverize, stuns and knocks back instead of up

Mana Break(Q): Old Wits End
Blink(W): Kass's blink without the damage
Spell Shield(E): Soraka's passive applied to self only
Mana Void(R): after short delay, stuns target and deals damage based on missing mana to it and all nearby enemies

Drow Ranger
Frost Arrows(Q): Ashe's Frost Shot
Silence(W): circular version of Malz's Call of the Void, without the damage
Trueshot Aura(E): the passive from Yi's Wuju Style for all ranged allies
Marksmanship(R): passive bonus to Agility

Blade Fury(Q): Combine Morgana's Spell Shield with Garen's Judgment
Healing Ward(W): mobile version of Janna's heal, no knockback
Blade dance(E): Master Yi's passive, only random
Omnislash(R): Yi's Alpha Strike

Starstorm(Q): Similar to Soraka's Starcall, doesn't affect MR
Sacred Arrow(W): Ashe's ult without the slow
Leap(E): Combine Grave's Quickdraw with Gangplank's Raise Morale, no damage
Moonlight Shadow(R): Lux's original ult, hide's whole team

Waveform(Q): Similar to the active from Shyvana's ult, no knockback
Adaptive Strike(W): damages and stuns based on dominant attribute
Morph Agility(E): Convert strength to Agility
Morph Strength(D): Convert Agility to Strength
Replicate(R): Yorrick's ult, can instantly take place of replicate

Vengeful Spirit
Magic Missile(Q): Sion's Stun
Wave of Terror(W): Ashe's hawkshot with the effect from Jarvan's Dragon Strike
Vengeance Aura(E): the passive from Yi's WujuStyle for allies
Nether Swap(R): instantantaneous Urgot ult that works on allies as well

Smoke Screen(Q): effectively Grave's Smoke Screen, silences and blinds, can still see
Blink Strike(W): Kat's Shunpo
Backstab(E): Shaco's passive
Permanent Invisibility(R): Teemo's camo on wheels

Shrapnel(Q): MF's make it rain includes mortar shells for towers
Headshot(W): Cait's headshots are random and interrupt
Take Aim(E): Trist's Draw a Bead passive
Assassinate(R): Cait's ult, no warning (not sure if blockable)

Earthshock(Q): Ali's Pulverize, slows instead of knockup
Overpower(W): Trist's Rapid Fire
Fury Swipes(E): the passive from MF's Impure Shots
Enrage(R): gains a percentage of current health as bonus damage

Bounty Hunter
Shuriken Toss(Q): Kass' Null Sphere, interrupt instead of silence
Jinada(W): Ashe's passive
Shadow Walk(E): Evelynn's Shadow Walk
Track(R): Warwick's Hunters Call, movement speed instead of attack speed

Again, I did NOT write this, showerhead from Dotafire did. Hope this helps new players!

Thanks to jhoijhoi and LaCorpse for the amazing sigs!
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I'm streets ahead. If you don't get it you're streets behind.

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