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How to build Shaco in S3?

Creator: ShenMasterFlash
January 26, 2013 6:03pm
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I used to play back in Season 2, but kinda stopped during most of the beginning of S3 with all the changes. I've read alot of guides on jungle shaco, and there seems to be a fair bit of disagreement on the best ways to build him. As far as my playstyle goes, I play Shaco (like most) to gamble, take risks, and go balls-to-the-wall aggressive. So looking for an offensive-minded build (I've seen some that actually build him tankier than I ever saw in season 2)..

A few questions:

Machete > Wriggles seems pretty straightforward

1. Zerker Greaves or Mobility Boots? Both seem alright, but do you prefer one or the other? I wonder if mobility boots are a bit overkill since Shaco is so mobile.

2. What would be your "core" after wriggles? Especially your next item. I read the 'pro' guide on mobafire that recommends Runaan's, but it seems to be the only guide that builds that item. Other's I have seen go for Statikk Shiv, which seems to give similar pushing power. I've also seen Trinity Force and Ghostblade recommended as that first big purchase. What do you guys think?

3. How do you fill in after that? I obviously would think GA would be a good choice, what other kind of offensive/defensive items do you like?

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Ok to start, and not to be rude, you should never play shaco to gamble. Shaco has a very powerful kit to work with and should never have to gamble on anything. In my opinion you can build shaco three ways.
1) Assassin split push - Split pushes and comes into fights late to kill the adc.
2) Off tank support - You build resistances and Frozen Mallet. This allows you to either peel for your adc or to stick to an enemy carry very well.
3) On-hit magic pen/shred shaco. This is similar to the first type, but you focus on on-hit and attack speed items. Such as Frozen Mallet and Blade of the Ruined King or that new AP item that does %HP (I forget what it's called).

In any case, those are the top three ways I find myself playing shaco depending on the game's situation.

To answer your questions:
1) Get mobility boots if you are new to shaco (as in you're not used to ganking with him) because these boots will allow you to gap close more efficiently. Get the attack speed boots if you have no problem ganking and want to increase your DPS when ganking.

2) Wriggle's isn't a core item in my opinion. The reason I sometimes don't get wriggles is because of the new spirit stone upgrades. If I'm going to play heavy damage shaco, I go into the spirit stone and then build it into the red elder item for extra true damage. As for a core, your core is dependent on the game really.... It's a hard question to ask for shaco specifically because you can play him so many different ways (unlike Skarner who is strictly a tank/support)

3) Again, refer to the three types I mentioned above. If you're going after high HP opponents, then get HP% shred items.

Also: If you're interested in counter jungling, you can start at your blue, get Q at level 2, Q over the wall and press recall. After you do, cancel it and it will break your stealth, allowing your Q to come off of CD sooner and Q into the enemy's red camp.
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I love getting Statikk Shiv and/or Ravenous Hydra on him :>

Shiv for early burst, since with deceive you're gonna crit the proc anyway and Hydra for later wave and campclear so you can farm faster and get back to ganking :)
In teamfights the hydra provides some AoE (if not much) or you could go and splitpush like a boss since you kill minions so fast
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get mobility on your first back if you can afford them, get zerker greaves if you can't, get madreds+boots if you can't afford either.

After you got your t2 boots finish your madreds/wriggles, wriggles gives a ton of ad early which helps in ganks. Personally i like getting 1 Doran's Blade if you're in the situation of getting either 1 doran's blade or 1 longsword, go for the doran's cuz you're all about the early-mid game.

Then proceed to get a yumous, it's really good for sticking to targets and also getting towers.
If you're really far behind a statikk shiv is good to get before the yumous and a focus on split-pushing.
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