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Lulu - The Fae Sorceress

Creator: NoaBodiKnows
March 19, 2012 10:56pm
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Hello All,

Let me start by staying i've been playing LOL since the start, but this is my first real involvement in the community. I am so excited about the new support champion Lulu, i thought i would tip my toe into the pool of the LOL community, starting here.

I plan on writing a guide when i get the chance to test alot of my tactics, however i think its safe to build Lulu as i do Sorka - to an extent, however obviously the play style is where the fun will be.

Obviously we dont have the ability to test these tactics and builds competitively only in the test environment, however i think Riot has made this new champion with a specific goal and role in mind, thus most of my thoughts even this early on, will hold true.

Active Skills

Glitter Lance
    Cast on mouse location: Deals Damage and Slows enemy champions
    One bolt fired from Pix, one bolt fired from Lulu.
    Has synergy with Help Pix
    Champions can only take damage from one glitter lance, unless second bolt is synergised with Help Pix due to range differences

    Cast on Ally: Bonus Movement speed and ability power
    Cast on Enemy: Slows, and Polymorphs them for a short time - can move but not use any abilities

Help Pix
    Cast on Ally or Enemy: Sends Pix to target (remembering glitter lance synergy)
    Cast on Ally: Grants target a damage absorbing shield
    Cast on Ally: Uses targets basic attacks to trigger Pix's attacks
    Cast on Enemy: Reveals target
    Cast on Enemy: Damages on landing, and then as normal there after

Wild Growth
    Cast on Ally: Knocks back all close enemy's
    Cast on Ally: Grants target bonus health
    Cast on Ally: Grants target an aura that slows movement speed of effected enemies

Lulu's Skins





Feedback and discussion is welcomed, do you agree with my vision for this champion? I have spent a lot of time trying to think of different ways to build and play her. However i cant see any other viable ways as of yet.
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There's a making a guide section up in the Builds and Guides tab ^^

Mobafire isn't like the LoL forums. We have genuine guides.
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Thanks to Keondre, JhoiJhoi, Xiron, and Arcana3 for the Sigs~!
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Beeswarm17 » March 19, 2012 11:11pm | Report
She hasn't even been released yet and you're already doing builds? O_o Also, this is mostly what Phreak says to do in the spotlight. It's pretty standard support. But mobility boots? Really?

Just wait... like... a MONTH. Can you do that for me? I mean, hell, at least wait until TOMORROW. >_<

This is also in the wrong section, and we already have so many videos of the champions skills being demonstrated. They really aren't necessary.
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