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Malphite - how to build him? (solo top )

Creator: viper459 January 11, 2012 9:22am
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Aug 9th, 2011
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hey all, i recently got malphite and i've been having loads of fun with the unstoppable force. he can be really tanky and still pump out good damage, which i love. my problem is with the items and runes.

runes-wise, i find myself having to use a lot of mana regen to have good sustain, especially because of his Q.

item wise, i can't seem to decide what the best build is. i've tried building mostly armor, a balance of armor and health, a balance of armor, health and magic resist , maximizing effective health and so forth.

you have a lot of builds that simply go for maximizing armor. i don't find this interesting enough, ads just wont touch you and the aps are basically waiting to one-shot you with your low health. this kind of build does bring the best damage, so i try to at least have more armor than magic resist in building my malphite.

these are dillemas (this is actually more about solo top in general, with factoring in that armor gives malphy some damage)

-starting with a Regrowth Pendant, or Doran's Shield
this is hard one for me. i really like shurelya's reverie as a midgame item, and philosopher's stone is good for the early sustain, but i find it limits me in my later item options to get multiple gp5 items (as i also get Heart of Gold most of the time, after boos)

- do i get Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil? the differences are obvious, and lots of people advise me to take banshee's, but also lots who say fon is better.

- the item order after early game.
i try to have the core items for my build by midgame. this is Doran's Shield, mercury's threads, Glacial Shroud, and Negatron Cloak. but after this it's hard. i know i want a Frozen Heart, but do i get it first? do i go for Warmog's Armor first?

- with Warmog's Armor, Frozen Heart, and Force of Nature/ Banshee's Veil i have a good mix of all resistances. my problem is , what do i get? it's interesting to go full armor, so randuin's, atma's, but on the other hand a lot of builds go Guardian Angel. i'm finding it very difficult to decide which is better

so this is me, calling out the community. what is the best way to build malphite, in your opinion?
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Oct 31st, 2010
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Start boots 4 or armor 5 as a solo... Regrowth pendent is asking to take punishment against aggressive laners.
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Nov 18th, 2010
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I usually start armor+5 pots or boots+4 pots. doesn't really matter what you start with, I like cloth more because you are dealing more dmg while eating more dmg. Malph doesn't need boots all that much early cos of Q.

I like to build some Dorans Stuff afterwards(usually ring because its OP on him, mreg for hungry skills, HP for Shield and HP, AP for the lulz and deeps), usually 2 Rings.

Then Sorcerers if you have an easy time, Tabi or Mercs depending on your lane opponent.

I'm getting different stuff afterwards, usually Sunfire Cape.
Then some mres FoN or Banshees.
Then tanky stuff or damage, you can get AD or AP it doesn't really matter. I like AD better.

Malph is a beast, I love him.

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