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New Idea! COL!! Check it out!

Creator: ZephyKing January 7, 2016 4:53pm
ZephyKing's Forum Avatar
Jan 7th, 2016
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Hello Fellow Summoner's and Welcome to our idea. Please comment your suggestions and what you would like to be added.

Welcome to Toir Games

Toir Games is a new company that plans to compete with League of Legends by taking all the complaints and bad mechanics of League of Legends, also with all the good parts of the game, and making it into our very own game called **Confederacy of Legends** (League of ******s)!

In this game we strive to make our customers complaints about League of Legends come true! For example: "Rammus dies to easily" says a player.
"Well not in the game" says our creator YoungBlood. "You know what Rammus never dies!".

Our Other Great Ideas
    Clicking the Play button automatically puts you into a game of Dominion!
    To play Summoners Rift you have to click on a special part of the client!
    There is a ranking system!! Everyone is Bronze 5!
    No more Cooldowns!
    Every Skin is Free!
    Skins = Wins
    Team without skin automatically loses!
    In order to play you have to have a skin
    No Malzahar. Once you make your account he dies!
    No more Riven, no luck no riven only skill allowed!
    Missing a skill shot inverts your controls. To uninvert you have to land 720 skill shots in a row without missing!
    Annie dies once you authorize your account!
    Seasonal Maps! Winter=Snow, Spring=Rainy, Summer=Sunny, Fall=Leaves falling, Like you in the game!
    Multiple maps!
    More Gamemodes!
    More AD!
    ADC gets bonus 100 damage at level 1
    24/7 Support!
    You can actually call in and report your problems

Re4XN's Forum Avatar
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May 31st, 2015
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Dem, son! This definitely looks promising! I will make sure to keep an eye on it. Can't wait to try it out...
baloooka's Forum Avatar
Jan 7th, 2016
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Aug 26th, 2015
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Oh my god! This is a very balanced game, I can't wait to have fun with my friend in this balanced experience!
"To Atoms!""

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