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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Re4XN

Tank Mundo: How To Go Where You Please!

Tank Mundo: How To Go Where You Please!

Updated on July 14, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Re4XN Build Guide By Re4XN 47 2 2,772,824 Views 81 Comments
47 2 2,772,824 Views 81 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Re4XN Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Re4XN Updated on July 14, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

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Le Table Of Contents
.I. Introduction
. as the name suggests, it's the intro
.II. Pros & Cons, Mast. & .Runes
. the good, the bad and the ugly - masteries and runes included
.III. Summoner Spells
. spells that work on Mundo
.IV. Mundo's Abilities
. Mundo's abilities: what they do and how to use them
.V. Items
. best item combinations on Mundo
.VI. Gameplay
. tips and general advice on how to play Mundo
.VII. Matchups (WIP)
. how to beat/survive certain champions as Mundo
.VIII. Conclusion & .Changelog
. the part where Rex (the author) begs for upvotes

> Hello everyone! My name is Re4XN (it's pronounced Rex) and I am a Mundo Main (much to everyone's amusement, so it seems)! I love playing Top Lane and I hope I pass you some of my experience. As for Dr. Mundo, he was one of the first champions I bought and I never stopped playing him ever since. I just like him that much :P

> This is my very first guide here on MOBAFire and I have spent a lot of time working on it (not that I'm complaining, lol). If you want to ask something, make sure you post a comment and I'll get to it as soon as I can. If I helped you improve in any way, an UPVOTE would be truly apreciated :)

> In this guide, I am (will attempt) to show you how I play Dr. Mundo in a way that I hope is fun to read, just as it was fun for me to write this guide. If you are new to LoL, take a look at THIS before reading my guide, it might help you out.


> This is quite an extensive guide and it was not intended to be read "on the fly" while the game is loading, since I will explore pretty much everything you need to know about Dr. Mundo. I have included as much entretaintment as I possibly could so that you wouldn't feel bored while reading this. Enjoy!

Successeful Dr. Mundo Games:

Why Mundo?

> Well, obviously, the first reason is "Mundo goes where he pleases!". Second, he's got a big cleaver. What's not to like about that?

> Seriously now, Dr. Mundo is a tanky champion who's main focus is to absorb damage, Crowd Control and skillshots aimed at his friends, while sticking to enemy carries. Meanwhile, his team has a happy time scoring an ace.

> I chose to write a guide about Mundo because I don't see him played very often due to constant shifts in meta and I wanted to do something people hadn't already done. In my opinion, Dr. Mundo is a very capable Solo Top Laner that is very underestimated and underplayed and I hope that by reading this guide you will understand better what exactly is a Mundo capable of.

+ Refuses to die! (very tanky)
+ Good sustain!
+ Scales well into late-game!
+ Strong poke/Permaslow!
+ Heavy CC resistance!
+ Hard to gank!
+ Goes where he pleases!
Dr. Mundo excels at being alive for as long as possible sticking to enemy carries in team fights. You want to build as much HP as you possibly can, since this is super effective on him (both your Goes Where He Pleases and Maximum Dosage scale with HP). After level 6, it is a complete nightmare to gank you, since it's hard to CC you and stop your Maximum Dosage regeneration. When late game comes, it is near impossible to kill a Dr. Mundo, while he still has good damage output.

- Ignite and G.Wounds trash his passive and R...
- Poor early-game...
- Lack of hard CC/Gap closer...
- Team dependant in figths...
- Vulnerable to % Damage (e.g.: Vayne)...
- Useless if he falls behind...
- Left-handed...
Unfortunately, Ignite and related counter Dr. Mundo's Goes Where He Pleases and Maximum Dosage, which can be a problem if you don't deal with it quickly. Builing a lot of HP obviously means that items like Blade of the Ruined King will deal a huge blow to you and there's not much you can do about it. Additionally, Mundo doesn't have any hard CC nor does he have an engage ability (apart from, literaly, walking into the enemy team throwing Infected Bonesaws), which can be an issue in team fights.


> When we pick Masteries, they should be aimed at a general direction based on the Champion (in Dr. Mundo's case you want to aim for tanky masteries). Below are the Masteries I run on Mundo, it is merely a suggestion: I choose to go 12/0/18 but other viable options include, for instance 6/6/18. Each person has their preference, but this guide is about mine.
spc > Well, doesn't this tree look poor? So many masteries to choose from and yet half of them they sit there, sad and nagging for attention.
> Now, let's see why I chose to put only 12 points into this tree. In my opinion, Dr. Mundo's main focus should be on building so tanky, that he's going to be "near impossible" to kill late game, so progressing further down the FEROCITY tree would be a waste of Mundo's capabilities since he doesn't benefit from any of the keystone masteries.
> At Tier 1, we take Sorcery simply because of the fact that your Infected Bonesaws are your main source of damage and a 2% damage increase on them (and Heart Zapper as well!) is better than 5% more attack speed. At Tier 2, you have two options, Double Edged Sword or Feast . Either one is good on Dr. Mundo, choose a mastery according to your playstyle: first one is the agressive option (which is what I prefer), second one the sustain.
> At Tier 3, you must choose between Vampirism and Natural Talent . In my opinion, neither one is "outstanding" on Mundo, but the first one provides you with a bit more sustain so that's what I went for, since 10 AD and 15 AP (moreover at level 18) is absolute garbage on Dr. Mundo.
> Finally, at Tier 4 the obvious choice is obvious, you take Oppressor because of the increased damage you deal when your target is slowed by Infected Bonesaws. Don't even THINK about taking Bounty Hunter (unless you're planning on playing Full Crit Mundo, lol), you will never be able to fully benefit from it, since your top priority is to tank damage. Besides, you already deal 2,5% extra damage to slowed targets, you don't need more.

> As I said earlier, you can choose a different setup for Dr. Mundo, but this is the one I use and it's working really good.

> This is where you should invest the majority of your points as a Dr. Mundo player. As I mentioned above, Mundo is a tank, and so he greatly benefits from, err... things that make him even more tankier, yes! Due to his passive, Goes Where He Pleases and Ultimate, Maximum Dosage, Mundo benefits greatly from anything that provides HP (they both scale well with it) and/or HP regeneration: this includes Recovery , Veteran Scars and Perseverance / Runic Armor .

> Dr. Mundo has a very poor early game. In this stage, he is very vulnerable for 2 main reasons: he uses HP as a resource and, ironically, he's not very tanky at the beginning of the game, especially if your opponent decides to screw with you and bring Ignite to the Top Lane. As such, taking points into the RESOLVE tree works very well to increase Dr. Mundo's survivability early on (and throughout the rest of the game).
> At Tier 2, you take Tough Skin : 2 damage reduction might not seem like much, but it really stacks up and you will end up blocking a good chunk of damage at the end of the day.
> At Tier 3, I prefer to take Veteran Scars , because it increases your maximum health and both your passive, ultimate and Blunt Force Trauma scale with it. Runic Armor is a perfectly viable choice, it provides you with a bit less health but slightly more health regen, so it is good if you want some extra sustain.
> As you probably know (if you don't, you know now), Dr. Mundo's W, Heart Zapper reduces the duration of Crowd Control (ALL CC, many people think it only reduces the duration of stuns and slows), so maxing out Swiftness will make Mundo -almost- go anywhere he pleases! You don't want Legendary Guardian , because it's such a tiny bonus you will hardly ever notice it (+15 Armor and Magic Resist in a teamfight).

> Finally, you are left with 1 single point to assign and 3 keystone masteries. If I could take all of them I would ("Rex, ye greedy besterd"), but unfortunately, that is not an option! Personally, I prefer Bond of Stone , because it reduces ALL damage taken by 4% (up to 8% when near a teammate) thus allowing you to tank a lot more damage during fights. If you're not the good samaritan kind of guy and are a lil' selfish prick, take Grasp of the Undying, as it will increase your damage output by a decent amount.

> You might be asking why haven't I considered Strength of the Ages , right? Simply because I think it takes way too long for you to stack the 300 health it provides, and compared to the other two masteries, this one feels subpar.

> Some people have asked me if CUNNING wouldn't be a better option on a champion like Dr. Mundo. The short answer is: no. It is not. And let me tell you why (strong The Godfather reference, Rex). In order to know where to assign the remaining 12 points, we need to analyze the pros and cons of each tree.

> At tier 1, Cunning provides Dr. Mundo with easier farming thanks to Savagery (or if you plan to roam a lot, you can always take Wanderer , while Ferocity increases his abilities' damage by 2%.

> At tier 2, Ferocity provides you with either more sustain from Feast or more damage output if you take Double Edged Sword (which stacks with Sorcery for a grand total of 5% increase), whereas Cunning gives you the choice of Runic Affinity (which is a VERY CLEAR no no), Secret Stash and Assassin . The first one is completely useless from level 6 up until you finish your build, so it’s really only useful early game and super late to extend elixir duration. The second one is great for trading and skirmishes, but it only works when you are alone, meaning it is useless in teamfights and ganks (you’re a tank, after laning phase is over, the mastery becomes pretty much obsolete, since you should be near your team most of the time).

> At tier 3, we have Vampirism on the Ferocity tree and Merciless on the Cunning tree. 5% increased damage when an enemy is below 40% health is definitely better than 2% lifesteal, but keep in mind that Sorcery coupled with Double Edged Sword already provides you with 5% damage increase NO MATTER the enemy’s health.

> At last, at tier 4, we have Oppressor versus Dangerous Game . If you take the second one, you only be using half a mastery, since Dr. Mundo has no mana (don’t even get me started on the “Mundo is always OOM” jokes, lol), meaning that the 5% mana refund on kill/assist is completely wasted. You might think the 5% health refund is great for teamfighting, but remember that Mundo has Maximum Dosage, which should take care of his survivability. On the other hand, dealing 2,5% increased damage to CC’d targets fits Mundo’s kit perfectly, since you can abuse the Infected Bonesaw > Blunt Force Trauma combo, not to mention this mastery also helps when your jungler is ganking.

> All in all, although being a viable choice, I find the Cunning tree lackluster, compared to Ferocity, which provides Dr. Mundo with a better damage output. In my eyes, there are a lot of small things that add up and create a waste of points.


How can Dr. Mundo go where he pleases if he is slow? The answer is he can't! These Quints are my personal preference, because it reduces the chances of you getting kited and increases the chances of Mundo avoiding (or intercepting) skillshots. Synergizes well with Maximum Dosage and Ghost and also makes up for Mundo's lack of a reliable escape.

As I mentioned earlier, we won't get a whole lot of CDR from items. Most of the time, the only CDR item you will have every single game is Spirit Visage, which equals 10%. With these 6 Glyphs you can push that up to 15%, making your Infected Bonesaws fly every 3,4s!

I take Scaling MR Glyphs to make up for 6 less slots (which are occupied by CDR Glyphs). At level 18, 3 of these Glyphs give you 9 MR, whereas if you were to bring 9 Flat MR ones, those would give you 12,06. You're sacrificing 3 MR for 5% CDR, which is not really that much (however, if you are swimming in IP, you might want to take 9 Flat MR when facing heavy AP champions).

The best Seals you can take on Dr. Mundo. These outscale the Greater Seal of Health at level 6+ and provide you with 216 HP at level 18! These are also better than % HP seals (with 4000 HP, you will get 180 bonus, while with Scaling HP you get 216) and will help you if your opponent brings Ignite to the lane (besides, it also helps your Goes Where He Pleases).

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
Arguably the most useful marks on Dr. Mundo: double the penetration, double the fun! Your Infected Bonesaw deals magic damage and these reds will make them hurt -A LOT- early game. The armour pen. is also useful and it makes your Blunt Force Trauma steroid deal (even more) stupid amounts of damage early.

Also Viable:

Most of your opposition is going to be AD based, so these Quintessences aren't a bad option for Dr. Mundo, especially if you're up against the likes of Riven or Darius. They help you survive their strong damage and synergize well with your already good tankiness. If you're a rich summoner, I'd advise you to take these against hard AD lanes.

Very good option for Dr. Mundo if you don't feel safe early game while playing him. These quintessences synergize very well with Goes Where He Pleases and Maximum Dosage and help you survive strong poke. They are good throughout the entire game too, so if you want to replace the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed with these ones it is 100% viable.

If you're having trouble facing heavy AP champions or if you're not comfortable with the CDR Glyphs, you can opt to take these instead, to reduce damage taken early on in the game.

Same deal as with the Greater Quintessence of Armor: you might want to take these if you're facing strong AD champions to minimize damage dealt to you. However, I wouldn't recommend you to take these against every single AD champion, since most of the time, health is worth more.

Honestly, the Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration are better, but also very expensive. If you're like most of the summoners in League of Legends and use a Standard AD and Standard AP page, go with the AD one. These marks are cheap and can fill the slots untill you can afford real marks.

> When it comes down to summoner spells, there are only a few combinations possible. One spell is mandatory ( Teleport) and the second one is up to you!

Teleports you to target minion, ward or tower after 3,5 seconds

> One of the best spells, in my opinion, for Top Lane. You can get back to lane quickly, barely loosing any EXP, you can TP gank a lane, you can go splitpush and if someone comes to stop you, you can use TP to get back to your team and fight the remaining enemies (map control) or you can force your opponent into a different lane, causing them to retreat from key positions;

Some Notes On This Spell

Makes you move faster, ignoring unit collision for a short period of time (10 seconds)

> This is my favourite spell on Dr. Mundo: not only does it help you run away, but it also allows you to be more agressive, enhancing your already good chasing potential. But Rex! Flash will let you jump over walls, you need to be able to escape! My dear readers, you will soon realise that he is able to escape out of any situation, because it's a royal pain to kill him before he, literally, walks away...

Some Notes On This Spell

Instantly teleports you a short distance in the direction your mouse is facing

> Rex, are you trippin'? Didn't you just say Ghost is better? Indeed I did, it has a lower cooldown and synergyzes well with Mundo's Maximum Dosage MS BUT, there are situations where flash is a better choice. One example, if Darius comes knocking at your door, take this instead of Ghost. If you're used to play with Flash, you can take it anyway, it's just a matter of personal preference.

Some Notes On This Spell

Err... dude, what the hell is this doing here?

> Although Dr. Mundo Jungle is a thing, this guide focuses on the Top Lane role so, yes if you're Jungling only. Pssst... you! Hey, you! Yes, come here... There is this thing called Enchantment: Cinderhulk, ever heard about it? it gives you 15% moar HP. So, if you feel like YOLOing in NORMALS (for God's sake, don't take this in ranked), you can try this with Skirmisher's Sabre.

Some Notes On This Spell

"Trust me, I am a doctor..." ~ Not Dr. Mundo

> This is the chapter where I explain to you what each of Dr. Mundo's abilities do, or at least, try to...
> Dr. Mundo is one of the few champions who uses Health Points as a resource, both a blessing and a curse, because it makes you vulnerable early game (however, the cost becomes negligible as you level up).

Adrenaline Rush
Mundo passively regenerates moar HP.

> While it may not look like much, this is a decent enough passive. It scales well with HP and it compensates for having to use it as a resourse. It is also one of Dr. Mundo's sources of good sustain early on: while others have to use health pots, Mundo can chill a bit under tower and come back swinging! Don't worry, there are worse passives out there...

Infected Cleaver
Mundo throws a huge cleaver in a straight line.

Infected Cleaver ~ Ability Preview

> As Dr. Mundo, this is your bread and butter, ham and cheese (the whole damn sandwich) skill. Mastering this one skillshot means a difference between a kill, a death, an escape or getting caught. Landing Infected Cleavers is a MUST when you play Mundo, or they will cost you chunks of HP early game.

> One thing you MUST try to do is to harass your opponent with Infected Bonesaws whenever possible: it deals good amounts of damage early on and half the cost is refunded if you hit something, so there are no downsides to spamming this skill.

> Infected Bonesaws have a range of 1000, meaning you can safely check brush by throwing one inside it instead of facechecking it (example in the picture above), since if you hit something you'll hear the characteristic "splat" sound. It is very good at level 1 jungle invasions as well, since it has good damage and it slows the target by a decent amount.

> This is a very effective skill for farming too, since it's minimum damage is greater than that of your auto-attacks and it refunds the full cost if you land the killing blow with it.

Burning Agony
Mundo lights himself and everyone around him on fire.

Burning Agony ~ Ability Preview

> While this skill WILL cost you a lot of HP early game, it provides you with constant damage and CC resistance, which is why we level it up second. This is the skill that helps Dr. Mundo escape ganks, out trade opponents and farm every single minion in conjunction with Sunfire Aegis.

> You can start using this as soon as you get one of your core items (after level 5-6), since it allows you to trade very effectively (although you lose HP to use it, at this point your enemy will lose more than you).

> If you ever get ganked, activate Heart Zapper immediately (it is also safer if you activate Maximum Dosage as well, since it provides you with strong HP regeneration and insane movespeed)! It reduces Crowd Control duration by 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%, depending on it's rank. This can and will save your life, since Dr. Mundo has no reliable escape other than trying to walk away.

Mundo takes an AD steroid for 5 seconds.

Masochism ~ Ability Preview

>This is a great skill that makes Dr. Mundo a great fighter while still remaining tanky. With 100 bonus AD at max rank (plus 1 damage for each 1% missing HP, plus 5% of your maximum health), you can focus on building HP/Armour/MR and still deal good (-ish) amounts of damage with this skill. ALWAYS use this when trading, because it can turn the fight in your favour.

> Blunt Force Trauma works on towers (not the % health damage, though), so if you're pushing one, activate it to deal more damage.

> A very safe (and simple) combo you can perform to gradually whittle down your opponent is to throw an Infected Bonesaw when they are going in for farm and immediately use Blunt Force Trauma on them after auto-attacking once ( Dr. Mundo's E resets his AAs!). If they start running, you might even be able to perform this combo more than once.

Mundo refuses to die for 12 seconds.

Sadism ~ Ability Preview

> This is the skill so many of you heard about. If used correctly (one does not simply press "R" when playing Mundo), it can make Mundo immortal for the whole duration of the spell. Keep in mind that Ignite and Grievous Wounds will reduce the regeneration effect (you won't regenerate anything), so watch out for that.

> Maximum Dosage costs 20% of your CURRENT health, but it will regenerate 40%/50%/60% of your MAXIMUM health! Because it costs 20% of your current HP and it is a regenerative effect, it is more effective to use it right before you take major damage, or else it might not be enough to save you (use it too late and you're dead).

> Dr. Mundo has very strong baiting potential due to this skill: you can hug your tower when low on HP and if someone greedy tries to dive you (think Fiora), you activate this and you will most likely survive (same goes for trying to bait the enemy team into your own). You can also keep track of your EXP bar and engage the enemy laner at level 5 (almost six) in his creep wave: you will get their aggro, but your minions will keep attacking them so, when 2-3 minions die you will be level 6 and you can use Maximum Dosage to take your opponent by surprise!

Skill Order

> > >


> There isn't much to say about the skill order, you max Maximum Dosage whenever possible, because each point adds a chunk of regeneration and the cost remains the same (don't forget the bonus movespeed!).

> You want to max Infected Bonesaw first, because it deals % Current HP damage, which is good, not only because champions gain HP every level, but Top Lane usually builds HP items early (e.g.: Sunfire Aegis), making this ability a strong poke in lane (armour won't do any good as well, since the cleaver deals magic damage). This is a very useful skill to farm if you're laning against, for instance, a Fiora where getting too close would imply getting kited.

> You want to take a point in Blunt Force Trauma at level 2 (it is pretty much a free B. F. Sword, which will help you trade and last hit) and then for reasons stated below, max this skill last.

> Max W next. While perfectly viable to max Blunt Force Trauma second (for extra damage), you really don't need that much more to win skirmishes. Heart Zapper provides you with some constant AoE magic damage PLUS Crowd Control resistance (up to 30% at max rank), so you will deal slightly less damage with this skill than if you maxed E, but your gank escape chances just went through the roof with this. Very useful to clean minion waves in conjunction with Sunfire Aegis.

> The part of the guide where I explain my item choices. That's all there is about this chapter. If you follow this build you should have around ~4100 HP by late-game, a ridiculous amount, even for someone as strong (in the aesthetic way) as Mundo!
> Dr. Mundo's tankiness comes, -MAINLY- from items, so I strongly recommend you to build stuff that will give him tank stats (HP, MR, Armour), or else you'll become a one-shot-wonder for both ADCs and APCs (unless, of course you are playing Full Crit Mundo, if this is the case then forget what I just said!).

Starting Out!

Start 1

> The Good: Doran's Shield has great synergy with your passive, it provides 80 HP and 6 HP Regeneration, not to mention it blocks 8 damage from basic attacks AND single target spells. With this start, you can regenerate lost HP in a few seconds, while your opponent has to pop a Health Potion. The Potion you bring is for emergencies, when you fall bellow 40% HP and you need it back fast, or if you or your opponent go all-in.

> The Bad: Buying a Doran's Shield means that, eventually you will have to sell it, because it builds into absolutely nothing.

Start 2

> The Good: This start will provide you with some armour early on, very useful if you're against the likes of Fiora or Riven, since it'll allow you to rush your Sunfire Aegis faster. Besides, if you buy a Cloth Armor, you can take 5 Health Potions with you. As far as I know, the moar the better.

> The Bad: Well, you usually start this against heavy AD champions that can easily kill you in the early minutes of the game (which is bad). Your Goes Where He Pleases won't regenerate as much HP, because you didn't get a Doran's Shield, but those 5 Health Potions make up for it (a bit). Problem is, you have to go back if you run out of pots, or you risk getting yourself killed.

Core Items

Every. Single. Game.

> Their team will NOT be full AD, evahr! Their team will NOT be full AP, evhar! So choosing NOT to build one of these is a serious mistake, as it will hinder Dr. Mundo's fighting ability.

> If you're laning against an AD opponent (e.g.: Nasus, Garen...) start Bami's Cinder and build your way up to the Sunfire Aegis. After that, get a Kindlegem and build it into the Spirit Visage.

> If you're laning against an AP opponent (e.g.: Malphite, Nidalee...), start Spectre's Cowl and build it into the Spirit Visage. After that, get Bami's Cinder and build it into the Sunfire Aegis.

> Why are these 2 items core on Dr. Mundo? Well, they both provide HP (both your Goes Where He Pleases and Maximum Dosage scale with HP), the Cape gives you some armour and a great passive that helps you both fighting and farming, especially if you combine it with Heart Zapper and Visage gives you some MR and a passive that was made for Mundo: 20% increased regeneration (it's useful for both your Passive and R). With a Spirit Visage you will be able to regenerate close to 80% of your max Health! The 10% CDR is a bonus, meaning moar Infected Bonesaws flying towards your opponent's face!

Boots & Enchantments

Mundo Goes Where He Pleases!

> These are the two options you must choose from. After you completed your first Core item, Sunfire Aegis or Spirit Visage, get some Boots and start thinking which of these two you want/need.

> If the enemy team has strong Crowd Control , you might want to take Mercury's Treads, regardless of your lane opponent (they stack with Mundo's Heart Zapper, making him almost immune to CC). You also want to take these boots if your enemy laner is AP (e.g.: Cho'Gath...), as it will reduce damage taken from them.

> If you are laning against a strong AD champion (e.g.: Riven...), you WILL want to rush Ninja Tabi, sometimes even before your core items, because of it's passive. Keep in mind that this item also reduces the damage from auto-attack modifiers (like Nasus' Siphoning Strike), so it is a good idea to get this early in certain circumstances.

> There are only two enchatments I use: Enchantment: Furor and Enchantment: Homeguard (started testing Enchantment: Distortion recently, with good results)

> The first one is great for Dr. Mundo if you want to play agressively, since it'll provide you with bonus MS every time your enemy takes damage from you. Moreover, your Infected Bonesaw slows them down, while you gain speed, making it almost impossible to run away if you land your cleavers!

> Enchantment: Homeguard is a good overall purchase, it enables you to run out of your base at the speed of light (saving you precious time), to quickly finish off the remaining "insurgents" from the enemy team, or if your team is not quite the strong leading party you thought they were, you can use this to defend your homeland for enough time to be able to make a comeback that History will remeber (or not, sometimes you will lose, ces't la vie)!

> If you are doing well in-game you can consider buying Enchantment: Distortion for more aggressive playstyle: not only does it lower the cooldown of your summoner spells ( Teleport + Ghost/ Flash) but it also enhances them. Ghost will allow you to stick to important targets with ease; Flash provides you with some movement speed, useful for escaping/chasing down enemies; Teleport also gives you a movement speed boost, meaning that if you teleport in a teamfight you can now reach the carries faster.


Defensive Options (vs. AD)

> If their team is AD heavy or has a fed ADC, you can consider building a Thornmail. It will deflect 15% (+0.25% of your bonus armour) of the damage done by basic attacks AND it provides you with 100 armour, which is, at the very minimum, good. Personally, I don't build this that often, the only occasion where I do is if they have 2 or more AA (Auto-Attack) reliant champions, like Tryndamere and their ADC, or Fiora and their ADC (or if the ADC is fed/stalling to late game). In this case, it will help you in lane and in team fights.

> Randuin's Omen is a very strong item on Dr. Mundo, not only does it give him more HP, it gives you an absurd amount of armour too, not to mention the passive and the active. The passive will reduce your opponent's AS (Attack Speed) every time they hit you: needless to say, it is a good idea to rush an early Warden's Mail in some situations (think Jax, I am tired of starring Fiora and Tryndamere) to hinder their ability to fight and if you are focused by the ADC in team fights, it will take more time to bring you down (specially considering the -10% damage from critical strikes). The active is great to chase down low-HP cowards or, if the cowards are on your team, you can secure a tactical retreat to save their ars*s!

> At last, Dead Man's Plate is the kind of item you can consider building instead of Randuin's Omen (i.e.: if the enemy team doesn't have fed ADCs or too much critical damage), it provides you with more health, almost the same armour and A LOT of mobility, up to 60 bonus movespeed! As Dr. Mundo this is great, since you'll be able to stick to targets without any problem whatsoever, you can roam more effectively and your initiations will be easier to pull off, not to mention what happens when you unload all your momentum: their squishies get slowed by 75% and go *puff*. Overall, great item that has strong synegies with Dr. Mundo's kit.

Defensive Options (vs. AP)

> One thing you should always keep in mind when playing Dr. Mundo is that Spirit Visage and Mercury's Treads (the boots you'll be building most of the time) provide you with 95 MR already. You need to think: do I want/need more MR? If so, then proceed to get one of these items.

> Usually, your support will buy a Locket of the Iron Solari. If this is the case, DON'T buy it (auras don't stack), get the Veil instead. If your support doesn't build a LotIS, it is a good item to build on Dr. Mundo. It provides you with 10% CDR, 400 HP and 20 MR, in addition to the aura and active. Only build this if you want to provide your team with more utility (for instance, if the enemy team has Cassiopeia and Lux, a LotIS would be a great purchase and your whole team would benefit from it).

> Banshee's Veil is a strong item if the enemy team is strong in terms of poke or if they have CC abilities that can screw your team up (e.g.: Vi's Cease and Desist, Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab...). It also provides Dr. Mundo with 450 HP, 55 MR and 100% HP regeneration, all stats Mundo benefits from. I just want to say that most of the time you won't need this, unless you find yourself heavily focused by CC (even Dr. Mundo has a limit on how much CC one can handle) or if they have fed APCs.

>**Note** Smart players will see you have the shield up, so they will not focus you, but someone else instead. You might want to take that into consideration and prepare to intercept a skillshot if you bought Banshee's Veil.

> The last but not the least, Wit's End is the kind of item you might consider buying if you or your team are ahead. It gives you 30 MR and 50% more AS, which by itself is great, but the passive is even better: you steal 5 MR from your opponent each time you auto-attack him! It stacks 5 times, meaning 25 less magic resistance, good news for your Infected Bonesaws, since the damage they deal will increase. I don't recommend buying this if you're not ahead, since it doesn't give Dr. Mundo HP: you WILL get kited when you try to get up close and personal to stack that passive, so if you're not able to handle that damage, it's not worth building this.

Useful Items

Mundo Approves

> Ohmwrecker. What the hell is this? I never used this item, bro! Well, this is an item that can have a great impact, especially in the mid-game, where Dr. Mundo can't tank turrets yet (without dying, you can tank them, but then you're most likely dead). It provides you with armour, health (moar HP is always good on Dr. Mundo), 10% CDR and a great active: it completely disables turrets for 3 seconds! Dude, seriously? Three seconds? GTFO of here! Hey, hold your horses! It may not seem like much but it is enough to kill someone (2-3 people) cowering beneath a turret and push it afterwards. Downsides? It falls off a bit late-game, because Dr. Mundo will be able to tank turrets all by himself, like a big boy so, most likely, you'll have to sell the Ohmwrecker making it slightly gold inneficient.

> If the enemy team has a strong burst (e.g.: LeBlanc and Graves, Darius...), you can consider buying Sterak's Gage to soak up their damage output. You're the tank, you WILL be focused (if not, you're not doing your job right and should be fired, lol), so it makes sense to build this against all-in/burst comps, as they won't be able to one-shot you, instead triggering Sterak's Fury which can turn a fight around. Do not however, build this as a last item, it wasn't meant for late-game. Best time to buy it would be mid-game when teamfights start occurring, since this item might just give you an upper hand.

> A great item you can build right after you finish one of your core items (or both) is Warmog's Armor. It's a super cost effective item giving you a stupid amount of health and regeneration, turning your own passive into a cheap copy of Garen's Perseverance! If you need to become tankier fast, this is the go-to item. Just to give you an example, after a teamfight, you are left with 500 health, but after 8 seconds you will start regenerating: along with Goes Where He Pleases you'll be back on full health in a few seconds alowing you to take objectives instead of having to go back to base to heal!

> At last, Zz'Rot Portal, the item that no-one even knew about. It has the same price as a Guardian Angel (which is useless on Dr. Mundo, because it makes you live twice... but you won't die even once, so you might as well replace it), 10 more Armour and Magic Resist, 125% bonus health regen and an active that can impact the game quite hard. The Voidgate can be used for wave control, splitpushing (combined with Dr. Mundo's Blunt Force Trauma it can be devastating to structures), baiting and even to provide vision. I recommend this item for more experienced players that can take advantage off of this, since placing the Voidgate isn't as easy as it sound. As of patch 5.16, Voidlings scale off of your MAXIMUM health, meaning that this item can definitely be an interesting choice on Dr. Mundo.

I'm Fed AF Item

> As far as my experience playing Mundo goes, you MUST be able to keep up with the enemy damage output, or else you'll be too easy to kill and you'll be useless to your team. In order to do this, you need to build tank: Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage and Thornmail come to mind (especially the latter, since the ADC rework).

> Titanic Hydra has a very weird build path (starting with Tiamat is useless, Jaurim's Fist gives you a way safer option, because even if you get shutdown, you can build it it into Sterak's Gage) and because of the reasons stated above you usually don't have the time (nor the money) required to build it. The only viable option is to build it whenever you are ahead of the enemy: you are able to snowball off of them, giving you enough time to rush Sunfire Aegis and/or Spirit Visage and go straight for Titanic Hydra. Killing your laner provides you with the much needed money to rush these items fast and the sooner you have it, the better for you, since you'll be able to roam out and snowball other lanes.

> Teamfights with Titanic Hydra on Dr. Mundo are simply ridiculous if you manage to properly use the active and the passive, since you'll be dealing a good amount of AoE damage. Its damage output is simply amazing (for a tank) and his 1 vs 1 becomes so strong only a select few can take him down.

> In this chapter I am going to explain how to play Dr. Mundo and survive the nightmare that his early game is so that you do not fall behind and become useless for your team, because the last thing you want to do (especially with Dr. Mundo) is to not be able to tank any damage and die in one burst.

> You might want to learn how to control waves, as this will greatly benifit you: you get safe farm and it makes the enemy jungler lose interest in ganking Top (basically, your survivability odds go through the roof) or, if you're ahead, you can deny them all day long. Here is a small video that explains this mechanic:

So, shall we begin? :D

Early Game

> Early game for Dr. Mundo, as I probably mentioned a thousand times throughout this guide, is a royal pain to handle against skilled opponents. You can get denied, pushed under your tower or, the worst alternative of them all, you can go 0/3/0 (or similar, like 0/8/0, if you're the drama type) and that's it for you: you got shutdown early and unless a miracle happens, you're no longer useful for your team, because you fell behind and won't be able to tank most of the damage dealt by the enemy. Lucky for you, it doesn't have to be this way if you play your cards right! So, what exactly do you have to do in order to succeed early game with Dr. Mundo? Simple! Farm, avoid trades, and keep poking your opponent with Infected Bonesaws, because they really hurt (make sure you hit something with them, because half the cost is refunded if you do). The reason why you need farm is because you're squishy without items (yes, Mundo is squishy early on), meaning that if you don't get those core items ( Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage) you won't be able to trade effectively. Just think of yourself as a Nasus with good poke and focus on farming until you get one of those. This stage is like workout, you're preparing for something greater!

> After you hit level 6, you can stay in lane indefinitely, thanks to your Goes Where He Pleases and Maximum Dosage, which is really good because most oppenents have mana and will run out of it eventually, meaning that you can farm 1-2 waves and go back to base while they lose EXP! Success! Do not be afraid to use your ultimate if you are low on HP, it has an extremelly low cooldown so you can use and abuse it, but keep in mind that you will need it if you go in for a kill. At this point you can out trade most of your opposition and if you're lucky, you can even get a kill or two. Do not push it, however, since Dr. Mundo can die easiliy if you're not careful or unaware of what enemy abilities do (for instance, it is best to avoid trading with Nasus inside his Spirit Fire, or things will get out of hand).

> How to kill someone? Well, I shall explain: what you want to do as soon as you hit level 6 is to start to be more agreessive and initiate small trades (keep an eye on your enemy's items/ Health Potions). Your Infected Bonesaws deal an absurd amount of damage and if you manage to land 3 or 4 in a row, you can try and go in for a kill (make SURE you have your Maximum Dosage ready!). Avoid at all costs fighting your opponent in a cluster of minions: not only will you take minion aggro, but your cleavers will hit them instead of the enemy champion, thus negating your main source of damage. It is always safer to use Maximum Dosage if you fall below ~40% HP, because you never know what cards those guys have up their sleeves.

What if things aren't going so well?

Spoiler: Click to view

Things to keep in mind:
  • Max Infected Bonesaw first, it is a strong poke on low cooldown and take 1 point in Blunt Force Trauma at level 2 to help you last hit and trade;
  • If you are pushed under your tower don't panic, it is a good thing (super easy to last-hit with Blunt Force Trauma and your jungler is more likely to gank);
  • If your opponent roams, go after him, you might pick up a kill/assist and/or save a teammate;
  • If you find yourself being poked to death, fall back a safe distance and farm with Infected Bonesaws;
  • Do NOT use Heart Zapper before level 5-6, it costs chunks of HP and you will ultimately kill yourself. Only use it to escape if you get ganked.


(as of patch 5.22, Stealth Wards got removed from the game, so please assume I am talking about Stealth Wards, because I'm too lazy to change these awesome maps that took me 30 minutes to make)

> Warding is very important, because knowing what your enemies are up to is invaluable info. Not only will you know you're getting ganked, but it'll let your team know that the enemy jungler is nowhere near them (or other team member).

> As a top laner, you'll want to invest some of that money into a Vision Ward and a Stealth Ward, because it can utterly save your life: if you're pushing the lane, the odds of getting ganked increase exponentially so, vision is important. If you communicate with your jungler (kill the crab) and mid-laner (ward that small bush in the middle of the river), you can have vision of the entire top-river and you'll see those ganks coming miles away.

> If you started on the Red Team's side, you'll want to ward the tribush with a Vision Ward and the upper-river bush with a Trinket or Stealth Ward. If you have one ward to spare, you can place it between the upper bush and the entrance to the Baron Nashor 's pit. You can also place an aggressive Stealth Ward/ Vision Ward to gain vision of the enemya Blue Buff, not only gaing valuable info yourself, but granting your jungler and mid laner valuable info as well. You can also place a defensive pink ward in the bush near youra Chickens, so you and your team will know when the enemy jungler is invading.

> If you started on the Blue Team's side, your Vision Ward can be placed inside the small bush in the middle of the river. You can place Trinket/ Stealth Wards in the upper bush and the tribush mentioned above (not worth placing pinkies here, since these bushes are commonly warded by the enemy and he can easily destroy them, especially if you place one in the tribush, because he has easier access to it than you). You can also place an aggressive Vision Ward near the enemya Chickens to gain vision of the enemy jungler, benefiting your entire team by giving away is position. You can also use a pink ward defensively to ward youra Blue Buff Blue Buff if your jungler hasn't.


> This is Dr. Mundo's time to shine: you are tanky (you should have Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage built), you have good damage, you can start pushing your lane (if you didn't do it so far) and you can start to look for gank opportunities (with or without Teleport). Make the enemy feel unsafe in their own lane. Is bot lane under tower? Well, just use TP and punish the enemy duo for being greedy! Is mid lane having trouble? Come down and lend a hand! Is Dragon being challenged by the enemy? You can Teleport down there and entretain them while you wait for the rest of your team to arrive!

> Don't forget that if you forget (strong grammar here Rex, 11/10) about top lane, it will eventually be pushed by your opponent and you might end up losing not one, but two turrets, which can be bad to say the least. You should still be focusing on your own lane and figuring out how to kill that scrub that is in front of you AND, if an opportunity arises, you might want to help your team. You do NOT want to be an underfarmed Dr. Mundo. The further ahead you are with Mundo, the better: it will become a real pain to kill you if you farmed better than the enemy (aim for ~150 by 20 minutes), because you will be stronger in terms of items and you will be 1-2 levels above everyone else, making you a huge asset for your team.

> Dr. Mundo is not the forgiving kind of champion if you somehow perform bad in the early game. If you are under-level, you should focus on farming back up as quickly as possible! Dr. Mundo's success depends on him getting focused by enemies and, I think I don't need to mention what happens if you're behind (spoiler: you get focused but you can't handle it and you get rekt, m8).

Things to keep in mind:

Teamfights & Late-Game

> Okay, at this stage of the game, Dr. Mundo should be super tanky and incredibly hard to take down provided you did your job right. You are almost full build (1 or 2 items left) and should focus on sticking together with your teammates to bring down towers, seize control of the enemy jungle or engage in an all-out teamfight. Don't forget about splitpushing! While the enemy team is slugging together in the mid-lane, you can go splitpush top or bot and if someone comes to stop you, use Teleport to get to your team and start a 5 vs 4 (4 or less if more people came after you).

> You are the TANK, you are the FRONT LINE, you take the damage aimed at your teammates and stick to their carries at all costs, throwing Infected Bonesaws at their faces! IF the enemy has an Assassin or someone with a good burst (e.g.: Shaco...), you might want to consider protecting your own carries from them by putting yourself between both and not letting them get close. Do NOT be afraid of taking damage, if you are at least the same level as they are, you will be able to take it and if you ever fall below 50% HP you can consider using Maximum Dosage.

> It is not easy to position yourself in a teamfight as Dr. Mundo. You have absolutely no gap closer, which means you have to literally, walk into the enemy. Your onslaught, however, will most likely be kited and the enemy will disengage, resulting in you taking unnecessary damage. Well, what to do then? If you have someone like Leona or Thresh on your team, you might want to let them engage first, and then rush the enemy. If you have no-one else on your team with a decent enough engage ability, I'm afraid you'll have to be creative: one option is to hide somewhere and then engage the enemy team from the sides or rear (flank), tanking the damage you receive (you will, most likely be focused by everyone, so it is IMPORTANT to let your team know you're coming in hot, or else you might be forced to disengage, even with Maximum Dosage active) while your team focuses down priority targets (basicaly, you rush from the sides, they get surprised, try to focus you and while they are focusing you, your team is being completely ignored, giving them a chance to kill something). Another option is, like I mentioned above, to "walk into the enemy team": although not very effective, since they can kite your glorious charge, it can work if they don't disegage and you are able to reach their carries, but I don't advise you to do this unless you really have to or if you are ahead enough that the damage you will take during the assault is negligible.

> Always keep track of who is carrying Ignite and similiar things (if you ever get ignited, restrain from using Maximum Dosage before the debuff ends, or you'll waste a lot of regeneration). It might not be such a good idea to engage on a Vayne that has a Blade of the Ruined King, moreover dealing true damage (just an example). Keep small things like that in mind when you choose to lock down a target, because you'll have to keep them focused on you until your teammates rip the front line and come help you.

Things to keep in mind:
  • You are ridiculously hard to kill at this point, don't be afraid to take damage;
  • If there seems absolutely no escape from death, try to use Teleport to get out: you are so tanky that the only thing stopping this from working is hard Crowd Control ;
  • ALWAYS turn Heart Zapper on during a teamfight, it deals AoE damage;
  • Remember to use your trinket! Having vision during late-game is invaluable;
  • It is best if Dr. Mundo waits for someone else to engage and then rush ahead, but if this is not possible, you must be the one to engage;
  • Your Infected Bonesaw deals good damage + slows the target, throw them constantly while both teams are preparing to fight (you might catch someone out of position);
  • Stick to the carries! However, if they are far back, it might be best not to go 1 vs 5, especially if your team hasn't caught up to back you;

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

> This section is a constant work-in-progress! I have faced almost all possible Top-Laners with Dr. Mundo, however, one or two might have gone unnoticed. If you don't see the matchup you were looking for, it means one out of two things:
  1. I am still working on it;
  2. I don't have enough info regarding this matchup;

> Either way, you have a brief matchup explanation at the beginning of the guide that includes champions I have faced. If you'd like to contribute with some information regarding a matchup, be sure to post it in the comments and we can discuss it.

> The diffuculty scale is measured from 1 to 10, 1 meaning you can go AFK and win and 10 meaning for the love of Rito, don't feed.

Malphite, the Butter Stick

Difficulty: Easy (1/10)

How To Beat Him?

Recommender Items:
General Tips:
  • Try to deny Malphite as much farm as possible to make him useless for his team;
  • If he roams follow him and it will most likely result in a kill/assist;
  • Never let his shield regenerate, since it will block 1 Infected Bonesaw (lel, I'm out of good tips);
  • Try to kill him as much as possible? Hell, I don't know what else to write, this is too easy of a matchup...

Kennen, the Fake Ninja

Difficulty: Easy (3/10)

How To Beat Him?

Recommender Items:
General Tips:
  • Play safe until you get access to your Maximum Dosage and try to make him feel confident;
  • Avoid being stunned by Mark of the Storm, since it will allow Kennen to kite you;
  • Kennen is a mage, meaning that you can immediately rush a Spirit Visage;
  • Zone him after you hit level 6, he doesn't have the power to stop Dr. Mundo on his own (watch out for those ganks).

Wukong, the Coward Clown

Difficulty: Easy (3/10)

How To Beat Him?

Start: or
Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • You must try to play safe until you reach level 5-6, if needed you can even start Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions;
  • Learn who is the clone and who is Wukong, since attacking the clone is a waste of resources;
  • Consider buying Vision Wards or Oracle's Lens to deny Wukong glorious escapes;
  • You can start a trade, force him to use Warrior Trickster and if he comes back you can re-engage and kill him;
  • If you ask for a gank and have true sight, it is super easy to kill him, even if goes undertower, just let your jungler know you'll be tanking the damage.

Teemo, Satan's Incarnation

Difficulty: Easy (-ish) (4/10)

How To Beat Him?

Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Hold tight early game, Teemo's magic DoT can be devastating so, farming with Infected Bonesaws is the best option;
  • Although he uses basic attacks often, his main source of damage is AP based, so rushing a Spirit Visage is a good idea;
  • After you have Maximum Dosage this matchup gets a lot easier and you can start playing aggressive;
  • It is a good idea to grab a Vision Ward to spot Teemo's Noxious Traps and avoid them while chasing/escaping;

Pantheon, Such Manliness Much Wow

Difficulty: Medium (4/10)

How To Beat Him?

Start: OR
Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Pantheon has very strong poke early game, just make sure you stay out of his Spear's range;
  • Play safe and patiently, don't try to engage, but keep throwing those Infected Bonesaws since he has no sustain whatsoever;
  • After you have access to Maximum Dosage you can start playing aggressively, Pantheon won't be able to do anything against you;
  • Make sure you have Teleport ready for when he uses his Grand Skyfall;

Vladimir, Russia's MVP

Difficulty: Medium (4/10)

How To Beat Him?


Recommended Items:
General Tips:

Gnar, the Cuteness Overload

Difficulty: Medium (6/10)

How To Beat Him?


Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • After level 2, don't bother farming with AAs, using your Infected Bonesaw is safer;
  • Do not let him stack his W 3 times, since it will deal % HP damage to Dr. Mundo;
  • Normal Gnar has a lot of mobility, so it is pretty much useless to engage him in this form: he will kite you and walk away;
  • You can engage him when you hit level 6 IF his rage bar is full, since he will gain health and lose mobility, meaning it isn't hard to kill him then;
  • Avoid fighting normal Gnar if he gets a Blade of the Ruined King, since it deals %HP damage;

Renekton, Get Outscaled By Everyone

Difficulty: Medium (6/10)

How To Beat Him?


Start: or
Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Avoid doing anything but farming early game, Renekton's kill potential against you at this point is very good;
  • It is safer to farm with Infected Bonesaws, since Renekton has a very safe combo with which he can kite you if you get too close;
  • Renekton has a good amount of base health and his Dominus gives him even more health, meaning your Infected Bonesaw is a very strong tool against him;
  • You can attempt to kill him at level 6, after you get Maximum Dosage, but keep an eye on his Fury and try to poke him before engaging;
  • Renekton pushes the lane quite hard, so he is vulnerable to ganks;

Riven, GG AFK

Difficulty: Medium (6/10)

How To Beat Her?


Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • You can kill her if you get to level 6 before she does, or if her Blade of the Exile is on CD (proceed with caution);
  • Although Dr. Mundo has the damage to trade with Riven, as soon as she uses her ultimate you should disengage, or else you risk getting yourself killed;
  • You should try to hold on to any advantage you possibly have by not letting her kill you and snowball in the process;
  • The hardest stage of this matchup is early game: provided you survive it and don't let Riven snowball, you can consider the lane won, since she won't be nearly as useful in teamfights as if she was fed;

Garen, the Spin2Win Troll

Difficulty: Medium (5/10)

How To Beat Him?

Start: or
Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Garen's Judgment pushes the lane quite hard and he lacks any reliable escapes, so ganking him early is effective;
  • The only thing you have to do to avoid Garen's combo is throw an Infected Bonesaw at him after he uses Decisive Strike as it will hinder his bonus movespeed;
  • If he goes into a bush, just throw cleavers inside and it will force him out;
  • After level 6, if you're the Villain avoid trading with Garen as he will deal true damage;
  • If you're not the Villain, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to use Maximum Dosage when you have ~60% health left, or Garen might execute you.

Irelia, the Big Booty Grill

Difficulty: Medium (5/10)

How To Beat Her?

Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Avoid trades early on, just farm as much as you can, there isn't much you or her can do to kill each other;
  • Rushing an early Warden's Mail can help dealing with Irelia's Hiten Style;
  • Hiten Style has a different animation, so you can see if she's using it or not;
  • Don't trade with her when Hiten Style is active, she will deal true damage and outtrade you;
  • If you successfully waste her Hiten Style, you can try to kill her, provided you have Maximum Dosage available to heal back up and avoid Transcendent Blades due to it's MS increase;

Nasus, the Stray Dog

Difficulty: Medium (5/10)

How To Beat Him?

Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Your best bet to win this matchup is early game: you must try to kill Nasus as many times as you possibly can to delay his farm (if you kill him once, you can harass fo' days);
  • Avoid fighting Nasus inside Spirit Fire's AoE, or you will lose trades;
  • This matchup is very balanced and depends on who gets the edge first: make sure you don't waste an opportunity to do something if it arises;
  • If your jungler comes to help, landing 1 or 2 Infected Bonesaws can make the difference between Nasus escaping or dying;

Rumble, the Terminator

Difficulty: Hard (8/10)

How To Survive?

Start: OR
Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Rumble's Flamespitter pushes the wave quite hard, so he is prone to ganks;
  • Don't trade with Rumble while he is overheating (pre-6) because he will deal tons of damage with his empowered basic attacks;
  • Build Magic Resist, because his damage is entirely based on AP;
  • Avoid standing in The Equalizer's AoE zone, as it will deal massive damage per second;
  • Rumble has good gank setup, so make sure the entire lane is lit up before engaging;
  • The best time to engage him is when he is about to overheat, since he will become silenced for 6 seconds, preventing the use of his abilites (post-6);

Olaf, the Brolaf

Difficulty: Hard (8/10)

How To Survive?

Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Dr. Mundo has damage to trade with Olaf, but it is ill-advised to do so early game because of his Reckless Swing, which deals true damage;
  • Ganking Olaf before he hits level 6 is super easy and can put you in the lead, since he has no escapes whatsoever and he usually pushes the lane harder than you;
  • It is pretty much a farm lane, you both have enough damage to kill one another, but this will only happen if one of you makes a mistake;
  • Olaf becomes stronger with lower health (so do you, but his bonuses are stronger), so watch out for that and don't overtrade;
  • Make sure you land each and every Infected Bonesaw on this guy when trading, because the trade will go his way even if you only miss one;
  • A good way to trade is to throw Infected Bonesaws at him when he tries to pick up his axe (and follow with Blunt Force Trauma), since it will force him to get out of position and often into your minion wave.

Darius, the DUNKMASTER 5k

Difficulty: Hard (11/10)

How To Survive?

Recommended Items:
General Tips:
  • Darius has a strong early game, whereas you have a weak one so, stay away from him;
  • Farming with Infected Bonesaws is safer, because it allows you to stay out of Apprehend's range;
  • Darius will shove you under tower very early, meaning you can ask for a gank and easily kill him;
  • After level 10 he shouldn't be able to trade with you nor should he be able to kill you, provided you and him have similar scores (similar farm and KDA);
  • Play safe and you'll be okay. Don't try to pull off heroic moves unless you are sure they will work, because Darius will punish you for this;
  • Make sure you kite him early on, since he has garbage sustain and your Infected Bonesaw outranges all of his abilities;

> Well, that was my Dr. Mundo guide. If you made it this far, I'd like to thank you for reading all of it, it was a hell of a project and I had lots of fun (not to mention the work... oh, the hours...) writing this.

> If I helped you improve in any way with this guide, an UPVOTE would be nice or, if you think this guide needs some work/improvements, be sure to leave a comment and I will get to it as soon as possible.

> Thanks once again, I hope you had fun reading this and I wish you the best of luck in the Fields of Justice!

> P.S.: The skin used in this banner is called Runaway Bride Mundo and the splash art was made by MaTTcomGO; unfortunately, the skin never made it despite the 5000 upvotes.


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SpEcIaL ThAnKs tO:

* Everyone who clicked this guide, I hope my experience playing Dr. Mundo helped you and I think you'll have good, fun times with this champ!
* jhoijhoi for her amazing Guide On How To Make A Guide!
* emoriam, meiyjhe, owentheawesomer and Sir Wellington for their reviews and much appreciated feedback!!
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