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Darius Ability (LoL): Hemorrhage

Hemorrhage Darius

Darius Ability: Hemorrhage
Darius aims his attacks strategically, causing his target to bleed for 12 (+1 per champion level) (+0.3 per bonus attack damage) physical damage over 5 seconds. This effect stacks up to five times.

Reaching 5 stacks or killing an enemy champion with Noxian Guillotine activates Noxian Might for 5 seconds. During Noxian Might, Darius gains 30-230 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage and applies max Hemorrhage stacks to enemies with basic attacks or Decimate's Blade.

Darius's Abilities

Darius Ability: Hemorrhage Darius Ability: Hemorrhage Darius Ability: Hemorrhage Darius Ability: Hemorrhage
Hemorrhage is used by Darius

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Hopesedge (8) | January 12, 2015 4:23am
Since it deals magic damage (which logically makes no damn sense since bleeding is obviously a physical wound) stacking armor penetration makes no effect on this spell (and it doesn't proc Liandry's Torment or Rylai's Crystal Scepter either.)
DieeSeeL | March 16, 2013 8:33pm
he makes you have period like a girly girl =) lol
AS Darius ftw | February 11, 2013 7:26am
Irelia kayle and teemo par example can fck darius in his little ***. he is no "high-elo" Champion bcs he is easy to counter. 25% movement speed rn't enough
SlayerSR (2) | August 25, 2012 10:47pm
"Darius gains 5% movement speed for each bleeding enemy champion."

... Every single "Darius isn't over powered" guide mentions his low movement speed. This can be up to a 25% speed buff for five seconds in a team fight... Wow.
Christhelegend (2) | July 18, 2012 8:02am
Great passive a little too OP in combo with his ultimate.
saiicho | May 29, 2012 4:00am
how can i buy this new champion?
i want darius.
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