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No Flash on Long Range Engage Tanks?

Creator: CanItJungle August 8, 2016 8:05am
CanItJungle's Forum Avatar
Aug 2nd, 2016
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Do champions like Sion, Leona, Amumu and Braum, for whom their engage either is long range or a gap closer, need Flash? It seems like for champions who get this tanky, the don't need an escape, and flash is useless as an initiator for them, so do they need it at all? This could free up all of these guys to take Teleport/Exhaust, Teleport/Ignite or Ignite/Exhaust as supports, Amumu and Sion could take Ghost or Exhaust in the jungle, and Sion could take Ghost, Ignite or Exhaust top. This could be really valuable particularly for Sion, as that would let him execute himself at red buff to give it to the ADC with his passive, then teleport into lane, giving bot the lane advantage. Thoughts?
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May 31st, 2015
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Braum is better with Flash, since he can surprise Flash + R a team. Same thing for Amumu and Leona. Flash is just too versatile to give it up on champions with this kind of powerful engage. Sion on the other hand, doesn't need Flash, but he's better off with it, IMO, because he is a burst oriented champion. In the jungle, you can take Exhaust, I've done it before, but you need to keep in mind the sacrifice you make by doing this, since you will lack ANY form of escape.

Don't forget that even tanks are not tanky in the early game and the lack of Flash can mean a lost lane as soon as they fail to escape. Junglers will focus you and you will have to adapt your playstyle as well.

"would let him execute himself at red buff to give it to the ADC with his passive"

--> Meanwhile, your jungler gets ***'d in the rear by the enemy jungler, who now has an experience advantage, not to mention he can pull off a gank sooner. Bad idea.
Ekki's Forum Avatar
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Nov 28th, 2013
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It doesn't make sense to not have it. By being an engage champion you NEED Flash. It adds free immediate range to your initiation and the surprise factor on top of it. Any other summoner spell would never be as useful (nevermind more versatile) than Flash if you have engage.
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Oct 1st, 2011
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Being a tank with a longer range engage doesn't mean you don't need flash. Flash works well as an early-game escape from tanks, which can be really handy in helping you not lose lane. Also, being that you are a tank with a longer ranged engage, the enemies will usually stay further back or be more cautious because they know the range of your engage. This is why running flash on Leona still works extremely well because it allows you to flash and then engage from a longer range than your enemies would have expected.
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Mar 20th, 2012
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Echoing other sentiments in the thread: Any enemy team will see your lack of an escape Summoner Spell and then work to exploit your weakness.

If you do forgo Flash, you hinder your own ability to make plays that will catch your opponents off-guard, and, furthermore, you will have to play safer, simply because an opponent with Flash can more easily dive your turret and survive, giving you a gold and experience deficit, a lead for them, etc.
∞ Gizladlo

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