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Top Lane Shyvanna

Creator: Scott Azrael September 20, 2013 9:54am
Scott Azrael
Scott Azrael's Forum Avatar
Jan 31st, 2013
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I thought I would try getting input from some people that know this game way better than I do. Here is the link to the article: Shyvanna's Pushing Power

So, I found this article about a month ago that described a new way of utilizing the re-worked Shyvana to create pressure and help snowball your team from top lane. I just went and looked at most of the htop rated Shyv guides and none appear to approach building her the way this article described. The main idea was based on two things: pushing to the enemy tower quickly and then going and raiding the enemy jungle to set the jungler behind and enemies marked by Flame Breath now lose 2% of their health per basic attack.

The only things that the article suggested were runes, BotRK as first item, start boots+health pots so you can push lane and then go farm enemy jungle, and build damage more than tankiness due to her passive. So, I wanted to see if I could get some help as I am trying to figure out what masteries to use and what items to finish off with.

To begin, the article suggested Hybrid Penetration Marks, Armor Seals, CDR Blues, and Hybrid Penetration Quints. That was to try and do as much damage with the 2% health per hit as possible by reducing any MR to 0. This leads me to thinking there are five things I want to consider with this build: attack speed to do 2% health damage as much as possible, CDR to mark enemies us often as possible, movespeed to stick to targets, MR shreddding or magic penetration, and possibly other ways to do % health damage. I know it sounds like a lot, but I think it's more an idea that I need to have multiple possibilities depending on the enemy team and how they build.

Let's start with Masteries. I'm thinking the setup I want to try most is 9-0-21, but I think 0-9-21 and 9-21-0 could have uses depending on the enemy team. Here's what I am thinking for the 9-0-21:
Offensive Tree
4 points in Sorcery for the 4% CDR
4 points in Blast
1 point in Arcane Knowledge for the Magic Pen

Utility Tree
3 points in Wanderer for the MS
1 point in Improved Recall
3 points in Mastermind
1 point in Artificer
3 points in Vampirism (I think enhancing the life steal from BotRK might help with sustain)
4 points in Greed
either 1 point in Awareness to try and make up for losing XP roaming or 1 point in Wealth so you can start 5 pots+boots
1 point in Pickpocket
3 points in Intelligence for an additional 6% CDR
1 point in Nimble for the MS

Honestly, I think if you don't go with 21 in utility, you go 21 in defense for the tankiness. I would rather go 21 in utility though because the idea is that I want to use my speed to push my lane and then go steal farm from the jungler so I can put him behind. Also, I want the MS and CDR so I can keep proccing the mark from Flame Breath.

As for items, I have a bunch I have been considering and I think this is where I need help more than anything:

Core/Most Likely Core
Mercury's Treads - While boots of Lucidity would be good, I probably need the tenacity.
Blade of the Ruined King - this item has to be essential as it gives another % health per auto-attack(thought this is current health opposed to total health)
Trinity Force - Why? It gives most everything Shyvana can use except that the mana is wasted. Rage and Spellblade should both be very useful. The 250 health should help make her passive more effective as well.

Here is where I am unsure I want to go:
HP Burn build:
Liandry's Torment - Twin Bite doesn't proc the burn from this item, but your other abilities do. So, 2% health on hit + 5% current health on hit + 2% current from W+E+R. Seems like a great way to shred tanks. If I could find a good way to add a slow, it would double to 4%.

Follow up option 1
Randuin's Omen + Spirit Visage - Armor, Health, Magic Resist, CDR, and both passives. Should make you one tanky Dragon. Only downside, no way to slow people to increase the Liandry's burn.
Total cost: 16,243

Follow up Option 2
Iceborn Gauntlet + Spirit Visage - less health, wasted mana, but adds a slow that increases Liandry's. Doesn't seem as efficient, but should provide more damage and make escaping Shyvana almost impossible once she hits you.
Total Cost: 16,493

MR Shred Build:
Wit's End - More Attack Speed + Magic Resist and the passive. This could work well proccing our mark from Flame Breath

Follow Up Option 1
Spirit Visage + Sunfire Aegis - This gives health, Armor, MR, CDR, the passives and is the cheapest option plus it gives constant magic damage.
Total Cost: 15,828

Follow Up Option 2
Randuin's Omen + Spirit Visage - Armor, Health, Magic Resist, CDR, and both passives. Again, should make you one tanky Dragon. Only Marginally Cheaper than the Liandry's version but with less health and more MR.
Total cost: 16,178

Pure Attack Speed and CDR Build(ok with some tankiness):
Blade of the Ruined King
Boots of Swiftness - cause I'm getting Tenacity elsewhere and these are the fastest boots(Mobi's only once out of battle)
Zephyr - Tenacity, Attack Speed, CDR, Move Speed, and some AD
Wit's End - Attack Speed, MR, that passive
Randuin's Omen
Spirit Visage - Caps off CDR, the rest you know
Total Cost - 15,200

So, I hope now why you see why I would like some feedback. You may think all my ideas suck. That's fine, just tell me why other than you think Shyvana sucks. I think this should work especially when it's a slow jungler like Malphite or even if it's someone that isn't a good duelist. Also, I have debated about running teleport so we could ward a buff and ambush either the jungler at that buff each time it comes up or else the jungler and mid laner if it's blue buff. Anyway, I'm trying to think of ways to improve and utilize different champs for more than just staying in lane and fighting it out. Let me know if you think I should just make a small item change here or there. I also didn't use the CDR blues suggested in the article when I used LeagueCraft to see how each build would work out stats wise. Mostly because I don;t own them. Still each build has either 30, 35 or 40% CDR.
Scott Azrael
Scott Azrael's Forum Avatar
Jan 31st, 2013
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I played a game earlier and tried out the 9/0/21 with the Pure Attack Speed and CDR build. One slight modification was that i ended up buying Frozen Mallet instead of Randuin's. The Xin Zhao I faced could 1v1 me due to my lack of Defensive Masteries, but I got to the point where I could splitpush faster than minions could keep up, and it seemed like i had so much gold. I bought so many wards it wasn;t funny and I still hit 6 items faster than everyone else.

At the same time, the defensive masteries might work better, as I would be able to duel people who come to stop my splitpush better. At the same time, I did so much damage the the enemy team especially when i used my Ult before I used Flame Breath since it would hit more people. I think if I try the Liandry's build, I should go with the tanky masteries, so I can just put out more damage in team fights.

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