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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Goredrinker

Total Price: 3300 | Recipe Price: 200 | Sell Price: 2310

LoL Item: Goredrinker

  • 20 Ability Haste
  • 45 Attack Damage
  • 400 Health
  • 150% Base Health Regeneration

UNIQUE Passive: Gain 015% bonus attack damage (depending on missing health).

UNIQUE Active: Deal 100% AD physical damage to enemies in a 400-unit radius around you. Heal for 25% AD (+12% of your missing health) for each enemy champion hit (15 second cooldown, reduced by ability haste, minimum 7 seconds).

Mythic Passive: Empowers your other Legendary items with 5 ability haste.

Goredrinker builds into these items:

Goredrinker builds into Ceaseless Hunger

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Radicity | November 11, 2020 7:42pm
What's ability haste?
Unit 322 | November 12, 2020 9:58am
Ability Haste (AH) reduces the cooldown of champ's abilities but with the formula:
(ABC="Ability's Base Cooldown" xD)
or if you wanna know the percentage of reduction
It is the same formula as armor and magic resist.
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