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5 MUST watch matches from MSI 2023

If you didn't have enough time to catch the games (or it was rough for your timezone), these MSI 2023 games are a MUST watch for any esports fan, especially if you like the best that League of Legends can offer.

The Mid-Season Invitational 2023 ended this Sunday, where JD Gaming (LPL 1st Seed) were crowned as the MSI champions after beating BLG (2nd LPL Seed) in a convincing 3-1 fashion. Yes... that same BLG, the one who took down both T1 and Gen.G in their Cinderella lower bracket run. 

And while this tournament had one of the best viewerships for a Mid Season Invitational tournament (Being both the most watched and the second-most in esports overall for the year), not everyone had the luxury to catch all of the matches.

That's why here at MOBAFire, we are recommending 5 games you MUST watch from this MSI 2023, from start to finish, especially if you want more than just the highlights. 

5th Game - MAD vs T1 - The 2nd fastest game in MSI history

Most spectators, when they see a battle featuring the 1st EU seed and 2nd KR seed, expect a close series (or at least a competitive one), this was not the case for this series at all. Especially in Game 3, where T1 dismantled MAD Lions in a quick game that only lasted 16 min and 47 secs, the 2nd fastest game in MSI history.

To be fair, MAD Lions at the beginning of the set did put up a fight in Game 1. And T1, then went to play GenG and defeat the 1st LCK seed, so MAD did not have the best of draws.

4th Game – Cloud 9 vs BLG - The start of a Cinderella run

After Play-Ins, most people weren't too convinced regarding BLG. So, when they were paired with Cloud 9 in the bracket, many casters and fans were favoring the North American champion. 


BLG after winning against C9

This sentiment was followed in the early part of the 1st game, where Cloud 9 led the pace and had an substantial advantage. However, once the game got to mid-game, it was the start of the BLG's cinderella run.

3rd – T1 vs GenG - The Game 5 curse was lifted 

If you are a fan of the LCK, you know the shortcomings of T1, especially in high stake games such as Finals and Game 5, sometimes even being quoted as β€œchokers”. So once MSI 2023 neared the most important matches, T1 followers feared the worst.

Faker and Keria photo

Faker watching Keria after losing Worlds Finals in 2022

Despite T1 getting a 2-0 lead against GenG, the team, lead by the mid-prodigy Chovy and the rookie Peyz, were able to clutch out two games, and push the match up towards a final Game 5. 

If you want a match with nerve-wracking moments, check this game out.

2nd – JDG vs T1 – Clash of Regions

The match between these two featured an invigorated T1, that just beaten GenG in a close game series, against the not-so-challenged JDG, who just defeated BLG in a 3-0 sweep. Although a majority of the playerbase felt T1 had this in the bag, there were some LoL esport fans and analysts who did not feel quite sure of which team would take the series. 

And they were right, the series delivered a lot of close games, and dominating performances from both the T1 juggernaut, and the Chinese champion JDG. Finally, everything was decided in a Game 5 scenario, with key teamfights and Baron plays where the tiniest of margins (or summoner's spells) decided the team that end up winning the series. 

1st  - JDG vs BLG - LPL Rivalry continues

Although not as hyped as the JDG vs T1 matchup, it would be a disservice to not include the Grand Finals between these two teams, especially after the incredible Cinderella run from BLG, beating both GenG (3-0) and T1 (3-1) in a pretty convincing fashion. 

After the claims from BLG's Bin, when he called out a 3-0 against GenG, and a 3-1 against T1 result, many believed in the prophecy to become a reality. 

It didn't matter too much, however, as once they face each other in-game, JDG clearly dominated BLG, much like in their regular season and LPL Regional Finals.

The Chinese champions cemented their spot as the best team in the Midseason Invitational Tournament. The last game of the match is a proof of that.

After winning MSI 2023, JDG currently holds the title of the best team in the World, and with Knight finally showing up in the international stage, it may indicate the birth of one of the best LoL teams - one that will pose a huge threat at this Worlds 2023 Championship.

As always, time will tell if this statement end up becoming a reality, but one thing for sure is that LCK and the West weren't too happy with their results, so we can expect them to look for revenge in the next international event.

Honorable Mentions

BLG vs GenG -  Game 3 

MAD vs G2 – Game 3

T1 vs BLG – Game 1

The changes to the format and addition of the second seeds from major regions did make it one of the most interesting iterations of this event, even breaking records in the form of viewership. This Worlds is probably going to be a special one too, with similar changes.

Ahead of the Summer season, and Worlds, there will be a lot of significant changes to the game, like the items being rehauled. You can check this entry to learn more about it.

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