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League of Legends Patch 13.19 Summary

Patch 13.19 is here with various champion changes, item updates, new skins and much more that we'll go through in this quick article!

The patch features changes from champions and items behavioral systems and ARAM adjustments. Champions like Azir and Briar have been nerfed, and on the other side champions such as Galio and Gangplank have received buffs. Patch 13.19 also introduces some new item changes towards Randuin's Omen, Seeker's Armguard and Statikk Shiv.

Along with all of the above, a few champions in ARAM have been buffed and some have been nerfed. This patch also features a variety of changes to the behavioral systems in the game for ranked as well as how you'll be using the ping system.

Have you been enjoying La Ilusión recently? A new slew of La Ilusión skins are now available! Add La Ilusión Draven, La Ilusión Gnar, La Ilusión Nidalee, La Ilusión Qiyana, La Ilusión Renata Glasc, La Ilusión Ziggs or even the brand new Prestige La Ilusión Renata Glasc to your collection! Or, if you're a connoisseur, then you can snag them all!

Summary Infographic created by Riot

Upcoming Skins

La Ilusión Nidalee (1350 RP)

La Ilusión Renata Glasc (1350 RP)

La Ilusión Ziggs (1350 RP)

La Ilusión Qiyana (1350 RP)

La Ilusión Draven (1350 RP)

La Ilusión Gnar (1350 RP)

Prestige La Ilusión Renata Glasc

Upcoming Chromas

La Ilusión Nidalee

La Ilusión Renata Glasc

La Ilusión Ziggs

La Ilusión Qiyana

La Ilusión Draven

La Ilusión Gnar

iG Fiora

iG Kai'Sa

iG LeBlanc

High Noon Lucian

FPX Malphite

Poro Rider Sejuani

Obsidian Dragon Sett

Soulstealer Vayne

EDG Yuumi


That's Everything!

This was our MOBAFire summary of the 13.19 changes arriving to League of Legends, good luck in the new patch!

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