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League of Legends Patch 13.8 Summary

Patch 13.8 is here with various champion changes, item updates, new skins and much
more that we'll go through in this quick article!

The patch features changes ranging from champions and items to general helpful features. Champions like Ezreal and Garen have been buffed, and on the other side champions such as Aurelion Sol and Jarvan IV have received nerfs. Patch 13.8 also introduces changes towards Cosmic Drive.

Along with all of the above, there have also been some changes arriving to certain systems within the game. Reporting players now work even after a game is over and you've gone past the post screen. The challenges tab have also gotten a slight revamp.

Have you been enjoying Dawn or Nightbringers recently? A new slew of Dawn & Nightbringer skins are now available! Add Dawnbringer Renekton, Dawnbringer Vayne, Nightbringer Jarvan IV or Nightbringer Nasus to your collection! Or, if you're a connoisseur, then you can snag them all!

Summary Infographic created by Riot

Upcoming Skins

Dawnbringer Renekton (1350 RP)

Dawnbringer Vayne (1350 RP)

Nightbringer Jarvan IV (1350 RP)

Nightbringer Nasus (1350 RP)

Upcoming Chromas

Dawnbringer Renekton

Dawnbringer Vayne

Nightbringer Jarvan IV

Nightbringer Nasus

That's Everything!

This was our MOBAFire summary of the 13.8 changes arriving to League of Legends, good luck in the new patch!

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