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All Traits for Remix Rumble - TFT Set 10

From Punk reroll extravaganza to the Maestro doing his thing. A lot is coming regarding traits and classes in Remix Rumble - TFT Set 10. Find the details here.

Apart from new Mechanics and Theme (or Samples), each set brings us a plethora of innovative things to keep the game fresh, and with music being the protagonist on Remix Rumble, you know that the Origin and Classes are going to be dope and wacky.

To find a more condensed version of this article, you can check out the main one with all the changes coming for Remix Rumble – Teamfight Tactics set 10.

Without too much further ado, let’s check all the new Traits.


All Traits TFT

Only the big dogs from Runeterra

Music is everything for Remix Rumble so we are getting genre linked traits. From the Pop bands (K/DA and Hearsteel) to the funky groovy Disconauts and classy Jazz trio.

Quick Note: Classes will be fun and original for this set. For instance, Kayle will be a Pentakill/Edgelord.




8-Bit TFT

Get the max score~

Units: Corki (1), Garen (2), Riven (3), Caitlyn (4)

When you play 8-bit, an Arcade Cabinet spawns which keeps score of all your units' damage. The point is to beat the high score and unlock more Attack Damage for your 8-Bit units.

Keep in mind that each scoreline becomes harder and harder to beat, making it very difficult to even have a chance at beating the last hi-score. In most cases, you will either be dead or the game will already be over before you have a chance to beat the high score. The reward for beating the high score is not that good, so it is not worth the effort.

  • (2) 1.75%
  • (4) 3%
  • (6) 5% and unlock a final high score, that when beaten rewards you with a grand prize.



Maestro TFT

Violin attacks flying all over the board~

Units: Jhin (5)

Unique only to the legendary Jhin, this will turn his bonus attack speed into Attack Damage much like Jhin in League of Legends. On the unit, Jhin is currently terrorizing the PBE.



Country TFT

Hecarim is a summon~

Units: Tahm Kench (1)Katarina (2) Samira (3) Urgot (3) Thresh (4) 

Much like Void in Runeterra Reforged - Horizonbound, Country will summon an ally to help out your team. The main difference is that the summon will only come online after the team loses 30% of their Health.

Each Country star level increases the Dreadsteed’s Health and Attack Damage (You want to get those 3* stars).

  • (3) Dreadsteed
  • (5) Midnight Dreadsteed
  • (7) Infernal Invocation Dreadsteed




DJ Sona comes to the party

Units: Sona (5)

Unique to Sona, the Mixmaster is a mechanic that allows Sona to change her attacks and ability once you add her to the board 



Sample with Lux and win


Units: Jax (2), Lux (3), Zac (4), Zed (4)

Use the EDM selector item to sample an EDM champion and see the frequency for each one.

At a specific frequency, your EDM champions transform into the sample and cast their Ability with modified effectiveness.

  • (2) Sample at 50% effectiveness
  • (3) Sample at 75% effectiveness
  • (4) Sample at 100% effectiveness and increase frequency 1 second
  • (5) Sample at 125% effectiveness and increase frequency 2 seconds

This trait itself will require a ton of experimentation so if you like cooking up stuff, give it a try.




Tear up (Gain Mana) to Win

Units: Annie (1), Amumu (3), Vex (3), Poppy (4)

Emo champions' Abilities cost less Mana to cast, and they gain Mana whenever an ally dies.

There’s one comp that uses Annie 3* that is doing great. Keep your eyes on this comp once Remix Rumble hits the live server!

Emo is going to be the Mana trait much like Invokers or Scholars but with a unique twist, the abilities will cost less mana instead of giving mana. On top of gaining mana whenever an ally dies, Emo will have a spat, this should be OP on units with game-changing abilities like Karthus.

  • (2) 20% less, gain 10
  • (4) 25% less, gain 20
  • (6) 25 Ability Power 40% less, gain 25



Disco TFT

Let the groovy and funk carry

Units: Nami (1), Taric (1), Gragas (2), Blitzcrank(4), Twisted Fate (4)

Summon a movable Disco Ball.

Much like Jade back in Dragonlands (Set 7), they will summon an ally unit which will, obviously, be a Disco ball. Unlike Jade summons, it will not be targetable.

Champions close to the Disco Ball will get 5% and 3% max healing every 3 secs, this scales throughout the fight so it can end with ridiculous numbers if you are at 6 Disco.

Combat start: Allies next to it gain Attack Speed and healing immediately and every few seconds.

  • (3) 5% and 3% max
  • (4) 10% and 4% max
  • (5) 2 Disco Balls, 15% and 4% max
  • (6) 20% and 6% max



Hyperpop TFT

This yordle duo is deadly

Units: Lulu (3), Ziggs (5)

When Hyperpop champions use an Ability, they grant Mana and seconds of Attack Speed to their closest allies.

  • (1) 3 and 10%
  • (2) 5 and 20%
  • (4) 8 and 40%




Let her beats (Tentacles) do their thing

Units: Illaoi (5)

  • (1) (Unique) Gain 2/2/8 placeable Spirit Tentacles, based on Illaoi's star level. Tentacles gain Illaoi's bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

There are many ways to use the tentacles to create different combinations to either protect carries in unique angles or to simply deal more damage.



Jazz TFT

Is all about the improv

Units: Bard (2), Miss Fortune (3), Lucian (5)

For each non-unique trait active, your team gains bonus Health and deals bonus damage.

This trait is currently being used a lot in the late game, with all of the different traits, is not rare to see at least four to six traits active making Jazz extra stats always valuable.

  • (2) 2% Health, 1% Damage
  • (3) 3% Health, 2% Damage
  • (4) 4% Health, 3% Damage




Choose well the spotlight

Units: Evelynn (1), Lillia (1), Kai’Sa (2), Seraphine (2), Neeko (3), Ahri (4), Akali (4).

Your team gains max Health, Ability Power, and Attack Damage if they are in a lit up hex. K/DA champions gain double!

These Hexes change each game so there is a certain level of knowledge to play this comp right in different situations. You can watch this video to get an idea about it.

  • (3) 10% max, 10%
  • (5) 15% max, 15%
  • (7) 20% max, 20%
  • (10) 50% max, 100%



Pentakill TFT

Ramp up and kill them all!

Units: Olaf (1), Gnar (2), Kayle (2), Mordekaiser (3), Karthus (4), Viego (4), Yorick (5)

Pentakill champions reduce incoming damage by 15% and deal bonus damage. For each champion kill, a Pentakill champion rocks out and increases their damage bonus damage.

On the 5th kill, all Pentakill champions rock out, and your team gains % Attack Speed.

  • (3) 15% bonus damage
  • (5) 30% bonus damage
  • (7) 45% bonus damage
  • (10) 50% damage reduction and 110% bonus damage

Pentakill units scale throughout the fight, much like Shurima with ascensions, but instead, all of them get the bonus on their 5th kill gaining attack speed. Probably one of the best Verticals and a great comp to keep up the tempo. 

In Remix Rumble getting to the ten thresholds is significantly harder, in compensation, the cap potential should make you insta win.



Heartsteel TFT

Cashing out with their hearts

Units: K’Sante (1), Aphelios (2), Sett (3), Yone (3), Ezreal (4), Kayn (5)

This is the cashout trait in Remix Rumble with a different twist. 

Every 4 player combats, you cash out (Mandatory, you cannot stack). Scales with Stages.

Earn Hearts by killing enemies. Gain even more by losing player combat. Every few player combats, convert Hearts into powerful rewards!

  • (3) 1x Hearts
  • (5) 2.5x Hearts
  • (7) 6x Hearts
  • (9) 12x Hearts

These new conditions will make Heartsteel an attractive option to opt into in 4-2 situations, put 3 or 5 heartsteel to stack some losses, have a huge cashout and continue to play your line. The flexibility and potential of this one will make cashing out mechanics more interesting than before. 

We’ll need to wait and see how this plays out in Live Servers. 



Punk TFT

Reroll and rule

Units: Jinx (1), Vi (1), Pantheon (2), Twitch (2)

This trait will be all about rerolls and you will gain bonus Health and Attack by 1% every time you spend gold on a Shop reroll (Literally lol). 

When you have Six the bonus starts and 450 Health and 45% attack speed. Expect this to be way bigger with the reroll bonuses. 

  • (2) 180 and 18%
  • (4) 280 and 28%
  • (6) 450 and 45%

True Damage


True Damage TFT

The only True Damage you need

Units: Kennen (1), Yasuo (1), Senna (2), Ekko (3), Akali (4), Qiyana (5)

True Damage champions deal bonus true damage. If they are holding an item, they gain a unique Bling Bonus for their Ability. 

  • (2) 15% damage
  • (4) 30% damage
  • (6) 45% damage
  • (9) 95% damage, Bling Bonuses go Platinum!




Sample with Lux and win

Units: Kayn (5)

  • (1) Unique: If you win player combat, Kayn becomes the Shadow Assassin. If not, he becomes Rhaast. You receive a reward based on his form every time he kills 2 enemy champions.
  • Shadow Assassin: 3g
  • Rhaast: 1 player health




Units: Olaf (1), Tahm Kench (1), Gragas (2), Sett (3), Zac (4), Illaoi (5)

Your team gains 100 Health. Bruisers gain bonus max Health.

  • (2) 20% max
  • (4) 40% max
  • (6) 80% max

The beefy health stacking class is once coming back. What will make it interesting is finding out the best Bruiser lines in this Set?



Units: Akali (KDA and True Damage form)

Much like Kayn with his two forms, Akali changes her appearance in two versions: True Damage or K/DA. The condition will depend on the most fielded units for that trait.

  • (1) Unique: Akali is a member of K/DA or True Damage depending on which trait has more fielded champions. She gains a different Ability depending on which form she takes.

Crowd Diver


Units: Evelynn (1), Katarina (2), Yone (3), Zed (4), Qiyana (5)

After Crowd Divers die, they leap onto the furthest enemy, dealing magic damage. Enemies within an area of effect are Stunned for a few seconds.

They also deal bonus damage, increased by each second.

  • (2) 5% bonus damage
  • (4) 20% bonus damage
  • (6) 50% bonus damage



Units: Nami (1), Bard (2), Lux (3), Twisted Fate (4), Ziggs (5)

Dazzlers' Abilities reduce their target's damage by 15% and deal bonus magic damage over 2 seconds.

  • (2) 20% magic damage
  • (4) 50% magic damage
  • (6) 80% magic damage

Big Shot


Units: Corki (1), Kai’Sa (2), Miss Fortune (3), Ezreal (4), Jhin (5)

Big Shots gain Attack Damage, which increases for a few seconds when they use their Ability.

  • 2 10%, 40% after casting
  • 4 15%, 60% after casting
  • 6 20%, 80% after casting



Units: Yasuo (1), Kayle (2), Riven (3), Yone (3), Viego (4), Kayn (5)

Edgelords gain Attack Speed, which doubles when their target drops below a maximum Health. Edgelords with 1-hex range also dash and slash through them on their next attack.

  • (3) 20% Attack Speed
  • (5) 40% Attack Speed
  • (7) 70% Attack Speed



Units: Twitch (2), Samira (3), Vex (3), Akali (4), Karthus (5)

Executioner Abilities can critically strike and they gain Critical Strike Damage. Their Critical Strike Chance is increased based on their target's missing Health.

  • (2) 15% Up to 15%
  • (4) 30% Up to 35%
  • (6) 45% Up to 55%



Units: Vi (1), Gnar (2), Jax (2), Sett (3), Urgot (3), Poppy (4). Yorick (5)

Moshers gain Attack Speed and Omnivamp, which increases up to more based on their missing Health.

Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt.

  • (2) 20% to 10% Omnivamp
  • (4) 30% to 15% Omnivamp
  • (6) 50% to 20% Omnivamp



Units: Kennen (1), Taric (1), Pantheon (2), Amumu (3), Neeko (3), Thresh (4), Yorick (5)

Once per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally for a percent of their max Health.

  • (2) 30%
  • (4) 50%
  • (6) 70%



Units: Jinx (1), Aphelios (2), Senna (3), Caitlyn (4), Lucian (5)

Your team gains Attack Speed.

Rapidfire champions gain more on every attack, up to 10 stacks.

  • (2) 4% Attack Speed
  • (4) 7% Attack Speed
  • (6) 12% Attack Speed



Units: K’Sante (1), Lillia (1), Garen (2), Ekko (3), Mordekaiser (3), Blitzcrank (4)

Your usual tanky trait much like Bastion they gain extra armor and mr variying from each threshold, being the best the 8 Sentinel one.

Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist. Sentinels gain double.

  • (2) 16 Armor, 16 Magic Resist
  • (4) 35 Armor, 35 Magic Resist
  • (6) 60 Armor, 60 Magic Resist
  • (8) 125 Armor, 125 Magic Resist



Units: Annie (1), Gragas (2), Seraphine (2), Ekko (3), Lulu (3), Ahri (4), Sona (5)

Your team gains Ability Power. Spellweavers gain more, plus extra Ability Power whenever a Spellweaver casts an Ability.

  • (3) +20 AP, +1 AP per cast
  • (5) +35 AP, +1 AP per cast
  • (7) +60, +2 AP per cast
  • (10) +120, +10 AP per cast



Units: Kennen (1), Lillia (1), Gnar (2), Neeko (3)

Superfans improve your Headliner!

Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt

  • (3) Headliner gets a completed item
  • (4) Headliner gets bonus Health and Omnivamp
  • (5) Item upgrades to radiant

For more content on the latest League of Legends and TFT updates, check our News section. You can also check the best guides for your champion, or look up your stats to know what to improve or showoff!

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