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Confused Jungle Main Q & A

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Confused Jungle Main

Posted on June 15, 2017 4:11am +Rep
So I've been playing League for about 2 years, I've managed to get Diamond V. BUT since the jungle meta changed when i got on about high plat i have been struggling with trying to adapt, and my old mains (udyr, hecarim, and amumu) has somewhat fallen REALLY out of meta. Now im confused to what i want to play and really struggling to climb elo

any suggestions, not just champions but some general tips would be awesome

Answers (2)
By PsiGuard on June 15, 2017 5:03pm +Rep
Small thing, but are you starting Raptors? Those champions have really good raptor clear, and that camp gives a ton of XP now. Especially Amumu, you can clear raptors with no leash at basically full hp.

You can always try looking for new junglers to pick up. Sometimes that gets people out of slumps. Otherwise maybe just play a ton of Amumu until your play is super polished.
takeothebeast By takeothebeast on June 16, 2017 10:34am +Rep
Actually i have tried starting raptors on Amumu, although this kinda drained my mana so i dont do it often.
I also have checked out other junglers, namely rammus, rek'sai, and gragas which have helped me climb but i just end up losing a bit because of poor mechanical skill, but practice makes perfect so theres that.
thanks for the help by the way

By Pure Panphobia on June 17, 2017 12:43pm +Rep
Seems you enjoy tank junglers based on your old go-to's, if they're not working for you you may do well to pick up Zac or Warwick. Zac is amazing rn, and Warwick is pretty strong too. If you're wnting to keep with what champs you already know well, you might want to go from raptors to blue, then wolves and possibly look to gank from there if you see the opening for it. If not Gromp into Red would be my next move.
Arcthunder By Arcthunder on June 19, 2017 7:24pm +Rep
What about Gragas? He is tanky, and delivers strong CC like Amumu. Plus, you can build him a bit more AP in order to fill in a weakness.

But I agree, Zac and Warwick provide strong CC and overall damage like his old junglers.
Pure Panphobia By Pure Panphobia on June 19, 2017 8:59pm +Rep
I honestly forget about Graggy sometimes. I don't play him much after his nerfs, but yeah. Graggy could work too
takeothebeast By takeothebeast on June 22, 2017 8:18am +Rep
zac and gragas are champs that im trying to learn (mostly grag since zac is perm banned) Warwick not so much.
Thanks for the help
Pure Panphobia By Pure Panphobia on June 22, 2017 10:20am +Rep
No probllem :)