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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Could Poppy buy "Runaan's Hurricane"?

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  • DarkenedWolfFire

    Could Poppy buy "Runaan's Hurricane"?

    Just saying that Poppy is a part ranged with her sheild.
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    orrvaa (40) | September 14, 2019 10:55pm
    Hi, as the LOL wiki says it doesn't make her range, so she can't buy it.
    Good luck.
    Shrewdo (22) | September 22, 2019 8:11am
    but if you ask about TFT it work on all champs
    Shrewdo (22) | September 22, 2019 8:11am
    she can buy it and she can earn its bonus of attack speed and movement speed but the passive wont work on it because she's not ranged, you can use it on thresh and kyle, like Titanic hydra passive dont work on ranged.
    Matkac030 | September 16, 2019 10:41am
    Bad idea I think
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