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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Deleteing Tier List


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    Deleteing Tier List

    So I was trying to create a tier-list and messed up and I want to delete the list to start over. How do I do it ? Since I don't see "delete" option anywhere.
    Thanks in advance for the help ~
  • Answers (0)

    Hades4u (452) | December 7, 2020 5:37am

    You must be logged in to have more control over your content (e.g. guides and tier lists). As a guest, you can only create and that's it. Make sure to create an account for more features and options! :D

    Feel free to send me a link to your incomplete tier list and I can delete it for you. :)
    rubyaleyvox | December 7, 2020 9:57am
    I actually just bear with it, and erase everything and work with that tier list :3 but thank you :D
    somacrus (1) | December 6, 2020 4:38am
    you wanna do a guide right ?
    rubyaleyvox | December 7, 2020 9:57am
    A tier list, not a guide.
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