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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Does anyone want to duo?

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  • CDG Baylife

    Does anyone want to duo?

    I am a bronze 5 newb, I have been playing for several years though. I would like to be paired with a diamond or plat to show me what I am doing wrong and what I should learn in order to climb out and get that nice sexy luscious silver border around my name. This will only be regular 5v5, I would prefer that the other person has skype or some way of communication. 15 years old and will play any role but top is my weak point. Or its just really boring I don't really know.
    Skype: Meleeruled
    IGN: Cdg Baylife .. more like cdg bronzelife :(
    Server: NA
  • Answers (1)

    EGPrime | March 5, 2015 2:28am
    I'm on EUW, but I have some tips for you. See where you die the most and avoid it. Avoid it like the plague. DO this for 10 games. Check your mini map every 10 seconds or so for 10 games. Watch your deaths go down. Deaths are what cause Bronze games to last 50+ minutes and frustration. After the 10 games you'll notice you're doing it better. If you're a jungler, while doing an easy camp look at the closest lanes, then hit space bar to go back to you. Top can be boring, but it's a slower lane where you're not pressured to roam. It's good for low elo as you have more time to make decisions. Some good power picks in Bronze are: Nidalee, Jayce, Old Kassadin (still viable), Ezreal, Nunu jung, Blitz support. All of these are good as they make the most of other peoples mistakes, which is a huge advantage in Bronze where mistakes are plentiful. If they step outside the minions for 2 seconds they're dead (apart from Nunu, he's good because ult + bush combo, where there are very few wards in bronze). Buy wards, and try to place deep pinks if you're a jungler. A new strat is to go into the enemy's jungle at first camp, wait until 2:05, jump out and 1v1, then run away. Counter jung him the rest of the game so he is forced to do weak ganks where he will die. If jung, pick the enemy who is flaming most in all chat to gank. He is probably really good, but crumbles when focussed. If in a lane (apart from Support) try to farm a lot. This is your main source of gold and you need a constant supply. If ADC, in the mid to late game if you have a power spike take some jung camps on your way through lanes. Follow these and you'll be silver in a month or 2. These tips that I have on a notepad are what got 3 of my friends from B5 to S5 in a month.
    CDG Baylife (1) | March 5, 2015 12:40pm
    Thanks alot. Just got my diamond 4 coach :)
    EGPrime | March 5, 2015 2:33am
    Also, if you want personal, in game training, try a free coach here a lot of them are really friendly and are just looking to make you better.
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