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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Fiddlesticks's passive trinket and Ingenious Hunter

Posted in Champions | Tags: Fiddlesticks 2,470

  • Scarecrown91

    Fiddlesticks's passive trinket and Ingenious Hunter

    So i have played several games with fiddlesticks using Ingenious Hunter rune and i saw that the trinket's (scarecrow effigy) cooldown doesn't go below 30 seconds at level 18 (even with 5 stacks), same cooldown as when i use Ultimate Hunter rune. A lot of guides i saw have ingenious hunter, as an alternative to Ultimate Hunter rune, claiming it reduces trinkets cooldown, but what's the point if the rune doesn't work as it should? Is ingenious hunter bugged on fiddlesticks passive?
  • Answers (1)

    orrvaa (41) | February 17, 2021 8:52am
    according to league of legends' wiki the cooldown should reduces with item haste. if you checked and it isn't the case, you should report the bug, or they should clarify it wasn't intended to work with item hates.
    Scarecrown91 | February 17, 2021 8:59am
    First thanks for the reply.
    Yes i already reported the bug. The deal here is that i believe it's a bug, but since everyone on guides talks about it as it working fine, i wonder if i was alone on this and if i am what am i missing.
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