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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Give me some tips.

Posted in General | Tags: Katarina 3,370

  • VnkGoba

    Give me some tips.

    I recently started playing this champion and i am not particulary good with it, so i wanted to ask some questions. (I do not feed, i just dont get many kills, i get like 9 kills in the game wih lik 2 or so deaths.)
    Is there the best way to farm, like an ability to use?
    Is there any particular or best way to kill a mid lainer who is against me?
    I find ir hard to harras my oponent, any tips?
  • Answers (2)

    ninja8135 (6) | June 20, 2018 7:22am
    There are many ways to get good with a champion. Your hours of practice are a good start. Just like any other skill, you need to make sure you are practicing right. Developing bad habits will just make things worse. Read guides on your champ so you know the skill order and how to use their abilities and combos effectively. Watch pro players and see how they build the champ. Look especially at how their build changes based on the enemy team comp. The other thing you need to consider is that getting a ton of kills is not necessarily a measure of a good player. Your goal should be to have high kill and objective participation. While a high kill count looks nice and is a great bragging point, your team may not need a carry every game. Look at what your team comp is and how they are building and play around your team. Obviously if you are an ADC you should be aiming to deal as much damage as possible, so you will want a high kill count. If you are a tank, you shouldn't necessarily be aiming to go 20/0/0. At that point your job is to be protecting the ADC and making sure that they are getting the kills. It all depends on how your team is built and what point in the game you are at. You don't have to have a high KDR to win a game for your team.

    Hope this helps :)
    Kid_Turbo | May 31, 2018 3:36pm
    You must be 100% familiar with:

    -champions you counter.
    -champions who can counter yours.
    -at least two (or more depends on you) proper build variations.
    -good understanding of your champion own abilities & how they work.
    -countless hours of practice as much as you can spent.

    You can simply watch a video (or any guide) pick two or three combos (start with the simpler) and basically try and copy what you see. When you feel confident enough you can go and try what you've learned in real game. And so on until u get better, but to be honest the best teacher is your own experience. Don't be afraid to lose, basically the only thing that separates you from being the best Kata in the world is the amount of lost games with Kata and your own ability to learn fast.
    Try and look at Kata's abilities as if they were a mini-game. Think where exactly you'll throw you Q, think where it might land. Try to improvise by switching the order you basically use your abilities in, during laning phase always avoid creating a pattern/order in which you use your abilities, for example don't always poke with [Q - E - W -Q - E] try move them around depending on the situation, for example you can [E - W - Q - E] or [W - Q - E - W] and so on.

    Hope this helps, cheers and good luck.
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