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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How do you jungle in Season 4?

Posted in General | Tags: Amumu Jarvan IV Nasus Spirit of the Ancien Spirit of the Elder Spirit of the Spectr Vi 37,721

  • jhoijhoi

    How do you jungle in Season 4?

    I am currently updating the Jungler wiki article and would appreciate if people could answer the following questions. If your answer receives a lot of support via votes, it will be featured in the article, with a credit to you and working link back to your profile.

    > What is the best jungle route for new players just starting out in the jungling role?
    > What is the best jungle route for more experienced players?
    > What is the most efficient jungle route for getting to level 6?
    > How do you know when to stop jungling to go and gank?
    > What factors should you consider when looking to gank?
    > What items are most effective for jungling?
    > How do you pick a jungler for your team?

    If you have any questions to add, feel free to ask in the comment section, and I will update this post. Thanks!
    - jhoijhoi
  • Answers (3)

    tehAsian (247) | January 18, 2014 8:41pm
    Best beginner jungle route - Start at the buff closest to your bottom lane, then move up 1 camp at a time. Then clear smaller camps until your buffs come back up and repeat.

    Best experienced jungle route - I don't know, it usually depends on a lot of different factors. Usually they start Bot side buff > clear closest camp > Other buff > gank/clear

    Most efficient route to 6 - idk :(

    When to stop jungling and gank - Depends on your jungler. Weak ganking junglers such as Shyv shouldn't gank unless the enemy laners are extremely overextended. Strong ganking junglers such as Lee/Elise can tower dive low/mid health enemies even very early in the game. However, weak ganking junglers can try to read the enemy jungler and look to countergank.

    Ganking factors -
    1. What champion am I playing and what can I do to kill this lane?
    2. Is this lane warded? Where?
    3. Should my teammate initiate/bait fights, or should I?
    4. Is the person I'm ganking strong enough to fight 1v2?
    5. Is this lane worth ganking at all?
    6. What can I do to help my laner?

    Jungling items -
    Spirit items > By far the most optimal choice in 99% of games. Offers gp10 which builds up while you gank/don't farm so you aren't penalized as much for failed ganks.
    Lizard gives a great early boost in damage but falls off, amazing for damage junglers. The change where it gives mana + hp based on damage dealt is AMAZING for sustain, even more so when you buy lifesteal, which is inclusive to the big damage items.
    Golem gives tenacity and health and is a fantastic item for tank junglers who can then build Tabi and essentially have the benefits of both defensive boots.
    Wraith is for AP junglers who don't buy Golem or Lizard, i.e. Fiddles and the occasional Elise I guess?

    Wriggles > Sucks. Never buy it.

    No Machete > "I want to snowball myself." If you fall behind you're pretty screwed.

    Picking a jungler > idk, I personally pick who I want. (I'm not a good team player xP)

    I'm not really a jungle main, so I don't know how much of this is correct, but this is what I can see from watching others jungle.
    jhoijhoi (2057) | January 20, 2014 12:39am
    Asian: Thanks for your response! I especially like the Ganking Factors questions. Really helpful :)

    Were: I'll make sure to mention boot choices in the item section.
    Werepirelord (65) | January 19, 2014 3:00am
    Kinda disagree with the Tabi sentiment, Boots of Mobility are an amazing first or second back item for junglers who rely on ganks like Amumu or Nautilus, and should almost always be bought over Tabi boots, which can still be exchanged for Tabis later.
    Fat_fast (11) | January 18, 2014 5:33pm
    >Stop jungling and gank? Post 3/6, jungle buffs secured and you have eat all the conservation stack. Cliche isn't it? It's the safest bet in most case scenario, albeit slow. Other extreme case would be enemy's blunder,eg overextend, pushing a wave while low and you're nearby, counter ganking and counter jungling.
    >Factors considered to look for a gank? Item, 1st and foremost. You need to know how well can you go against the enemy in a face-off. If you think you can't win, you will need some trick to even the odds(baiting, waiting for the enemies to waste an important skill offensively, asking for more peps to gank...) however if you believe you have a shot, you could sacrifice a few factors to force a fight. Eg. Thinking he is winning, Jarvan use E+Q to close the gap and avoid ward instead of damage and CC. 2nd would be map+position. Just ask yourselves the following question:"How many can lend backup and how long will it takes for them to arrive? Can the enemies escape or last long enough for backup to arrive under this terrain?". Look at the mid laner and jungler on the enemy team will answer them most of the time. 3rd is team comp, does the enemy have more dueling or team clash potential compare to yours? If there's more dueling, then you shouldn't pick a fight unless you have more manpower, more team clash potential= you should keep the fight small and short, don't mess with them if they have more than 3 members grouping. Lastly, reward. Since the other factors dealt with risk how to overcome them, the only reason left to do it or not would be gain. EG. A 4-on-2 gank is usually not recommended, for it's a waste of time and map influence, you expose yourselves by quite a bit with that gank, however if you could take down an objective with that then it's justified(almost?). Note: if you have strong roamer then it might be a good idea to babysit the lane while they do their business.
    >Picking jungler? Er, it depends... Junglers are usually off-tank, but with tankyness meta top, some may op for a more damage build, which i don't recommend. You can't allow yourselves to be shot down easily in a baron contest or a poke war+jungling hasn't paid enough to do that. More often than not, the jungler isn't the core member of the team, that means you complement the team. As you pick, you need to weight the various factor that you team have: late game or early power spike(the meta favors the late game nowadays), dueling potential(single target damage) or team fight capability(aoe,skill reset...), tactical asset(utility, poke and split push power) or raw damage/tankyness; so as to decide either balancing it out for a by-the-book game or to go all-in on a few specific characteristic as a sink or swim strategy etc... Your choice

    Feel free to fix any mistake I've made.
    Fat_fast (11) | January 18, 2014 9:10pm
    Tks, good to know you like it. But I feel that through being specific, I've become rambling =.=, I can't hardly imagine you reading all of this though(my comment and beyond). Anyway kudos!
    jhoijhoi (2057) | January 18, 2014 5:58pm
    Thanks for your ideas! Your points are really specific, I especially like your first answer. +rep. I'll wait until I have a few more replies before amalgamating the best responses for the wiki :)
    Rimxo (1) | January 19, 2014 2:54pm
    What is the best jungle route for new players just starting out in the jungling role?
    -When you start jungling the best thing to do is to protect and control your own buffs.
    I suggest to start blue > wolf camp > red
    Why? Because the bushes on red camp are easier to ward and safier to do.

    - What is the best jungle route for more experienced players?
    When you get more experienced and condifent in jungle the best thing is TRY to steal a buff.
    This days i am seeing a lot of people who forget to ward or protect the red buff.
    So i go with my top and my mid partner (on blue side) or top,mid and bot partners (on purple side)
    and go and steal red buff.
    A recommendation when you go to the camp is that all go toghether so if you find an enemy champion all can use their abilities and get and secure a FB.
    If not enemy champion was seen..after get the red buff i suggest to go to the nearest lane (top on blue side or bot on red side) you will find your enemy champion with the first minion wave in the middle of the lane...with your red buff and one cc skill you get an almost secure kill.
    It is an easy and a safe tactic but if you see 2 or more people in the red camp and you know they are there protecting an invading tactic is better to start in your side and do the common route.

    -How do you know when to stop jungling to go and gank?
    a. When a lane is overextended
    b. Mid MIA (you should ask your mid where he think he goes and be prepage for a countergank)
    c. When your allie/s is/are should be farming near to them (golems or big wraith) and be ready to help in case of enemy gank
    c'. if your allies has a good cc or burst (taric, annie, leona) wait on the bush when the enemy get close go all in (make sure the enemy has not warded the bush)

    -What factors should you consider when looking to gank?
    HYPER-MEGA-SUPER-IMPORTANT: You must see your allies first and then your enemies.
    I see all days a lot of people who start a bot gank for example because the enemies is overextended..but he don't see that his teammates are OOM or they have their ults on CD
    SO 1- Allies status: CDs, Health & mana.
    2-Enemies status: CDs (FLASH!!!), and position
    Sometimes you must attempt to make a first gank without using ults to waste their flash,
    and then do a second one.
    You will kill them or deny them exp and gold
    3- Is s/he a !"#!"# tough unkilliable champion?
    Sometimes is better to not gank top for exaplme mundo, garen, shyvana
    They are hard to kill, you waste time, gold, you don't kill them and they have infinite sustain and you can't deny gold or exp to them because they get last hit for example with cleaver.
    4- DON'T DIVE if you don't know where the enemy jungler is.

    -What items are most effective for jungling?
    The most effective are the spirits ones.
    For new players i suggest golem but if you are an experienced player you can go lizard with some snowball champions like nocturne, hecarim, etc. but if you fall behind it can be innefective

    I expect this info can help you.

    PD: i'm from argentina so i apologise if my english is bad or i kill or hurt your eyes XD.
    JesperJotun | May 26, 2014 8:47am
    That was really informative :). I'm a new player, but really want to further push my Jungling with Vi so I'll definitely remember your advice. Also, don't worry about the English - it was better than most people I know who were born speaking it XD!
    Rimxo (1) | January 20, 2014 2:31pm
    I'm glad i can help you...thank you too for the rep.
    jhoijhoi (2057) | January 20, 2014 12:40am
    Some great new-player-friendly advice there! I especially like the "check your allies BEFORE the enemies"; can't count how many times the jungler has ganked without checking to see if we're OOM or too low to bait/engage.

    Thanks and +rep :)
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