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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How do you play Shaco..

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  • Hrypex

    How do you play Shaco..

    Hey, how do you play Shaco.
    I played shaco JG AP, with rune Dark Harvest and Sorcey.
    How u play shaco?
  • Answers (3)

    Dingtry | November 29, 2019 12:08pm
    Ok Here we go:

    Shaco is a FUN, worth, powerful Champion.

    Is he a carry?

    Is he an initiator/engager?

    Is he a tank?

    Is he a support jungler?

    Is he an assassin like Kha'Zix?

    Is he a bruiser that can fight for a long time?

    Shaco Skills are a little bit hard to understand. You may know the range, the Cooldown and the damage of each one, but the important point is knowing HOW and WHEN you must use them. Season 7 added few tweaks to them that made them even better.

    Shaco's new passive is pretty sweet. it grants BONUS DAMAGE when striking from behind with both your Autoattacks and your Two-Shiv poison.

    Many people say that the use of this skill is what makes a Shaco good or bad.

    Deceive. This is probably Shaco's best known signature. It is basically a Flash that turns you invisible for few secs and enhance your next attack.

    SURPRISE! This is Jack In The Box, an invisible machine-gun that will appear to the first target that approaches it, will make it flee and will shoot him AND ALL THE ENEMY TARGETS AROUND. Early-game it works nice to tank early buffs and make them being cleared in 2-3 seconds at lvl 1. Late-game you will want it mostly for the fear and to set escaping routes when killing turrets. Season 7 brought 2 things to jitb.

    n amazing ability that will work both as a finishing nuke and as a perma-redbuff. With the recent chagnes, TWO-SHIV POISON DEALS BONUS DAMAGE WHEN STRIKING FROM BEHIND.
    Since the slow power, the damage and the miss % increases with the skill level, you're going to want to max out Two-Shiv Poison FIRST. This little friend now deals damage according to enemy miss health. Overall, a nice finishing blow that slows and works wonders in addition to your Red buff.

    Rework Changes
    Good news: It deals enhanced damage according to enemy missing HP, but being the max already when under 30% (yay!),it scales with bonus AD (yay x2!) and now DEALS MAGIC DAMAGE (yay x3!)

    Tips and Tricks
    Don't use your Two-Shiv Poison to engage. NEVER, unless you're facing someone like Sivir or Nocturne that could block it.
    Two-Shiv Poison does magic damage now. That means that even if we're building AD and enemy builds armor, they will take a lot of damage from it!
    You can use your Deceive+Tiamat Active + AA + Two-Shiv Poison combo, but just to finish a carry who is low. NEVER to initiate a full gank/fight unless your target is epicly overextended.
    Remember this skill PROCS Backstab AGAIN. Always try to use it from behind, a knife thrown right between the eyebrows won't hurt as much as if it is thrown on the back.

    This is a simple guide. PS I copy pasted it from
    Eccentricks (5) | December 21, 2019 2:25pm
    Idea: Shaco Support.
    BIG1ROBBY2DON (6) | December 9, 2019 9:56am
    For Shaco, take advantage of your early game invis and box fear. It is very strong and once Shaco hits 6, you can practically 1 v 1 any jungler.
    Shaco ganks are nasty and you can camp any lane making the enemy laner further behind and potentially tilt the hell out of them because they can't see your invis and now they are feeding because of you and probably blaming their jungler.
    Shaco kinda falls off later, so definitely end the game and get objectives; take advantage of your ult for faster dragon, barons, and objevtives. Good Luck!
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