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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How to deal with Annie Caitlyn lane in a 2v2 scenario ?

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  • LevasK

    How to deal with Annie Caitlyn lane in a 2v2 scenario ?

    So as the name suggests I and people that I get on my team have been having problems dealing with this lane especially if our side fails to hit 2 before them. I think that Lucian Leona could be the answer, but since I don't play ADC anymore I don't know.
  • Answers (4)

    NorthernRedStar (82) | January 26, 2014 2:38am
    I am surprised that no one has suggested Morgana so far. She nullifies all of Annie's burst if you take a few early points in Black Shield. Even If you fail to block Tibbers stun, you can block all the damage that follows and that should allow you to remain in lane.

    Leona can also man-handle Annie with ease at levels 2-3. Post-6, it's more like who engages first.

    Thresh to Annie, as seen in the LCS, seems to be mostly a skill-based lane. If you can sucesfully pull off an aggressive Thresh-lane, you should be able to snowball to victory pretty easily. Smarts of each player determine the lane imo.
    LevasK (108) | January 26, 2014 7:29am
    Morgana would be a fine choice if we were talking about a 1v1 situation, but if you take Morgana vs Caitlyn + Annie lane you will probably loose straight up. Both Caitlyn and Annie have 200 and 175 Auto Attack range on Morgana as well as Morgana] really doesn't do anything in lane except provide Black Shield.
    Vynertje (386) | January 24, 2014 3:41pm
    Might be a bit late for this, but typically a good Leona can beat annie because she can stunlock her and doesn't give a damn about her burst damage. Ezreal can majorly outplay annie as well if you're good at timings.
    LevasK (108) | January 25, 2014 9:10am
    Hmm I think I will just make a thread for this topic, since it seems that it might be a long one.
    Wayne3100 (492) | January 25, 2014 7:32am
    Sivir does not counter Caitlyn. The fact that she can shield the traps does not make up for the fact that she has much lower range and should be getting poked every time she wants to get farm.

    Vayne can beat Caitlyn , but Caitlyn should beat Vayne. The fact that she has Tumble doesn't mean she can just close the gap and win easily, especially when Caitlyn also has her 90 Caliber Net to back off if necessary.

    Obviously, the support pick influences a lane heavily as well, but out of all options, Vayne and Sivir are literally two of the worst picks to choose against a Caitlyn.
    RottedApples (57) | January 25, 2014 7:14am
    sivir technically counters caitlyn since she can use the traps for free mana and block all her spells. even the ult, which can be game changing. you take out the part of caitlyns kit that gets kills when other adc's can't like that and thats a big deal.
    vayne can beat cait. cait will only beat vayne at range and since vayne has mobility she can close that gap. basically for a cait to beat vayne at range it has to be a bad vayne.
    LevasK (108) | January 25, 2014 1:41am
    Well thank you everyone for your answers I guess I will have to save up for Leona or scream for Annie bans.Also Ezreal and Sivir are only partial answers to Annie, but not to Caitlyn.
    PsiGuard (1495) | January 24, 2014 2:58pm
    Pick something else OP like Jinx - Thresh. Leona with a strong early game ADC like Lucian can work too but it's obviously a bit more risky.
    Janitsu (569) | January 24, 2014 12:56pm
    My premade and I usually go Sivir + Thresh bot lane because Annie can't really do anything to Thresh in the early game (or in any phase, unless she gets fed) and Sivir can block the initiation stun, if she just times it right. Caitlyn's abilities can ALL be blocked by Sivir, too.
    RottedApples (57) | January 24, 2014 6:40pm
    leona pick into annie: as krepo has said many times, "take it up the *** until level 3"
    Bioalchemist (155) | January 24, 2014 2:37pm
    i am certainly not happy to see this duo against me. but the key i have found with annie is to be aggressive. if you let her sit around and poke you for days you will lose because her burst grows quickly. thresh works because you can go hard on her. leona is also good. pick your engagement and go hard. also stay split because annie has two aoe stuns as you know. other than that. pray. lol
    RottedApples (57) | January 24, 2014 2:30pm
    but sivir has good aoe and could probably beat annie and caitlyn to level 2, just a thought
    LevasK (108) | January 24, 2014 1:54pm
    Yes however they can still abuse the **** out of both of you due to the range difference.Also you don't really take E on Sivir at lvl 1 do you?
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