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League of Legends (LoL) Question: I want to Improve with Jinx

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  • Splitty

    I want to Improve with Jinx

    Hello, I am Splitty and I would like to Improve with her as I want to escape Bronze (Bronze 2 86PL), could I have some tips for controlling the wave & macro game as I see that 2 things very important for the course of every match, thank you all for reading this or giving me some tips.
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    kiranezio (10) | May 3, 2020 3:42am
    For wave controlling you should try to kill the minions with last hit so that you could control the wave. If you find it difficult to last hit the minions try to practice in practice tool where you can learn to last hit minions that improves your farming too this is the main thing which is required for adc so that they can buy items quick try to use jinx's q to farm more quicker this improves your wave control if the enemy team is always pushed, try to farm under turrents which gets you farm as well as you don't feed them especially champions like Draven. If you improve your farming skills you can improve your macro gaming skills. Always try to use jinx's q while in team fights because it will deal more damage and area damage. Always be at back in team fights while your front line engages and try to target the champs who is fed. You jinx's ult when enemies are near by that deals tons of damage.
    I main jinx too I'm in silver 3.
    Splitty | May 3, 2020 4:39pm
    Thank you very much for the tips and thank you even more for giving me your time for answering this question!! +rep
    kiranezio (10) | May 3, 2020 10:50pm
    if you have any doubts feel free to ask them in question and answer section many others will help you
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