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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Is AD Kennen viable?

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  • Catatafish

    Is AD Kennen viable?

    Is AD Kennen viable?
  • Answers (5)

    Berzerk (155) | January 31, 2013 5:03am
    He is viable. He can be played win lane and be useful late game due to all of his CC. He is however probably not IDEAL as he does not have any real AD scaling skill or steroids.
    FalseoGod (316) | January 31, 2013 5:40pm
    W Passive scales with AD
    Pluckin Penguin (117) | January 31, 2013 11:56am
    Main thing to keep in mind is that he is meant for laning phase, and you can't just walk into the enemy team and use your ult like you would with AP Kennen. Typically, his ultimate is used to keep bruisers off of him.
    FallenSwift | March 19, 2013 11:15am
    Honestly, I think he has no chance of survive vs AP kennen. due the fact he will not benefit on his skills by the AD build. Yes you might have better auto-attack damage and such. But once AP kennen has full build. He can really flip the table once he engage in team-fight. Luckily I was once in team vs AD kennen, all I can say is that kennen was a feeder.

    Kennen AD still around, but not as useful/powerful as AP. That's the point I'm getting to.
    ohsospicy1 | February 11, 2013 8:29pm
    Somebody make an AD Kennen guide for me please!
    TechnicalReality | February 27, 2013 11:12pm
    Already done :3
    Teh Grazzh0pper (38) | February 16, 2013 4:19am
    You just gave me an idea LOL
    -NA- Veng Lmfao (169) | February 1, 2013 3:25am
    Viable? Yes. Your best option? No.
    sirell (400) | January 31, 2013 4:46am
    In a word, yes.
    FalseoGod (316) | January 31, 2013 7:10am
    He is ranged, has a decent and attack animation, an escape/repositioning tool, CC, his stun stacks faster with Runaan's Hurricane and it scales with his own AD. His faults are that his range isn't that brilliant, using Lightning Rush needs practice (since you can't auto-attack during it's duration/it's your only escape). He's not top tier at all, but he works nicely.
    sirell (400) | January 31, 2013 4:46am
    I'll let other, better suited, people explain why.
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