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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Is it better to get relic or coin on Blitz? And how do I finish the quest w

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  • Nero8DmC

    Is it better to get relic or coin on Blitz? And how do I finish the quest w

    I like Blitz, however I have been having troubles with relic shield. I was wondering how do I play with it, and is coin better?
    Also, is timeworn face of the mountain good on him?
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    CrazyKnightBob (6) | March 18, 2019 6:43pm
    Use ancient coin when you need the mana or are up against a poke-heavy lane. I always take ancient coin when I don't think I'll get enough gold from relic shield or when I didn't take manaflow band.
    T0RTU | March 17, 2019 11:53am
    I prefer Coin as it helps you recover the mana you wasted on hooks
    moon827 (14) | March 11, 2019 8:02am
    Relic is probably a better option in 90% of matchups, where you are going to need the sustain, but there are some situations, which are very rare, where coin is going to be better, where you are going to be super aggressive, and using a lot of mana.

    Hope this helps,

    Eyecri | March 10, 2019 4:41am
    Relic is more reliable since it give hp and hp regen plus lets you heal your marksman, but if you feel like your going to be behind and can't kill creeps coin can be really good as well. I suggest use either of these on several games(ideally blind pick so that it will not ruin your LP) to get a feeling on when to use coin or relic
    Hamstertamer (73) | March 10, 2019 3:50am
    Relic is by far the most common pickup. Relic gives max HP and HP regen while coin only gives mana regen.
    Remmehkube (8) | March 9, 2019 8:25am
    Games in my elo are super hectic in the botlane when I need to support and I always feel ****py taking relic shield.
    Whenever I have to support I tend to take coin, the extra movementspeed sounds nice and the mana regen trough the drops can be pretty nice, especially if you manage to get an early back off with 450 gold.

    I believe Coin also finishes earlier then Relic shield (especially if your behind) so you get more vision earlier and can start spending your gold on other items.

    Idk how noticable 80 hp really is though.
    Dont be afraid to just try it out, if it sucks you atleast experienced for yourself why it sucks.
    ZaRetheWest | March 9, 2019 8:08am
    Its better Relic,more health,more durability.U finish ur quest when u get enough gold just from ur item,itc. u need to receive 450gold to finish ur quest,that mean u need to kill creeps with Relic and u will finish the quest.
    Have a good day !

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