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League of Legends (LoL) Question: I've wanted to climb for a long time, but all the Champions I like are supe


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    I've wanted to climb for a long time, but all the Champions I like are supe

    I've wanted to climb in League for a long time, but the champions I like are all very hard to play (Aurelion Sol, Azir, etc). I've been told to give them up and play easier champions (annie) until I learn the game, but how can I pick them back up if I never play them?
    What's the best way to get the best of both worlds, to learn and get better and not have to play champions that I dislike?
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    FlyingWailord (8) | November 4, 2019 4:25pm
    Twisted Fate is the best champion in your category. Although he doesn't take that much mechanics, he is hard just by the amount of micro you need to put on him. He isn't crazy early or late game, so you need to stress on what is handed to him: wave management and roaming. Playing him will teach you how to play the wave, when to shove and gain priority, or when to play it safe and let it push to you. Twisted Fate isn't the best self-peeler, and you'll eventually learn to avoid potential all-ins and ganks. You also increase your reaction-timing with his W. Overall, he is a hard champion that teaches EVERYTHING about the game.
    qtANG (3) | October 16, 2019 4:05pm
    u can actually try talon, diana or ekko for short range, syndra, malzahar, ryze and twisted fate for long range mages.
    PsiGuard (1495) | October 16, 2019 12:34pm
    Find a champion that you like that isn't crazy hard. If you really love a difficult champion, you can just play them a lot and you'll eventually get better. It's just harder to learn the game when you have to struggle to handle the champion you're playing at the same time.

    I tend to play champs like Nocturne and Jarvan IV that are easier than someone like Yasuo/ Riven but harder than super basic champs like Annie and Volibear. Maybe you can find a champ in that middle ground that you like.
    Marumo (14) | October 16, 2019 2:45pm
    Sounds like a really good idea. What champions would you say are medium level for a mid laner? I've been thinking of Zoe and Aurelion Sol a bit like the OP but a medium champion might be nice for getting a foot into ranked!
    PsiGuard (1495) | October 17, 2019 7:05pm
    There's a lot of options in that skill range. Vel'Koz, Ahri, Lux, Xerath, Neeko and Veigar are good champions if you prefer to fish for skillshots at a safe distance and mostly stay out of harm's way.

    Malzahar, Lissandra and Malphite are good options if you like to engage fights or set up picks for your team. They all have good crowd control ultimates.

    If you're looking for a melee mid, try Fizz, Diana, Talon or Pantheon. They can be a bit tougher to play due to the range disadvantage in a lot of matchups, but their kits aren't too complicated so you won't have to focus as much on your abilities and can focus more on the game.

    That's a lot of champions to try, so maybe make a list of the ones that interest you and try to play them on freeweek. If you have the spare BE, you can pick up whichever champion sounds most interesting if you don't want to wait around for a freeweek.
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    Aidsanity | November 6, 2019 1:09am
    Just get the characters that seem appealing down, it seems like you play mid characters so maybe try out Talon, Malzahar, Ryze, and maybe Neeko. They are all relatively easy champs to pick up, once you gain a grasp of how the game works and work that mechanical skill up you will start seeing improvement in other characters. But I would say keep playing the ones you play and get good at them, hard characters always help with mechanics later on in your career. :)
    6MillionBreads | November 4, 2019 4:39pm
    You probably wont have much success climbing as a new player anyway due to lack of experience with the game in general and how it flows I wouldn't put too much thought into it just play ranked for fun if you choose and don't take wins/losses very seriously or expect to get very high especially if it's your first season!

    I'd also say keep playing who you like and try to get better, but also don't be afraid to try new champs and experiment and see what you like and don't like! You never know, you might actually fall in love with a completely different role!
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