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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Lvl 1 Pressure as an ADC

Posted in Champions | Tags: Caitlyn Ezreal Lucian 6,303

  • Epic Fail Guy

    Lvl 1 Pressure as an ADC


    I am a Plat 2 ADC and I am recently finding it hard to not get stomped at lvl 1. Ive recently started playing Ezreal (but the issue is still on every adc) and its really been hard for me to not get poked down completely at lvl 1 when I go for cs and this always causes the enemy laner to push the wave to my tower and hold it there so they out farm me and get complete lane dominance.

    I dont really know what to do and what im doing wrong. Maybe im focusing too much on csing or pushing too hard for cs? Any help from some high elo players is highly appreciated :)

    Thanks :)
  • Answers (2)

    Anomalousgeek | October 24, 2016 6:06pm
    I've found that lvl 1 doesn't matter nearly as much as lvl 2, when both sides get that second ability and are able to make a play. But that doesn't answer your question.

    My suggestion is to hide behind minions to avoid skillshots and read your opponent to see if they're intentionally being aggressive or not. If your opponent is going for you, then you'll know; if they're just walking up the lane, take advantage of it and poke them back so you gain the upper hand.
    Epic Fail Guy (10) | October 25, 2016 12:44am
    Thank you dude :)
    Vapora Dark (624) | October 24, 2016 5:13pm
    The biggest factor at lvl 1 is the support matchup tbh. No matter what the ADC matchup is, if your support is Ali/Braum and the enemy support is Zyra/Karma/Nami/Janna, then you're gonna get stomped at lvl 1.

    It's impossible to always have superior pressure at lvl 1, the key is to learn when you should and shouldn't have pressure and make the most of those situations. Have pressure at lvl 1? Abuse it. Don't have pressure? Don't even bother trying to contest for lane pressure, just give the push over to the enemy bot lane and try to minimize the damage you take while you're weak.

    If you want good lvl 1 pressure, then duo Q with someone that'll play any of those supports, or ask your solo Q supports to play them if they can. If you're playing Ezreal then I recommend Karma since the enemy ADC would want to sit behind minions to dodge your Q's, but sitting behind minions would leave them vulnerable to Karma Q. The result is that an Ezreal-Karma lane zones most bot lanes at lvl 1.

    Other factors weigh in too, such as some supports being good vs others and some ADC's being good vs others, but there's too much to talk about there.
    Epic Fail Guy (10) | October 25, 2016 12:43am
    Thanks a lot man :)
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