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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Mechanics

Posted in General | Tags: Urgot 3,350

  • xGoBoom



    I'm a unranked league player. But ofcourse I wish to end up in higher tiers.
    My question to you guys is how would I accomplish this?

    Which things do I need to do while I'm in the game?
    What do I need to look out for?
    What things do I need to think about while playing?

    I hope someone could help me.

    Kind regards,
  • Answers (1)

    orrvaa (41) | July 28, 2017 6:00am
    Hello summoner :P

    There are 3 main thing you should get better in to be a good player

    1) Micro - you should practice and be able to do exactly what you want to do with your champion, how to win each matchup in your lane, and farming/CSing it mostly get by experience and practice
    2) Macro - you need to be able to know what objectives to do and when, when to split push, when to roam and so on. This you will get both by practice and learning from better players, streamers, youtubers and guilds. (easier to learn after you are good with one champion and playing only him for a while, so you can focus only on the Macro)
    3) Knowledge - you should know what every champion can and can't do, what the items do and how to counter then (for example armor counters lethality) this you can get by trying new builds, and follow guilds.

    If you have any more specific question feel free to ask
    orrvaa (41) | August 16, 2017 7:04am
    i follow 4 steamers just on youtube, and SoloRenectonOnly is the only one that upload full gameplay and teach things in his videos from them. (you don't must watch all the games, see some).

    If you main only one champ as i did, it will improve your overall gameplay because you will not focus on learning the champion himself, afterwards you can learn more champions and roles, but you will feel that you need to play with them much more to before you will be able to achieve the same skill level.

    For example i am a top gold taric, but i am low gold Leona and Rammus jungle, all my others champions feel like silver rank.

    So i try to play taric each game and if i need other support i take leona, if she is banned i play sorraka, but these are my champs for rank.
    xGoBoom | August 16, 2017 5:09am
    Do you follow him on Youtube?
    Thanks for the help and what if I just main one champ and just one. (Wouldn't be smart since 10 champs can be banned) Would it then improve my gameplay faster? Or just with this particuler champ?
    orrvaa (41) | August 5, 2017 11:12pm
    First of all your English it OK, because i have dyslexia i use a spell check before i send a comment don't worry XD, and answer only when you want if you want i don't care as long as you read the comment :D

    The players in the game split into two types of players, players that play competitive and players that play only for fun.

    You have to know each role and what he does if you want to become better in the game, as not expect jungle to gank top when he is in the jungle bot side or if you pushing.

    About feeding, anyone feeding some times in the game, even the pro have some games that they do mistakes here and there, just try to avoid it so you will have late game that you can win in.

    Maybe you love a lot of champions because their unique and maybe because you didn't find the champion that fits you, but i still recommend to main a champion or two so you will be able to improve your macro game play, one streamer that i like that focus on teaching laning and roaming in his game, his SoloRenectonOnly, i would recommend to try it.
    xGoBoom | August 5, 2017 9:29pm
    I really like the reactions you gave, it's helping a lot and sorry for the late response because I don't check this site regulary (Idk if it's spelled alright)
    But I do like a lot of champ, I play every role too and in every role I've got a different champ and I keep trying champions but I like too many of them.
    Is this because I'm in bronze? Like can't I use the mechanics enough to declare I really like the champion? Cus I get this feeling..
    LukiniAlkazeel | August 1, 2017 10:05pm
    If you're just starting I'd go for ADC or Top Lane. If you're tough enough to take blames and hate go for Jungle and Support
    orrvaa (41) | July 30, 2017 11:29am
    i like your question, there isn't a one true answer, ill start by telling my story and after this i will try give advices. (BTW i am not count as a pro player)

    i started the game with a champion that one of my friend suggested me, Dr. Mundo, so as he is a top laner i played him top, and played only him, to be precise i didn't get anybetter with him, after i felt like he is not as fun as i used too i tried to change champion into something like him, a tank top laner, so i learned Garen, and then i tried Nasus, i think after 5 games with the same champion you will get if you like his play style and his kit or not.
    Most of my games i played with friends (after i got to level 30), then they asked me if i want to play jungler, my first one was Master Yi witch i still bad with, so i tried a little tankier champion because that what i liked. I started to play Rammus jungle (truly because i got a free skin) and learned the role, then i try to change to Hecarim. Then because my friend that was jungle started to be a main ADC, he asked me to be his support, as i was bad in CS and farming it was a good role for me and i started with leona, then Soraka, but then a champion that was unplayed and i didn't even know he even exist (as Yorik and Urgot was too) got reworked, and it was Taric, he had a very wired kit and as it was interesting i started to learn about him what best for him, and today i am main Taric, and main Support, i can play on ranked something like 3-4 Supports but mostly i play him.

    Your story can be totally different,

    but i am sure you tried some champions, so here what i suggest (you can do it different)
    1) choose what kind of champions you like (assassin,tanks, marksman, mage and so on), [tanks for example then differ into Vanguards and Wardens).
    2) after you choose read what champions are there and check what you feel will be good for you, try the champion in his primary role (99% of the champions have a primary specific role)
    3) 5 games after you played ask your self this
    Do i have fun?, yes - good, no - what don't you like the champion or the role, if you don't sure play more games. (if you don't like both change both of them).

    one last thing - what is the main different between the roles

    Top and Mid lane have solo lane, it easier to control your lane how you want and need less to corporate with team mates early, between top and mid, mid should roam more as he can go top or bot while Top without a teleport will take more time to roam bot.

    bot lane - need to corporate more, ADC need to scale while the support need to help him, as the support need to scale less he can roam more for mid or drag if needed.

    Jungler - is role is to take the jungle objectives (Baron, Herald, Dragon, Buffs) and to help the wining lanes get better and the losing lanes start win or losing less.

    It not very precise but it as close as i could write

    If it wasn't clear or if you have any more questions, you welcome :-)
    xGoBoom | July 30, 2017 9:06am
    Thanks for the advice, I will try to do this all. But now I do have one more question..
    Since I'm not a pro player I don't know which champion I really like, how do I know which champion I do like? How did you find your champ and your role in the game? ( Top, mid, jgl, adc or suppport)
    orrvaa (41) | July 29, 2017 1:50am
    Lets say that there is no ending to the learning, but lets say a level that you can get good with, something like plat and above (BTW i am a gold 2 support player).

    If you intensively playing and try to get better i assume it will take you in total something like a year.

    1) Micro - 2 month (may be less, depend on how much games you play with the same champion in the same role)
    2) Macro - 4 month (after the micro)
    3) Knowledge - at least 6 month (after both has been learned)

    i say to learn the macro without having the micro it harder so each one will be needed to be learned alone, and by this order.

    And of curse there are much more things to learn but it things you learn on the way or it is a tinier things such as warding and vision, take champions to counter other champions (only if you know how to play this champions) and more.
    GrovyleGrove (3) | July 28, 2017 8:47pm
    I really liked the response you gave, simple and sweet. I have a question that I believe would help better my (and others) understanding of this though, "If each of these three things had a 'goal date', then under how much time do you believe, or have experienced, that each step should be accomplished by?" (e.g. Micro should be achieved after six months since stating League) Although I know that this answer would differ depending on one's commitment, learning speed, and other outside factors, I would love to hear your thoughts! :D ~GrovyleGrove~
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