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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Needing a new support

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    Needing a new support

    (I've made a really cool text about my situation right now, but mobafire stopped... ;-;)

    Hi, I'm a low elo player needing a new support. Why? I don't have many supports that are useful in LoL's current "situation". So, in this situation, I've found 3 champions I like to play with (because it's not only about being a good support, it has to be fun too): Thresh, Lulu and Nami. They have decent damage, utility and CC. However, I don't know which I should buy.

    In your opinion, which one is the best to climb up in low elo and why? Also, what do you think about each one?

    Thank you for your help <3
  • Answers (1)

    Ekki (86) | January 1, 2017 9:39pm
    I think the "situation" you're talking about is what we call the "meta". Short for metagame.

    Between those three you said, Thresh seems like the best option. He's a bit hard to pick up but he's probably the single most resourceful support, and is viable in every elo.

    Lulu is not a great support, but she's the easiest one to play of these three and will work nicely in the clusterf*ck that are low elo (bronze/silver) games.

    Lastly, Nami seems like the worst option of the three. She's awesome in a coordinated team, but she's just too hard to pick up if you're not good at the game. Also most low elo teams aren't coordinated enough to make full use of her disruption.
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