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League of Legends (LoL) Question: olaf jungle build?

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  • zenix12

    olaf jungle build?

    Hey i wonder if you guys could confirm the build to olaf jungle i have thought about in some time
    the build is:
    Stalker`s blade : Bloodrazor
    Trinity Force
    Berserker`s Greaves
    Ravenous hydra
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    JoeyHigashi | June 10, 2016 5:07pm
    Hi zenix12

    I think this build will lack some sustain without tank itens (like Sterak's Gage / Spirit Visage / Dead Man's Plate, example)...
    Because Olaf needs to be tank too, for your own sake, either on a good or a bad ganking/teamfight

    My build for "Olaf Jungle" that I played and makes it worth is:
    Mandatory: Spirit Visage and Ravenous Hydra (see itens)
    Optional: Depending on Teams but go great with Frozen Mallet, Sterak' Gage, The Black Cleaver, and some like that (focusing tankiness and sustain)

    I hope this helps with your Olaf jungle!!
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