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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Skill Floors and Skill Ceilings

Posted in Champions 6,032

  • ZachDoodlez7

    Skill Floors and Skill Ceilings

    What champions are the easiest/hardest to learn/master?
  • Answers (0)

    Ragingthunder9 | September 18, 2017 9:54am
    Top - Riven is a hard one to master, you got to be on point with your auto attack cancels to perform the best of her ability. There is always things you can improve on when playing her.
    Jungle - Its hard to say, its less on which champion you pick and more on how you use them to help you and your team. If you want a challenge you can take Kindred, because their passive allows the enemy to know roughly where you are going, you have to be quick, although a good Kindred can do wonders for the team, pure damage with a ult to save your (and sometimes your enemies) life. Lee sin is always a challenge due to the skill shots and a ult that can backfire and save the enemy, but he can carry a game by setting up for his team and starting a favourable team fight.
    Mid - I'd say Azir is quite hard to master, you can clearly tell the difference between a new Azir and a lvl 7 one. He isn't extremely strong which makes him harder to master but once you do he can be just as good if not better than other mid liners. Of course, Yasuo is kinda hard to master but once you know how to use his abilities he's pretty easy.
    ADC - They are all sort of the same skill ceiling, its just more about the player being able to kite, orb walk, and generally know who to target, I can suggest Vayne as a pick, she's fun and can kite the whole enemy team until they are too low to continue following.
    Support - Thresh is harder than he looks, its one thing to land a hook, but to follow up with a lantern over the wall to bring your jungle in too as you fly to them, then box them and tank all the damage, never underestimate a good thresh.
    Ikutso | September 29, 2017 9:51am
    Personally, (with a biased answer) I would say for an adc role, pick Draven. High skill cap, difficult to get the axe catching mechanic correct, and overall Draven is extremely rewarding.
    Sylvant (14) | September 23, 2017 12:58am
    There are certain champs you can say have high or low skill cap and high rewards respectively,like Lee/Vayne(high cap), Annie(low cap), but it also depends on your own abilities. There are people who are good with "knowing" stuff, like having good map awareness, knows best builds and can adjust per game, knows champ mechanics and can use them in their advantage and generally know alot about the game(e.g. drakes buffs, monster camps, how to farm, how to gank etc). There are also thsoe players who dont know much of all that, but they are good with doing "plays" and work as excellent Yasuo/Vayne players. If you are looking for the best champ for you, you need to determine your own strengths. Can you develop good with skill shots, or poke/kite champs; can you acquire a great amount of knowledge, comprehend and use it in your advantage. For example Evelynn. She hasnt got skillshots or complicated mechanics, but is still considered to be a very hard champ. This is because she requires a very unique play style from all other junglers and champs in generaly, duo to her stealth. If fall behind she can be very useless, but if you know how to handle her, you can abuse her stealth for great pressure. Its also hard to build her properly, because how she scales with everything which makes it very confusing to pick the right way.
    orrvaa (38) | September 18, 2017 8:36am
    It really depends on the player himself but each champion have his own general category for learning him and then own category for master him.

    Tell us witch role do you prefer or what kind of champion and we will help you choose what champion probably would be good for you.
    FullerDad (2) | September 22, 2017 1:52pm
    For Jungle I can definitely recommend ChoGath -- he's not too hard to master and doesn't require a leash at beginning of game because of sustain.

    For Mid, I think Ahri and Veigar are my favs...they do require mastering some combos but Ahri's ult lets her get out of a lot of situations while kiting...although Annie is "cute" I just struggled to keep her alive even with "Tibbers"

    Vapora has a great guide to Twitch, and I managed an S with it second time's not my main, but I highly recommend. And if you master Draven, he's ridiculous late game...sooo much gold.

    I'm a Nami/Soraka fan for support...but that's probably because I'm too cheap to outright buy Thresh ;)
    orrvaa (38) | September 18, 2017 11:40am
    OK so you prefer tanks in the big picture

    I would recommend
    For top Nasus - easy to learn, and not hard to master.
    For jungle maybe Chogath - i don't play him but his kit not hard to learn and he have huge potential to carry.
    For support i would recommend Leona as she easy to learn, or Taric a bit harder to learn but very fun to play (i am Taric main XD)
    for mid and adc it hard to me to suggest you, but for mid Annie is easy to learn, but i think assassins like Talon have more potential.
    And for ADC i would recommend Jinx, my friends say she is easy to learn. If you want more challenge you should try Draven or Twitch.
    ZachDoodlez7 (8) | September 18, 2017 9:08am
    I main Poppy (Top/Jg), Nautilus (Top), Galio (Top/Mid) and Lulu (Support) and if I'm forced into ADC I usually pick Ashe.
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