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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Support Malz, Viable?

Posted in Champions | Tags: Malzahar Spellthief's Edge 5,874

  • IcyAuron

    Support Malz, Viable?

    I'm just starting to look at Malz after getting him in ARAM and enjoying the heck out of him. I know that his best position would be mid lane, but I was thinking about the useful CC and utility that he has to offer aside from his amazing AP ratios. With this in mind, and how quickly he'd be able to proc Spellthief's Edge's passive, it got me thinking about playing him as a support. Is this a viable endeavor, or not? I'm not considering this to be a new, amazing support, more just if this would be a waste of time to even try. I'm much more concerned with fun than winning, but if it can't perform, then it's a waste of time. Thanks in advance.
  • Answers (3)

    Nieios (1) | February 26, 2015 8:32am
    Malzahar, to be honest, lacks the hard CC needed for a support (either a pull or stun, i/e Morg Q, Blitz Q, Nami Q, Thresh Q, Leona Q, Naut Q, see a pattern?), as well as having his only CC as more of an offensive type - a silence. His E is best when used against CS waves so it falls to champions once they die, however, this often leeches CS from the ADC. His ult deals loads of damage along with suppressing his target, which is really meant to kill more than hold for the ADC to finish off. He really works in hanging back and poking at enemies with flat feet - albeit most adc's lack the movement abilities to dodge these well, it doesn't synergize with the usual sustained damage of an ADC or split carry.
    Vapora Dark (624) | February 12, 2015 2:58pm
    If I can make Talon a viable support, you can sure as hell make Malzahar one too.
    LevasK (108) | February 12, 2015 8:13am
    You can take any mid laner with CC and play him as a support, Malzahar is no exception. He will not be great at supporting, especially vs Thresh, Leona, Annie or other supports that can get in your face.

    TL;DR- It can be done, it can work, but it won't be good.
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