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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Support Zyra

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    Support Zyra

    Im new to League of Legends and very noob, i see many people making builds for support Zyra and i still doesnt know why she can be a support. Can someone explain it to me?
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    BIG DADDY WILL (14) | July 17, 2019 8:02am
    • Zyra isn't as item reliant as other mages for damage. Although it's still best to build damage items, her abilities are oppressive with a single support item. This is because her base damage is high and her ratios are just okay.
    • Zyra has lots of AOE damage. Alongside her poke and root being AOE, she can redirect the aggression of her plants, and her ultimate covers a wide surface area making it difficult for duo lanes to play next to each other.
    • Zyra has a bit of utility despite being high damage. She has an AOE root, a re-applying slow, and can scout vision with her plants. Of course, most support champions have more utility, but it's adequate to make her viable.

    These general premises would apply to Brand as well.
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