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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Vayne top counters

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  • joey8927

    Vayne top counters

    I have been having a lot of success with Vayne top lately, (carried 6-7 games in a row in which I had averages similar to 12/3/6)
    I was wondering if it would be safe for me to continue blind picking her top and if it's possible for me to outplay every top lane matchup (even vs non-tank opponents like Fiora/Riven/Bruiser J4)

    as a side note, does qss counter le blanc burst? or if I am ahead would hexdrinker be a better purchase to out damage their ap assassins?
  • Answers (3)

    Embracing (353) | May 27, 2015 12:17pm
    Simply said she just doesn't do well against any dash or initiate, and given how the current meta involves tanky initiates and how the team with a vayne top will be extremely lacking in teamfight presence, she's quite a horrible pick.

    Vayne might do well in lane with her condemn against some melee champs, but once you involve the jungler, all of a sudden she has no safe way to escape. If I were a melee top against a vayne I'd just let her shove and try to freeze and let the jungler camp all day. You can also lane swap against her early on, which is another easy way to counter her.

    Her post-lane phase is quite atrocious as well, given how she literally can only splitpush. With how limited her options are, she really isn't that good of a pick.
    joey8927 | June 9, 2015 6:54pm
    my build lets me stay safe, botrk + bansheeis + qss/mercurial
    then just typical build PD, LW, I.e. barrier and flash ofc
    Epicmaneuvers | June 11, 2015 1:19pm
    Your success most likely hinges on your skill level. in a sense, you are winning because your opponents are just worse than you.

    Once you play against a player with equal or better skill you will see that vayne top is not that great.

    that is at least, only my opinion. I could be wrong.
    Janitsu (569) | May 21, 2015 9:25pm
    Quicksilver Sash counters hard CC - not burst

    In addition, Vayne has very hard time against anyone that has leaps or dashes to get close to her. Against tanky opponents she could do just fine, if they weren't usually also pretty high on damage and CC. Playing Vayne usually leaves your team without strong frontline, since you are essentially playing another ADC. Just my two cents.
    Vengenator (61) | May 24, 2015 6:13pm
    Actually Vayne top centers around facing against melee champions with dashs or leaps. If we take someone like Renekton even if he double dashes he still can't get to vayne because of Condemn and Tumble.

    With this ideology in mind wouldn't vayne counters be champions who are content to sit back from a distance? Most AP burst mages would be able to handle her with ease ( Syndra or Xerath) but having them top would also put the enemy team at the disadvantage of not having a tank.

    That aside, there still are traditional tops that might be able to handle her such as Lissandra or Jayce.
    joey8927 | May 22, 2015 2:59am
    I think she's a pretty good split pusher once you get some items (better than Zed)
    imo her only real counters is Ryze, maybe Vlad or Cassiopedia too, but there's certainly outplay potential - at least I think there is.
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