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League of Legends (LoL) Question: What should I do to get better.

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  • the chaos bringer 00

    What should I do to get better.

    So I am stuck at silver 4, for like 2 months. I play only ranked games because I believe that this is the only way to improve. The fact that I am stuck, means that I do not improve at all. Should I continue play only ranked games or I should do some practice in normals. Is that actually practise, I mean, will I improve at all?
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    PsiGuard (1495) | June 14, 2014 6:34pm
    Here's my checklist for practicing for soloqueue or ranked 5s.

    • Choose one role to main (mid, jungle and adc are recommended). Choose two more to resort to if you main is taken (one should be support). Practice these roles primarily.

    • Build champion pools using strong meta picks and/or champions you have personal success with. Play around with different champions until you find 3 or more in each role that you prefer. Practice these champions as much as possible and play ONLY these champions in ranked.

    • Play a lot. If not in ranked, then in normal draft games and spam your champion pool. If you have a main champion, practice them a ton until you're consistently playing well. Normal games are a perfectly valid way to improve if you play hard and spam your mains.

    • Find some streamers to watch, especially the ones who play your best role or best champion. Take note of the items they build, the order they rank their abilities, the runes/masteries they run and how they play each stage of the game. Watching competitive games (LCS, OGN) can be helpful too if you play common meta champions.

    • When you are playing soloqueue, never talk in chat unless you are calling for an objective or otherwise communicating something important to your team. Instantly mute toxic players and never say a word to them. Don't defend yourself if you're blamed for something, even if you're in the right.

    You can also try and find a mentor to coach you personally, but these are the strategies I've used to improve from silver to diamond. You just need the right preparation and then put in a lot of practice. If you play 50 normal games of Vayne, you WILL be better at Vayne by the end of it. You just have to put in the time.
    the chaos bringer 00 (13) | June 14, 2014 10:54pm
    I main top and I can play most of champions at top (preferably Jayce, Irelia, Jax, Rengar, Warwick)

    My other 2 preferred roles are mid ( Lulu, Sion, Ahri)

    and support ( Lulu, Shen, Braum)

    I especially like that tip about chat :P

    Thank you :)
    Vynertje (386) | June 15, 2014 3:53pm
    I'm a bit late to this but to add a few things to what Psi said:

    In order to get better you need to fix your mistakes -> you can only fix your mistakes if you know what you're doing wrong.

    So if you go in a game, question yourself every time you die: "why did I die?" or "why did I lose my lane" etc. You can keep this things in mind or actually make small notes of all these things and from there on improve on it going into next game. It's really important to take a small break between every game to A) reflect on the game and B) relax.

    That's the way to improve on your mistakes and to improve long-term. All these little mistakes count up very quickly!
    GO Jump (5) | June 14, 2014 4:43pm
    Well there are some tricks to help climb the ladder, and they can help you, but you generally will stay in bronze silver or gold if you are not a good player. When I say not a good player, I don't mean you are bad, I mean you are average, 80% of the League community is bronze silver or gold. There is nothing wrong with being that 80% of the community. To get better, there are some things you can do, and you can learn those things off of youtube. To really get good though, you don't watch videos, the way to get better, is to play against people who are better then you. Find someone who is high in the rankeds, like someone in diamond one, after you find them duo with them(Not ranked duo, just play normals with them or you will cause them to lose ranked matches along with yourself). When you play with people of a higher MMR(Match Making Rating, a hidden code that determines what rank of players you play against) It will in turn temporarily raise your MMR. You will end up playing against much tougher players, which after a while of playing these tougher players you MIGHT slowly get better and better even if you don't realize it. Eventually you MIGHT be just as good as them. And of course you MIGHT have already capped out, and in which case you will not get any better, but in fact you MIGHT become worse.
    bloodwrath | June 20, 2014 8:10pm
    @Foxy Riven where is the record game option?
    Foxy Riven (129) | June 21, 2014 2:13am
    When your game has started, you can click "open current game info" -> "request for recording".
    I suggest clicking it while your game is loading.

    When the game has finished You can download a .bat file which will instantly open the client and the game you want to watch will start loading.

    This does not work for Macs, only windows a far as I know.

    Foxy Riven (129) | June 20, 2014 3:33am
    All of the above. But record your games and look at where you died, ask yourself why you died, and how you should have prevented that death. offers recording games for free, suggest you give it a try.

    Learn to lasthit. Never stop lasthitting throughout the game -> More money, more wins.

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