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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Where has Morgana gone?

Posted in Champions | Tags: Morgana 5,625

  • throatslasher

    Where has Morgana gone?

    I have not seen a SINGLE morgana in 150+ S3 games. I've played her a few times, and she still seems good, but I'm wondering if there are some underlying reasons.

    I believe that bottle was a nerf for morgana. Now that other champs can freely sustain themselves (bottle+2 hp potions), it's hard for morgana to harass people down with pool like she used to. I'm just wondering, where is morgana???????

    Anyone have any insight into why she is perceived as weak right now?
  • Answers (3)

    GrandmasterD (531) | December 30, 2012 10:46pm
    I think she has trouble standing up against the current AD Casters and her sustain is no longer a special trait. With the Crystalline Flask about everyone shares her brilliant sustain. Also I think she is more of an arranged queue champion rather than a solo/duoqueue one.
    Lampi (11) | December 31, 2012 4:53am
    People outrun her q with the new alacrity shoes or other ms boosts.

    Most chars have an escape ability or far too high ms. Either way morgana has to place her ult into the enemy and isnt allowed to hit creeps with it. That combined with the bottle (where i still prefer boots first...) just outsustains/outspeeds morgana and there are just better heroes to harass/farm/late as with morgana.

    Personal-prefer note: don't like morgana in fact because she might has the longest bind...but not stun! it "won't" cancel ANY channeled abilitys (ult doesn't count here cuz it takes mostly longer than the enemy-channeling lasts)

    Personally I prefer Kata for her insane high burst or Gragas for his insane engage/disengage abilitys and best escape from all ap mid or Orianna for beein far away and still cc'ing and bursting like hell or TF for his lvl 6 ganking abilitys and infinite mana-pool+harass - you'll get the point there tho~
    Why pick Morgana if I can have a better AP carry? the ONLY reason "for" Morgana is the black shield which is totally friggin awesome. Cassio ults you? Nah, shes just laughing at mah shield *-*
    If it wouldn't have like 15 secs of cooldown...and people wait for it to be on cd and then kill you in like 6 seconds and morgana can do **** against it~

    leprechauns might be the reason why my english messes up most times :< don't blame me!

    me :<
    Viola Orpheus (13) | December 30, 2012 10:44pm
    Probably because people don't want to play farmoffs and want to be aggressive and get kills. And she's probably not the best one suited for that. In almost every game that I've done with my friends in a 5v5 where I've chosen her, whoever my opponent in lane is they'll always rage about me picking her since they think the lane becomes very boring.

    I personally still think she's good, it's just that everytime I've used her I get counterpicked in lane. Mostly why I've been using either Orianna or Riven in mid now and have gotten better results so far.
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