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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Why is Lulu mid more popular?

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  • Everglaid

    Why is Lulu mid more popular?

    What I'm asking is why AP Lulu mid a better/more seen pick than before in S3. What items have been buffed or nerfed that help her? Are there certain FoTM champions that she goes well against? Are utility mages simply better based on team comps? I understand her Pix, Faerie Companion now scales off AP but that was quite a long time ago.
  • Answers (6)

    Embracing (353) | March 11, 2014 4:00am
    She got buffed a while back, giving her abilities more AP ratios.

    Then the meta switched to more of a poke / siege style, which Lulu is decent at. Most importantly though, with the AP ratios on her W, she synergizes way better with other champs.

    Imagine AP lulu mid with an evelynn jungle. Lulu W's on stealthed Evelynn, Evelynn W's, and instantly you have an quick and easily unexpected flank tool.

    She basically provides utility, like Orianna.
    GrandmasterD (531) | March 12, 2014 5:52am
    It's mostly the scaling movespeed buff on her W, which reaches about 80% late-game.
    RottedApples (57) | March 11, 2014 1:07pm
    and she isn't helpless on her own. a lot like orianna indeed
    astrolia (266) | March 12, 2014 4:06pm
    • Her W scales into mini-Ghost with enough AP
    • Top laner mega tanks like Renek/Shy became popular and they do benefit from having just "a metric ton of HP" which Lulu provides with her ult + a deathcap
    • With an Annie support on the team, you aren't exactly "lacking" AP damage by playing someone who has more utility than damage (tho Lich Bane helps with her lack of damaging AP ratios too.)

    One of the downsides to her is her cooldowns (especially if you go with Lich Bane - you need to be able to proc it). Koreans have started running CDR blues + quints on her instead of the traditional Mres/AP blue and AP quints. Also, Athene's is like the most common 1st buy on her.

    With Athene's and CDR runes (Sorcery optional - you could take fury instead for more AA harass), you'd nearly maxed CDR. Pop a blue pot (after you get deathcap - your AP is a little low until then) and you're pretty much maxed out. When you go CDR runes, your jungler can also take blue after you get Athene's or donate it to another lane.

    Not sure if she'll still be popular after Lich Bane gets nerfed. Then again, some already do her mid without Lich Bane.
    aDaptor (24) | March 11, 2014 12:48am
    Well, she was played in LCS...
    utopus (313) | March 12, 2014 7:10am
    Another thing that's important to note, is that she usually does alright vs all mids, and has some favorable matchups against popular champions. She can push easily, quickly, and safely, and with a lich bane, will destroy towers quite quickly.

    For instance, a lulu mid usually either goes even, or destroys a leblanc throughout most stages of the game, since her Help, Pix! gives her the ability to harass leblanc back, after leblanc trades & disengages.

    Later in the game, her shield and ult will give your allies a lot of safety, and damage. You'd be surprised how much Pix, Faerie Companion will increase a high AS carry's DPS.
    RottedApples (57) | March 12, 2014 1:34pm
    Even in the LCS though leblancs still did ok against lulu. I understand the argument but i'm not entirely convinced that lulu is a counter to leblanc
    Janitsu (569) | March 11, 2014 7:10am
    aDaptor and Embracing's answers together.
    MuppetReject | March 15, 2014 11:16pm
    Cus shes a ****ing boss. Period. Don't mess with the Lulu of destruction.
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