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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Why it's so hard to climb the rank?


  • KKortopi

    Why it's so hard to climb the rank?

    im currently silver 1 (O LP now) in rank and i want to climb higher than that. ever since, im never a burden to my teammates and im quite knowledgeable about counter picks. im good with every role i play mainly tank and support. i never trash talk, i dont rage, most importantly i dont quit even if my team is losing. this is my question, why am i always losing? im starting to think that im being curse by someone :D. tbh, i should be in gold now or even higher. why am i always teamed up with low skilled players? someone please give some advice or conclusion.
  • Answers (3)

    LevasK (108) | September 11, 2015 4:30am
    You shouldn't be so focused on climbing, but rather on improving (and trust me, if you are not in challenger, there's plenty to improve upon) and the LP will come to you naturally.

    Also, don't think that you deserve to be at X rating when you are not, as it will only make you more frustrated without doing you any good, the way to look at your current rating should be : I'm at rating X, because that's what I've earned so far.

    P.s. Don't even entertain the notion of "elo hell", or being cursed, because that kind of nonsense will only hinder your progress.
    KKortopi | September 14, 2015 6:54pm
    thanks, i learned a lot from you.
    CrazeChimp (6) | September 11, 2015 12:41pm
    It seems you're comfortable with your champion mechanics and maintain a good attitude. If everything you say is true, you may be playing too passively.

    If you are never a burden, that means you never make mistakes, and means either you are perfect (unlikely) or you never take any risks (also unlikely but probably closer to the truth).There is always some risk to have reward. If you are not taking risks, you are not reaping any reward.. and eventually you will lose.

    Make sure you're playing to win, not just to not die. This is kind of vague but without seeing you play, it's difficult to give advice.
    KKortopi | September 14, 2015 7:01pm
    maybe you are right, im playing too passive. what i meant for saying "im never a burden" is i did less mistakes, not perfect. i dont want to become the reason why we lose a game.
    Ekki (86) | September 11, 2015 4:32am
    There aren't many reasons why someone can't climb. This is really hard to grasp for most people because hoomans can't "common sense" statistics and always feel like they're better than they are.

    1- You might not be playing enough games. This is the easier one to spot. The system is random, so if you play few games (less than 50) there are decent chances of being misplaced, especially if you had too bad/too good initial 10 matches. Assuming you're good, there are only 4 potential bad people in your team, but 5 on the enemy team. This means that over a long time, you'll get where you "deserve".

    2- You're not as good as you think. This is the most common one. People that win lane often tend to feel like they deserve the LP, but truth is, winning lane is just one factor, and "being good at LoL" means being good at taking down the enemy nexus, not being mechanically good and expecting your team to win because you have more kills. I have lost enough games as Nasus last season due to not realising my enemy opponent roaming was my responsability (some Nasus counters are just good at roaming, and this escapes common counterpick knowledge). You could be missing on team presence, or win conditions, or play with splitpush oriented champions expecting to get into teamfights, or misunderstand why counterpicks are counterpicks, or play early game champions but letting your enemies get to late game, etc.

    You can only see number 2 in retrospective, after you've got better and say "damn I used to be awful, that's why I didn't climb". It happened to me when I got stuck in silver 1 (S3), then again last year in gold 1 (I'm the worst lol). The best advice I can give you is focus in your mistakes and only looking at your allies' playstyle when you can learn from what they did wrong or good. Criticising them won't help you, and you should only care about getting better yourself.
    KKortopi | September 14, 2015 7:04pm
    im getting good results from the tips ypu gave me. i realized that im still a noob in this game because im just playing LOL for 1 and half year. experiences will teach me how to become a good player. thanks a lot.
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