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|10.19| Support Tier List Patch 10.19

Last updated on September 23, 2020
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This support tier list describes an approximate state of supports in solo-queue across all ranked tiers. The order champions appear in within tiers is sorted in alphabetical order.

|10.19| Recommended Pick: Maokai

Maokai will likely have better synergies with marksmen and lane match-ups due to many of the marksmen adjustments. A few high range marksmen that tend to bully Maokai in the lane phase such as Caitlyn and Senna have been put in check. In addition many low range skirmishing marksmen such as Sivir and Vayne provide easier match-ups. Alongside Sivir, the new marksmen addition Samira both have great follow-up for engage supports like Maokai.

S+ Tier

Overpowered supports that define the meta and perform above and beyond in their role.


s tier

High priority supports that are favourable in the meta and often outperform their counterparts.


a tier

Strong supports that are versatile in the meta and have the capabilities to carry. 


b tier

Good supports that can compete in the meta and succeed in certain situations.


c tier

Viable supports that have the necessary tools to get the job done.


d tier

Underpowered supports that lack the strength to be executed efficiently.

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lemonbellflower (21) | June 7, 2020 2:55pm
What's this?? A tier list full of descriptions and detailed explanations??? You have just created my favorite tier list, ever. Thank you for giving us so much insight on how you feel! As a Yuumi main, I definitely agree with her placement, and as a previous Sona main... again, same. If I'm completely honest, Yuumi feels a lot like a less maneuverable but more useful Sona, even down to her ult. They both have a heal, a fast (although Yuumi's fast is tucked into her heal), a poke, and a golden flashy ult with CC, just the cat and book does it better. Sona's still a viable champ (and usually my second choice), but I'm not surprised you placed them where they are.

Also, reading through your comments? You are so thorough in responding, and just, I really appreciate it. You seem to be a really nice person. Thank you for putting so much effort into a fun little thing like this.
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | June 7, 2020 9:09pm
Aw, thank you. I appreciate it. :)

I've played a lot of Sona last season as well. I agree with your assessment. I think what keeps Sona in check is that she is very vulnerable and can be easily killed in a team-fight. In comparison, there are many situations where Yuumi can remain attached to a carry champion and remain untargetable. Yuumi can provide the same value, if not more, than Sona at much less risk. In particular, Yuumi's adaptive stat bonuses feel very overwhelming.

I would play Yuumi too if she didn't have 70% pick/ban presence. I think if Riot incentivized Yuumi to detach in team-fights, it would solve a lot of her balancing problems.
SELORONIOS (81) | May 19, 2020 2:00pm
Wow, thank you for the detailed Tierlist! I haven't seen such tier list before.
btw I guess you forgot the change Shaco's place to tier D because it says "Demoted from C tier" on him.
I also like to know your thoughts on Amumu sup. I've seen some people trying it but I haven't personally tested it yet.
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | May 22, 2020 4:43pm
Haha, oops. I don't keep archives of past versions, so I don't remember where Shaco was supposed to be, to be completely honest. I definitely made a mistake there, but I don't think I intended to place him in D Tier. I do believe Shaco is a niche but underrated support pick, similar to the likes of Maokai. Your explanation sounds plausible though. I have no clue how I made that mistake.

I've not seen Amumu support in a long time barring an unusual normal game. I don't think it would traditionally work since he is very limited during the lane phase. It will also be difficult to maneuver him outside of the lane phase, since he will probably be more volatile than before since support items don't offer him as much tank properties. If he chooses to build legitimate tank items, they will be too costly for his support income. I think his kit is too suited for the jungle since he can clear camps pretty adequately. He is also great with cinderhulk.

I would personally not recommend it. Perhaps it could work in Silver where players will not competently punish an Amumu pick. He could have great gank assist, so you may be able to snowball if you're camped. If you can somehow reach a late game with a hybrid mix of support & tank items, it wouldn't be any different from regular Amumu jungle during the mid game, but you would hit your items much later than normal.

Thanks for the comment!
Steve57 (6) | May 7, 2020 7:05am
sett is no longer good support?
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | May 22, 2020 4:32pm
I think Sett will continue to be a popular support. He has builds that make him viable in four roles. Since he will always be a high priority early pick in the competitive scene, he will inevitably inspire support picks in solo queue.

However, I think a primary factor to his success was how he blindsided the player-base. I think players now know how to properly play around him. Sett now faces similar setbacks to other mage supports: he has low relevance out of lane. In addition, the meta is not favorable for him. There are many champions that have abilities to kite from Sett and demolish him outside the lane phase. He needs very specific match-ups with high damage and little disengage.

The title "F Tier" may be a bit misleading, since the grade F might be interpreted as no viability. I think all supports in this tier list are viable in the support role (with the exception of maybe Rumble). However, all F Tier supports are not worthy investments. You could likely find another support that roughly fulfills a similar role and will perform better.
FuzzyFuz (1) | April 24, 2020 11:23am
pls explain why lux is F tier
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | May 5, 2020 9:48am
I think Lux is difficult to execute well as a mage. All mage supports typically have strong lane phases, however, Lux is the least oppressive mage support compared to her counterparts such as Swain and Zyra. This is problematic because Lux shares a similar weakness with all mage supports: they do not have great mid-game access since damage items are expensive. It's especially since a lot of Lux's ability utility got nerfed, such as her stacking shield and her ultimate refresh. She essentially becomes a snare bot.

While Lux with an enchanter build is more viable during the mid/late-game, she is definitely outclassed by all other enchanters during the mid/late-game. While she will still hold her ground into engage supports, her shield's biggest weakness is susceptibility to burst damage. In addition, carries may need to re-position outside of Lux's shield cast. Because of this, Lux's ability to peel her carries can become very unreliable. With that being said, I would say enchanter Lux is currently and historically her consistent variant.

This leaves Lux's early lane phase, which is her strongest point. However, there's a bit of problems with Lux's kit which makes her early lane phase not adequate enough to compensate for her lack of relevance during the mid/late-game. Lux can take burst trades with her ability rotation but her burst damage itself is lower compared to other mages: she somewhat reflects an artillery mage with the number of spell rotations required to properly punish her lane opponent (i.e. send them back, or even get them low enough to kill). This is quite ironic since Lux also has high cooldowns during the early game. Hence, her windows of vulnerability end up being high AND she requires time and patience to eventually net a lane advantage. She needs more capabilities to punish sooner in the lane phase.

Overall, a lot of these weaknesses hurt Lux support. I think Riot has noticed this since they've been buffing Lux specifically to help her in the support role. In fact, Lux is scheduled for more buffs in patch 10.10. Perhaps she will be stronger soon.
EvoNinja7 (3) | April 23, 2020 2:10am
I don't get why people play Sett as a support, I mean, he's a top laner!
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | April 23, 2020 12:15pm
Sett support is quite interesting but it does make sense. A lot of off-meta supports, such as Neeko and Pantheon, do not have nearly enough utility as what is usually expected of a support. What makes them appealing is their ability to cheese kills early on.

Sett has a similar characteristic. He has reliable crowd-control with a fast animation. He also has high base and burst damage with his auto-attack resets and his haymaker. These traits make him renowned for his ability to punish enemies overstepping into his range. If you check his statistics, Sett is very capable of closing games out early: he sports high win-rates in short games from the top and support role. In addition, he can get away with running hex-flash and nimbus cloak, unlike his top lane counterpart. In the top lane, he is very restricted to a conqueror set-up. In the support role, he can utilize a gap-closing set-up without worrying about a loss in damage output. This set-up enables him to heavily extend his effective kill range,

Unfortunately, Sett, alongside many other off-meta kill lanes, is restricted by his mid-game access. Sett is pressured to net a lead during the lane phase, otherwise, he falls off in relevance. I think a major factor in Sett's initial success is many players did not expect his kill potential. Sett support has seen remarkably high pick rates and now people are familiar with his capabilities. I have definitely been caught off guard by a Sett support in solo queue but eventually learned how to play around him.

Sett's been through a funny journey. He's even picked as support very often in the LCK. Although, to be fair, I'm pretty sure he's been played in every single role in the professional scene. He's even been a bottom lane carry with Yuumi. I guess he was that broken.
FuzzyFuz (1) | April 9, 2020 11:07am
Lux does not belong in the F tier, if you play her of dark harvest her carry potential is insane, I have carried many games with dark harvest on Lux support even the ones that I lost, Lux belonges in B tier at least. I have gotten my Ult on a 13 second cooldown as Lux, Watch this video for proof
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | April 22, 2020 6:19pm
Lux does have carry potential relative to most supports. In particular, mage supports can close games given kills, whereas an enchanter or engage support cannot. However, I think mage supports in general may struggle to snowball in the meta, whereas enchanter and engage supports have many viable options for a win condition. In particular, Lux is very vulnerable around her binding cooldown to all-in. She also often loses burst-trades during her barrier cooldown. She has uncharacteristically higher cooldowns that her support counterparts, barring many engage abilities, and a lot of her skills have been nerfed, such as her triple effective shielding and her ultimate refresh.

I do think mage supports can still be satisfying to play, particularly in low elo. A mage support can provide damage since many marksmen may be inconsistent. I would also recommend, especially in "average" elo brackets, to play comfort picks since specializing in your champion is very valuable to maximize your gameplay. However, I do think Lux is not a good support to pick up at the moment. If you personally have consistently carried games then that is good and you should keep playing Lux in that case, but I do not think it is representative of Lux's strength across the entire player-base.

Thanks for the comment!
Wicked Cherry (153) | March 15, 2020 3:27am
I stumbled across your support tier list today and I think it's really amazing because you've put quite a bit of work and time into it. Well done!
I personally think that Yuumi should be moved up a tier. She's mostly effective in late game where she becomes a reasonable threat. With the right champion synergy (like Olaf, Sylas, Pyke or basically most off tank champions or late game ADCs) she's like a beast. Of course she's not that easy to play and to play with which results her in having a somewhat bad win rate.
But let me know about your opinion. :)

Cheers, Wicked Cherry.
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | March 17, 2020 9:43pm
Thanks for the comment. I think you're right on your Yuumi analysis. I think I've glossed over her since she wasn't directly touched this patch but I've noticed she seems to fit better in the meta. I'm sure the gradual buffs over several patches have helped her as well.

I think she still has weaknesses, such as her difficulty executing and co-ordinating with her teammates, but I will re-evaluate her next update which will likely move her up a little.
Wicked Cherry (153) | March 18, 2020 11:09am
Cool. I'm looking forward to your changes then. :]
She's still quite weak in early and personally, I really hate that they've made her more heal-focused than anything else. So I really hope there's gonna be some more changes for her even though it doesn't look like it's gonna happen in the near future. :<

So long! Wicked Cherry.
FuzzyFuz (1) | March 10, 2020 5:14pm
senna was nerfed in patch 10.5 ad per minion is 0.8 instead of 1.0 now she is an S tier or A tier support definitely not s+
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | March 12, 2020 10:11am

I recall the changes you are referencing. Senna will have a 0.8 AD scaling per mist on 10.6, and once that change patches, she will indeed likely be S or A Tier.
FuzzyFuz (1) | March 12, 2020 1:02pm
how bout b teir support she is an a or s tier ADC
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M1sh0 (4) | January 11, 2020 7:14am
Hey there so I saw your list which is pretty great and I just wanted your opinion I assume like other people here...

1. Janna vs Soraka Ik you put Janna in S tier and Soraka in A tier, they are both great CC champions, have great healing/ shielding, great disengage and engage tactics and both ultimates Monsoon and Wish heals. Although Janna W Zephyr does a lot of damage I feel like Soraka has the tool to also be within the S tier if Janna is up there.

2. Lulu on D tier, not the usual tier I'd hope to see Lulu in. I think Lulu should be just behind Brand at the least, mid B tier max. She can the power to turn you into animals and make you useless in the teamfights which can transform your carry and make him/ her useless, also her R makes her ally mega mega. I mean the carry just gets a mega buff and is big, she also has decent shielding with help early laning phase.

3. Galio :( : Now I saw Galio on F tier and I go hmmmmmmmm..., I think that Galio should be at least D tier, he has good roam potential with his R and his E. He also has also has a great laning phase with good damage with his E > W > Q with is a wonderful engage opinion. Although he is technically a mid only his support should be higher than that in my opinion.

4. A small change, I believe Leona is over Taric, they are 2 different champions, one of utility and healing and the other for engages and roots and full send. She is currently an overall better teamfighting and especially better in laning phase. Although Taric has his Dazzle x2 and his ultimate, invincibility, I believe Leona Solar Flare is more of an impact with all of her abilities being a lot more of a help.

Sorry for the rant but its overall a great tier list


BIG DADDY WILL (14) | January 15, 2020 2:03pm
Hello. I'm glad you like the tier list. :)

First, I'll talk about the changes that are relevant this patch and how I think this affected champion strength. The Pre-10.1 support items (without health/mana regeneration) in general favored champions with good lane phases and powerful core item spikes. Overall, there was a power equalization between early and mid game champions, while support upgrades required no gold (so core items can be reached sooner). In addition, these types of supports will have agency over the lane phase to secure dragons. Once stats were returned, the archetype of champions that once benefited from the previous version of support items lost their strength.

1. Soraka was in S Tier for the 9.23/4 tier list, and Janna was moved down to A Tier in this update, but I will talk about my thoughts. Soraka was the archetype of a lane dominant champion with core item scaling. The return of support item stats didn't help Soraka in particular because her sustain attributes were a greater asset before. The other support champions lacked sustain compared to her (without health/mana regeneration, Soraka maintained her resources much better in comparison). Upon 10.1, she must play more patiently to chip away health and get pressure in the lane phase. What I hadn't predicted is Janna also down-trending: my best guess is support items being too early game skewed giving both stats AND free upgrades.

I think Janna and Soraka have similar playstyles but are very different. Janna definitely has a disengage and disruption edge. This makes her lane phase safer, since it's difficult to kill her. Whereas, Soraka has a huge healing advantage. If she doesn't take too many harsh burst trades or all-ins, she will win the lane phase in the long-run. Nevertheless, it seems Janna's playstyle of surviving to the mid game seems to be compromised slightly since early game champions have a slight edge with the support item soft revert.

2. Lulu was gutted in Season 5 after being a prime abuser of the ardent meta, and I think Riot hasn't addressed her problems. She has received many shielding and attack-speed buffs, but her lane phase is still very weak. She doesn't have the tools to survive it. My best way of visualizing this is referring to any stats website displaying win-rate according to the game length: Lulu will probably be below 45% w/r pre-25 minutes. The meta also doesn't suit Lulu very well. She synergies well with hyper carries which are often outperformed by lane bullies with strong early game or high poke/range. She often loses lane priority and can't secure dragon pressure.

3. Galio has a major vulnerability in his main ability combo which many supports can capitalize on. Since crowd-control is plentiful in the bottom lane, chances are Galio is disrupted in his taunt channel. It's hard for Galio to properly chain his crowd-control. In addition, there are many supports that can adequately match his roaming capabilities, especially since mobility boots is common place in the support role and Galio's ultimate cooldown is incredibly long. Overall, the bot lane environment doesn't suit Galio very well, and he's much more competent in a solo lane where his innate champion advantages are harder to match and he has better gold income.

4. Leona has moved to S Tier in 10.1 over Taric this update. I don't really overthink small positioning between tiers and I'm inclined to think you may be right that Leona is better than Taric, especially after this patch. The reason I think Leona is very strong this patch refers back to the support item changes. Leona is less likely to be poked out of lane with health regeneration and can continue to look for engage windows. I would argue Taric is superior in team fighting with his area-of-effect auras as opposed to Leona's single-target focused stuns, however Leona does have better early game and crowd-control.

Thanks for the comment!
M1sh0 (4) | January 16, 2020 5:17pm
Hey again,

Thanks for the reply

I forgot how to play Janna so my knowledge was probably underrated and since I am a Soraka main I tend to favour her lol.

For Lulu I've only played a couple games, but yah I guess I only really played her with hyper carries with Vayne and other characters like that.

3. For Galio I mean still is a support although in F tier, has low potential in high Elo but in low Elo he could play.

4. And the Leona buffs and things with her right now are all very nice.

Thanks for all the feedback

DjapeFromSerbia (17) | October 28, 2019 9:36am
1. How Janna can be better than any of following champions?
2. Thresh should be at least tier A, just because his ability to make plays and roaming power.
3. Galio after W+flash nerf is bad, I agree, but hes still better than champions like Maokai, Neeko, Swain, etc.
4. Braum got nerf two patches ago but still is really good in many matchups.
5. Sona and Brand shouldn't be this high, considerint that they are matchup depended.
6. I assume that you hate Pyke and that you put him in D tier 'cause of it, because he's literally S tier.
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | November 2, 2019 3:34pm
Janna is very underrated in my opinion. Janna is easy to execute yet has a decent skill ceiling with maximizing her displacement spells meaning she's powerful in all skill levels. Janna is atrociously powerful at maximum cooldown capacity with her shield cooldown refund mechanic and she counters engage/melee supports which are very popular. I think Nautilus or Bard among many other supports have harder carry potential but Janna is extremely consistent as a support pick.

Thresh is the best one-trick support for that reason but ultimately I think his learning curve isn't just a matter of champion mastery, but game experience. I don't think platinum support players and below can execute his kit to his fullest potential, whereas, for example, Nautilus is a similar engage/peel support strength wise and is easier to play. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bard is also difficult to learn but is completely overloaded and oppressive at his fullest potential in comparison to Thresh.

Galio may have been underestimated on this list, I've seen a couple in solo queue and he appears to be viable at the very least. I think the other champions listed either have more power or good niche situations, such as Swain, who is heavily lane dominant and wins most early trades. Neeko has a kit with a lot of duo-lane synergy and Maokai is pretty over-buffed this patch (although I'll admit I added him as a meme and this could be horrendously wrong on my part).

Braum has a good kit but feels under-tuned in almost all regards for most of the season. While he's still a traditional support it doesn't feel nearly as rewarding to play him than the majority of traditional support champions. I would compare his treatment to be a lesser extent of how riot treated Tahm Kench and Yuumi making them only viable in competitive play which this tier list doesn't reflect.

Brand and Sona do have bad match-ups but on the long-run it doesn't matter too much. It's just a matter of understanding the champion. For example, a Nautilus player struggles against peel orientated supports and will often ban Morgana or dodge if she's picked. It doesn't mean the champion is weak, in fact many would argue the opposite including myself. Brand and Sona suffer match-up punishment to a greater extent, but they both offer easy and reliable damage/utility, and many players especially in gold often struggle to properly punish these champions.

I don't hate Pyke and he held B Tier the patch prior, however I feel his nerfs in 9.21 are undoubtedly going to chance his stance in the meta. I personally hated laning against Pyke since he'd sustain a ridiculous amount and this doesn't feel like a problem anymore through the early-to-mid game. It's possible Pyke players adjust to this change and maintain their health pools better but at the moment he's much easier to punish compared to other engage supports.

Thanks for the comment. We may disagree in some regards I do respect your opinion. :)
Fictitious1267 | October 1, 2019 1:34pm
I like it. I feel I have more success with Braum than Taric this season, but maybe that's just me. Good to see you get Swain on the list. I think other lists are overstating his presence. Middle of the pack seems about right.
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | October 2, 2019 3:02pm
Thanks. :)

I think experienced players can be successful on Braum, especially with good game knowledge. I think most Braum players will be disadvantaged in the meta, but if you play Braum well use that to your advantage.

I think Swain has a big weakness; he needs to win lane. Swain has little presence in mid/late game team fights. If he gives a lead, or fails to maintain a lead, he will become outclassed utility wise. I agree although he's strong, he's inconsistent and overhyped.
theblackspider | June 18, 2019 1:37pm
wtf pyke is S ???
BIG DADDY WILL (14) | June 30, 2019 9:06pm
Hey. I'm not too sure how to respond, so I'll just explain my opinion on his strength in the meta. I think Pyke must complete his win condition of snowballing early otherwise he is outclassed in utility and if he's starved of resources lacks damage without a gold lead.

He is a great assassin-type carry for the lane phase. If he's starved during the mid-game, he can try to survive until late game where he'll have resources and a strong ultimate. However, he has very tough lane match-ups (particularly Aftershock tanks) and enchanters roles stall out Pyke lanes easily.

While you have the tools to do so, a player must exert more effort than the opposing player to benefit with Pyke. Therefore other supports have better relative output for the effort put in and his tier list placement reflects this.

Of course, if you're an experienced Pyke player, his skill ceiling is high and the potential of his kit can be very impactful. In comparison, Lux can cast Prismatic Barrier a couple of times and she's already contributed immensely to a team fight with three more spells at bay.
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