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Ekko, Kindred, Graves
Assassin, Marksman, Support


Who Am I?
Hi guys, I'm the Ink King, an Ekko jungle one-trick-pony (OTP) who is dedicated to making easy-to-understand guides that will be very useful for players of all levels. I have experience in the esports scene, and have played against players up to the level of Diamond. My can be found here.
I am currently in Silver and have been climbing in ranked. My guides are updated for every patch and if you are using them I encourage you to check them often to make sure you keep up to date.
My Guides My Champions
I currently have 2 guides released. You can find them here: Please check them out and give them an upvote if they've been helpful or you like the guide! I am an Ekko OTP, however my champion pool consists of:
If you wish to contact me about tips for any champions go ahead and message me or check out my guides.

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