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ARURF 2019 (Fall) Tier List Patch 9.19

Z3Sleeper's Tier List Z3Sleeper's Tier List
Last updated on September 30, 2019
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Lemme know if I missed any champion/build (AP/AD/Tank/On-hit).

Some champions will be listed more than once if they have other viable builds. Hover their icon to view which build is being represented. All champs are listed in order of top to bottom, left to right within each tier.

First off, don't build boots ever (unless you're running predator or going tank in which case Ninja Tabi are insanely good at reducing basic attack damage).
Secondly, jungling is fine as long as someone on your team is cool with a 1v2 lane. You're definitely gonna want someone with ranged waveclear on that lane.

For now, the previous tier list is pretty accurate:

If you find some wonky build that just works for any of the lower tiers, lemme know so I can see for myself and update this.

Standard URF Runes:

Dark Harvest / Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact / (take either of the other 2 if your champ can't utilize SI)
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

In this new ARURF, Transcendence and Gathering Storm have been heavily nerfed. So now you're free to take whatever secondary runes you feel like. I highly recommend the Legend runes, Triumph, Coup De Grace, Shield Bash and Revitalize.

Standard URF Summoner Spells:

Flash + Exhaust - Unless otherwise specified per champion, these are the uncontested best by a mile.

Completely broken

Population: Yuumi


God tier

Indisputably the best picks in URF


Nearly-god tier

Extremely good but not quite as strong as the God tiers


solid picks

Have to play safer/smarter than the above tiers to achieve the same results


decent picks

Strong in favorable situations but lack versatility


barely not bottom tier

You can definitely do well on these but you're handicapping yourself


these "can" work

But they're definitely not recommended


You're actually trolling

Walking sacks of gold


suspected high tier

Tier Description


suspected Low tier

Tier Description

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