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lemonbellflower's Owned and Wanted Champions Patch 10.10

lemonbellflower's Tier List lemonbellflower's Tier List
Last updated on May 20, 2020
804 10
7 Votes


If I'm going to be out here having fun I am GOING to make a silly opinionated tier list of the champions that I have. I don't have lots but boy howdy, I'll rank em and talk about EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Voting and commenting would be very nice. I am desperate for some human interaction out here in the year of our plague 2020.


aka hot ladies i will use forever and a magic cat


I don't go here, but i'd like to

i wanna get better! better, better, better!


just for funsies

they're fun to play and that's why they belong here



only brought out for the sweet sweet memories


i don't have you...... yet

how many champions do i need